It's Always Soccer in Philadelphia

It’s Always Soccer In Philadelphia: In my opinion, that sucked

In the latest edition of the It’s Always Soccer In Philadelphia podcast, Kevin Kinkead and Dave Zeitlin talk about Philadelphia Union’s 2-0 home loss last Sunday to Orlando City. The guys then preview this Sunday’s regular season finale against New York Red Bulls and look ahead to next week’s wild card playoff game.

New episodes of the It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia pod appear twice a month. You can follow Kevin on Twitter at @Kevin_Kinkead, and Dave at @DaveZeitlin.


  1. This was SPOT ON at least the first half which I just listed too. I appreciate the candor. I appreciate that you guys make NO excuses for that terrible performance… and that you are a bit ‘bored’ at the moment.
    The reasons for the overall slide are pretty obvious. I’ve been following your writing and Tweets this week Kevin and you’ve been pretty staunch- It was shit. You’re right.
    And the MLS Playoff system is a joke…. right there again.
    …how many sub .500 teams are there in the playoffs this season… 3-5. Hey you aren’t even mediocre but here’s the playoffs… as salve.

    • The playoff system is really atrocious. At the most there should be 8 teams that play for MLS cup (Liga MX model, if I’m not mistaken). Conference championships should be awarded to team with most points in their conference, not to the two cup finalists.

    • Kevin Kinkead says:

      Thanks for listening Pachy

  2. People always forget Jim Mora coached the Philadelphia Stars in the USFL.

  3. Hey guys – great to hear you break off and do your own cast.

    Can you add a downloadable? I don’t always have direct access to stream the show. Thanks!

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