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In pictures: Union 0-2 NYCFC

PSP photographer Earl Gardner shares his look at the Union’s match with NYCFC.

Photo by Earl GardnerJack Elliott

Photo by Earl GardnerDerrick Jones

Photo by Earl GardnerThe National Anthem

Photo by Earl GardnerJake McGuire & Adam Najem

Photo by Earl GardnerThe bench and coaching staff

Photo by Earl GardnerSons of Ben tifo

Photo by Earl GardnerHaris Medunjanin and Alexander Ring fight for the ball

Photo by Earl GardnerFabinho fights through traffic

Photo by Earl Gardner4 Leaf Clover

Photo by Earl GardnerBedoya lends a hand

Photo by Earl GardnerChris Pontius moves up field

Photo by Earl GardnerElliott picks up a yellow

Photo by Earl GardnerAndrea Pirlo and Pontius fight in the middle of the pitch

Photo by Earl GardnerKeegan looks to pick up where he left off last season

Photo by Earl GardnerAndre Blake helps keep the match from becoming 0-5

Photo by Earl GardnerC.J. looks for net

Photo by Earl GardnerIlsinho fights to keep possession

Photo by Earl GardnerWho me?

Photo by Earl GardnerI got it

Photo by Earl GardnerJay Simpson warms up

Photo by Earl GardnerNYCFC doesn’t buy it

Photo by Earl GardnerFabian Herbers comes on in the 60th minute

Photo by Earl GardnerHaris looks to push the ball up the pitch

Photo by Earl Gardner‘member?

Photo by Earl GardnerKeegan launches the ball in

Photo by Earl GardnerIt’s not that funny

Photo by Earl GardnerSigh

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s page.


  1. ‘Member August? 10/10.

  2. Predictions for Curtins Pink Slip Date Union Future

    Hackworth and Nowak both went in mid June. I am praying and betting the under. Tomorrow?. Next Monday… If not this week the day after the Montreal loss or tie. My prediction Union blow the win in the 90th minute on a poor pass from the back line and Montreal ties the game. At the press conference Curtin talks about how they dominated the first 89 minutes of the game and now they must stay focused the entire game. So sad so Philly. I am getting sick of these sad old lines by Philly coaches.

    The Union. Need to go outside their Philly alumni coaching consultant comfort zone to reboot this mess. Blake and Bedoya have the only trade or cash value on the team. Rosenberrys stock is dropping quicklly in his sophomore year. Marquez Herbers and Sapng should be retained because they are still learning. The other high paid notable vets are not earning their keep. Lose them! I.e. Edu Pontius Alberg Ilsjinio. Fabhino is back to his 2015 bad form but at least he is affordable until they finally decide a left back is an important position. Onyewu is just too be useful as a starter. I am convinced that the philly Union first year team could beat this team 3 out 4 games. What does that say about the progress of this franchise? The fans deserve much better.

  3. If anything were to happen, I think it would be more likely after the away game in LA. Even if they lose/draw vs Montreal, the club will be on the road for a week and away from some of the pressure. After the LA game, if they haven’t won and come back home vs the Red Bulls with the same staff and roster, that will be a sight.

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