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Fans’ View: Running Bedoyary, Ale-Alejandro Edition

I think I’m out of ideas. Maybe I should hang them up. Them being these computer keys. I sat down to write this piece and all I could think was, remember that running diary I did two years ago when Clint Dempsey was coming over and how fun it was. And then, the Bedoya rumors started coming out. Well, good thing because I am pretty sure I have nothing to say right now. The squad is uninspired and stumbling. But a good rumor gives reason to write a little something down. Without further ado, my very brief running diary of the Alejandro Bedoya rumor:

11:17 pm: Two texts come through from my season ticket holding partner, Brad. “Big talks about Bedoya. Fingers crossed.” I slowly sip my Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.

11:19 pm: I order a Sierra Nevada Torpedo and I start to ponder the Union with Bedoya. Where does he fit? What does he do?

11:33 pm: I can’t figure it other than a 4-1-4-1 with Carroll playing super D-Mid until Edu comes back and then he sits in there. Bedoya and Barnetta pair in the middle with Ilsinho and Pontius on the wings, I actually kind of like this, but I’m not sure about the Bedoya-Barnetta partnership in the middle.

12:15 am: The haze of beer is starting to take over, I turn to Union Twitter and @KevinKinkead asks a very poignant question: Where do all of the midfielders fit and how can we afford them all?

12:30 am: Now I can’t stop thinking about who will leave. I’m actually not that sad because Vincent Nogueira left and that drained me of all care.

3:17 am: I dream. I dream of a world where the Union add Bedoya, he forms an instant chemistry with Barnetta, Mo slides in at the 6 and is dominant, and the Union ride the new wave of talent to an improbable MLS cup victory. Sons of Ben rejoice, the mayor throws a small parade, and we all look for something else to gripe about.

9:00 am: I’m back awake and I can’t shake the feelings I had when it was EVEN REMOTELY POSSIBLE that Clint Dempsey would come to Philly. And now I’m sad because I just know the Union will win the MLS Cup if they sign him. And now I’m sure of it. He won’t sign. Nantes will screw it up somehow and we’ll still be here figuring out how to get a USMNT player.

11:00 am: I sit down on the beach and realize I haven’t written my Fan’s View yet. Crap.

1:59 pm: I submit my Fan’s View and hope that it’s not rendered useless in the next 15 minutes.



  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    ESPN says it’s done as well.

  2. saw someone on twitter saying the full price (picks, order position, $$$) was a lot. i say we brought in a decent class of youth in 2016, more in the pipeline, spending wisely (cough cough Bradley cough cough Jones) — this was a good deal on paper.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Yeah 1st rounder, funny money (TAM I think), and maybe more. SBI saying $1M transfer fee, and $1M salary. WOW
      SBI – “According to ESPN, Bedoya joins the Union after commanding a $1 million transfer fee and will make $1 million per year with his new club. Meanwhile, the Chicago Fire, who held the top spot in the allocation order, reportedly received General Allocation Money, Targeted Allocation Money, a first round draft pick, discovery rights on a player and the Union’s allocation spot in exchange for the rights to Bedoya.”

      • It’s a lot. The first round pick bothered me until I remember we are going to be picking late in the first (or at worst middle) so it probably doesn’t matter anyway.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Funny… the thing that bothered me more was the discovery spot and/or TAM money… that is more valuable most of the time than a player in the draft

      • true, although discovery spots are eh at this point. Although with ES in charge I trust the future.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Yeah agreed about ED making the decisions. That’s the best part of this whole thing… that we actually spent some real money for the first time ever.

  3. Impressive ale selections by the author though I would have chosen an Ithaca Flower Power over the Sierra Nevada Torpedo May this signing make for celebratory drinks in lieu of drowning our sorrows from here forward

  4. Union-asaurus says:

    I like Bedoya as a player and I know I should be excited by this….but for some reason I’m not. can anybody help me out?

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