Postgame quotes: Crew 1-2 Union

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Philadelphia Union postgame quotes

Jim Curtin

Opening statement

I thought, overall, proud of the team. I love this group of guys, there’s no quit in them. Even after we didn’t concede a real goal they battled back and got a second, which shows the character of the group. We had a lot of young players on the field tonight that I think grew up and took a big step going forward. We’re a club that trusts young players and believes in playing young players, and they rewarded us tonight. If you were to tell me before the game started that we’d get goals from [Fabian] Herbers and [Keegan] Rosenberry I would probably tell you you were a little crazy; but, happy for them.

I think it’s a big step in a tough atmosphere. We talked about mentality, to beat a team three times in a year is very difficult, especially a good team that Gregg [Berhalter] has, that’s been playing pretty well in the recent weeks, and is tough to deal with in this building. I think defensively, we worked our tails off, and closed things down and dodged a few bullets and were a little lucky when they missed a few chances.

Again, proud of the group, I think our fans have something to be proud of, that this team is resilient. It’s a true Philadelphia type team — blue collar, tough, doesn’t let adversity get in the way — and I guess, in the words of Rasheed Wallace, the ball doesn’t lie. You guys won’t get that in Columbus but the ball does not lie.

On how big this was for the young players on the team

Huge, because, again, every player young and old goes through ebbs and flows of a season. And this is their first time where now they’ve put together seven months now after a college season that’s two or three [months long and also] with a spring season. So, you usually see a dip in form, but for Keegan [Rosenberry], for Josh [Yaro], for [Fabian] Herbers to step up the way they did tonight in what I would call a big boy game — it’s a real game out there where a team is fighting and is desperate to make a playoff push and we had to be alert for ninety minutes — I think it shows them growing as players. I think Keegan is the best rookie in our league right now, I think he has established himself as such. Again, maybe he’s going to have to score goals because that’s what everybody loves to vote for is the goal scorer, but he’s played every minute for us, he’s a warrior, he’s done well. Herbers stepped up and got us a big goal as well, and Josh Yaro had an excellent game. These are the games you grow up in; it’s tough hanging on in those last five minutes, it’s something I can’t recreate in practice, you have to go through it and they did.

On the Columbus goal

Oh, I know it didn’t go in. Yeah, my guys are as honest as can be and they were there and they said it’s actually not even close. The only thing with that is if you’re a linesman and you’re sixty yards away you have to be 100 percent sure that it is over the line if you’re going to influence the game like that. And it influences the game in a major way because we could be walking out of here with one point: who knows, [Columbus] could come down and score again. These are big decisions, and it’s a great advertisement for goal line technology. I know they’re working hard to get it, but let’s get these plays right because they have big consequences, they have real big consequences, for players, for coaches, for everybody. To get involved, you better be 100 percent sure, and I think he was a little quick. He was excited to call it a goal, and it was kind of disappointing, because my guys said it wasn’t even close. It’s tough. I haven’t seen a replay yet, I’ll have to look at it, you guys probably have to tell me if it was in.

On how has Alejandro Bedoya impacted the team since joining

Excellent. To think he’s in his preseason now is a scary thing. He gives us a presence in there, he gives us some bite, some fight. He has a tough mentality where he has been through these big games, the big moments, and he stays calm under pressure. He has been a great influence on us keeping possession — the simple balls that don’t show up in the stat sheet where he catches it and just plays it to our outside back where it gives us time to breath and catch our breath is so valuable. For him to step into a team and do what he has done, especially on the road in difficult games…He was actually still great in the Toronto game even though we lost so, three great performances and it’s only going to get better which is good because he is still in preseason form. For him to go 90 and 90 shows what kind of tank he has and is a great player. I can’t say enough positives about Ale.

On how the game plan matched up to how this match was played

We didn’t get to many chances, they were tough tonight defensively. It was a game that Wednesday night games in the summer are always a little… after both teams have played on a Wednesday. The stakes were high tonight so there was a little more bite in it. Obviously, the stadium isn’t full so the atmosphere isn’t usually great for teams in our league. It took a couple good actions we had but, for the most part, they limited us and I think we did a decent job limiting them, we just got a bounce or two that went our way.

Unfortunately, I think Gregg [Berhalter]’s team have been pretty snake bit. They have been a team where I have watched all the games so I see they dominate a lot of teams and have been a little unfortunate. The margins are so small in this league — it’s a little bit of luck, a little bit of a break, a penalty called your way — and they have been on the wrong end off some things this year. But, he’s a great coach and they’re a great team. We didn’t really break them down, that’s fair to say, but we took our chances well and we were opportunistic and we’re happy to get three points.

Keegan Rosenberry

On the contributions from the rookies on the team

I’m happy for Josh [Yaro] and Fabian [Herbers] to get the start tonight. I think you look at the game and its big contributions from those guys too, it’s not just starting, having an outside role in the team. You see in training, throughout the year this year. You see the appearances they’re making as well. [Josh] Yaro having to come in last week. Sure we didn’t get the result [but] he makes important plays and he looks calm. Again, it’s a tribute to the leadership for just how the young guys feel, like we have a voice, like we have a part, like we feel at home with the team. That’s what gives us the confidence to come out here and play, especially on the road.

On if the Crew goal completely crossed the line and how he came back to score so quickly

Again, there are so many times this year where we’re tested as a team and our response to controversy, to tough plays, to things that don’t go our way — calls, results, goals, whatever it is. We’ve responded well, I think. Two goals down against [New York] Red Bulls, there’s countless examples. Again, this is a great example tonight. Again, I think it’s the leadership, it’s the old guys, it’s the guys who have been through a lot, experienced, national teams, whatever it is. They lead us through that kind of stuff. You can see Quillo [Tranquillo Barnetta] carry the ball up the field, played it out wide, got it back, made the pass. It has a lot to do with that kind of stuff. I like to think it will come back our way, come around [when things go against us].

Fabian Herbers

On how Philadelphia was able to break down Crew SC

The first half was pretty intense. We were very tactically tight defensively. And I tried to push forward, but we weren’t as comfortable on the ball. But, second half, we attacked a little bit more, created a couple more chances, and we got two great goals, I thought. And [Columbus] scored one but we responded well so we broke them down eventually. It was good for us.

On the change in intensity from the first to the second half

We weren’t satisfied with our performance on the ball offensively in the first half. We defended very well but, again, offensively having the ball we didn’t connect as many passes as we wanted to. But, in the second half I thought we did a better job with that. We did well on countering and created a couple more chances and I think we could have scored one or two more goals even. But, very happy with the result.

Columbus Crew postgame quotes

Gregg Berhalter

On if the match feels like a missed opportunity

Absolutely. I told the guys, the first words out of my mouth were, “We let ourselves down.” [Philadelphia] is a good team. It was going to be a difficult game, and these are the games that you need to win.

On Ola Kamara’s substitution

I thought that bringing Adam [Jahn] in would give us a physical presence that I felt we needed. I didn’t think that we had that enough in the first half. There were a number of crosses that I thought we could have done better on, and with Adam in the game it was better.

On Cedrick Mabwati not in the matchday 18

It was just a selection.

On mental lapses in the team’s play

I think that it was going to be a more difficult game to break them down. And I think that we needed to embrace that challenge instead of getting frustrated by it. There were times when it was good, the movement was good, and we were able to play through them. But it wasn’t going to be every time, and that was the key. Understanding that and being patient and moving the ball into the right positions and then going for the attack. And I saw too much frustration. The second goal that they scored is a tough one to swallow. I think when you get the momentum there and you’re in the position you’re in and you score a goal, to me the next step is we’re going for the second one, we’re getting after this thing. And the mentality and the ferociousness need to be there. And they dribble through our entire team and score a goal. That’s a tough one.

On how he responds to the Union’s second goal

We need to be accountable. We need to be accountable for that goal, especially since we had the momentum and we lost it instantly. And we have to look at the play, analyze the play, and hold people accountable.

On how to hold someone accountable

As you’re analyzing it, you’re getting the guys to understand what each play means, and what the execution looks like to win games and what the execution looks like when you lose games. Guys need to step up, you need to step up and make plays, that’s what this League is about. It’s guys making plays at the right time. And when they can dribble through the whole team, it’s a number of guys not making a play.

On how the club moves forward

Well we move forward with the intention to win a game, win a home game. Obviously, two losses at home and the number of ties we have aren’t good enough. So we have to pick ourselves up. There’s no alternative. And, at least in my mind, I’m looking forward to [Saturday’s game vs. San Jose]. When you have an experience like this you want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible. So we’ll get ready to play.

On the lack of opportunities on goal

I think [chances] were hard to come by. I think there were a number of close calls, a number where I think if we make a more appropriate pass then it will lead to a goal opportunity. I was surprised at some of the execution. They were tough to break down, when we had the moment where we’re in space, the final execution wasn’t there. That’s a little bit surprising.

On substitutions

You make a change; you try to spark the team and bring guys in that can help with some production. Listen, this happens all the time, our guys get substituted out. To me, it was a question of we needed a little bit more, we needed to create more chances and we made those decisions.

On if Crew SC’s playoff hopes are over without a win on Saturday

That’s hard to tell. I don’t know what the other teams are going to do. I don’t know what the point differential will be. I know that we have 10 games left. There’s a possibility of 30 points, so I can’t say that right now.

Adam Jahn

On his goal tonight

It was a little scramble in the box, hit off the post, and I got something on it. Enough to go in the goal.

On how he feels about scoring a goal

Good. I’m glad to help the team, come in and add some energy and physicality. The referee called it a goal, so it’s a goal.

On how the club moves forward

Yeah, I’m really excited to play against my old team and beat them. It’s a must win. It’s as easy as that. I think everyone understands that, and we’ll be ready.

On his play

I’ve always judged myself on the effort I give. That’s the only thing you can control. That’s what I do every day. I’ve been here, in my fourth week now. I think every single week, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable around the guys. Just getting to know them better, getting to know the coaches better. They make me feel really at home and I’m happy with the transition so far.

Nicolai Naess

On positives to take away from this game

I think we just have to forget this game as quickly as possible and look forward to the next game. It’s tight so we have to turn our heads around and just keep fighting. It’s going to be a six-point game on Saturday.

On what happened on Philadelphia Union’s second goal

We came back in a strong way after being down 1-0 there, and we fought back and it was 1-1. We let up a silly goal after a kickoff. That’s not supposed to happen, so that’s not good enough.

On the mentality before Philadelphia Union’s second goal

We should be on our toes, always. We can’t let ourselves down after just scoring a goal; we have to fight to win the game. It’s 1-1 at that point, so we just need to fight. We can’t be happy with just scoring a goal and that’s not good enough.


  1. Last night I retweeted a sad, sad fact. Rosenberry isn’t going to win Rookie of the Year solely b/c he isn’t a marketable goalscorer in a major soccer city. It’s a travesty, frankly. Show me another rookie in recent memory who has performed as well as he has in every single minute of his debut season. Really grinds my gears.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Come on man Jordan Morris is good. Really really really good.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Good enough to turn Seattle around…from top 3 in the West to fighting Houston for last 🙂

      • That, honestly could be the best hope for R’berry to be named ROTY- Union make the playoffs and the Sounders do not.

      • Oh man you got me. I had whole lengthy rebuttal prepared…and then I finally saw the psych. Touche.

    • If Seattle misses the playoffs and they still hand it to Morris, that would be an actual travesty. If both teams make the playoffs and win a match or two, may come down to contributions in the post-season. My money is still on KR

  2. Lucky Striker says:

    No rookie has had a bigger impact on the outcome of his team’s season than Harrison.

    He’d get my vote. Turned NYCFC around from the moment he got on the field. Maybe Philly would remember……

    Keegan #2

    Morris #3- he’s blown a ton of chances and helped get his coach fired because of it. Of course he’d score against the Union. Almost shouldn’t count.

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