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Army-Navy Cup In Pictures: Army 1-0 Navy

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand Friday night as the Army Black Knights defeated the Navy Midshipmen 1-0 in a hard fault match at Talen Energy Stadium. Here’s a look at what he saw.

an01Andrew Hopkins (25) hits one past Tyler Mitchiner

an02Diego Manrique (7) out touches Keenan O’Shea (19)

an03Nick Williams (17) tries to get Brock Dudley (6) leaning the wrong way

an04Tanner Vosvick (5) get position on Daniel Zaremba (10)

an05Dylan Struthers (18) get up over Rex Epps (9)

an06Mitchiner (3) looks to work around Daniel Camuti (17)

an07Sam Bascom (11) tried to split Alex Grave de Peralta (15) and Vosvick (5)

an08Manrique (7) pressures Marcos Arroyo (21)

an09Grave de Peralta (15) takes a hit from Bascom (11)

an10Bascom (11) thanks the Army hecklers for their support

an11Zaremba (10) holds off Arroyo (21) and Struthers (18)

an12Bascom (11) pulls ahead of Mitchiner (3)

an13Keenan O’Shea (19) blast one in the corner past Mac Burke (1) to take the lead

an14The Black Knights celebrate

an15Aubrey Jones (9) goes down in the box but no call

an16Hopkins (25) goes up against Arroyo (21)

an17Alex Evans (3) shoots point blank but couldn’t beat Justin Stoll (1)

an18Piroz Bahar (2) escapes the sliding Epps (9)

an19Struthers (18) pushes for the equalizer

an20Daniel Kwon (23) gets bodied by Christian Clark (13)

an21The West Point cadets enjoying the end of game celebration

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.

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