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The Front Row: Making the future

In the latest episode of The Front Row podcast, Steve Holroyd looks forward instead of backwards, and talk about what it will take to move soccer into the “Big 4” of professional sports in the US. The answer may surprise some…and anger others.

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  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Good stuff Steve. I very much appreciate the effort you are making discussing some of the boogie men. From my POV and extensive readings, the notion that soccer isn’t in the Big IV already— is fallacy.
    NFL is daddy among Americans – pretty unarguable… but after that it is wide open and comes down to HOW and WHICH data is being analyzed and offered to prove positions for the masses….. People think I’m crazy to say this but I’m not… just can’t think of the sources off the top of my head that I’ve encountered which show the numbers even considering all the data.
    If viewership is considered across Liga MX and and the European leagues soccer is right in the mix which goes back to how amazingly bad US Soccer and MLS is missing the boat on the demographic. But hey that’s an argument I’ve made 109 times.
    Anyway. MLS keeps saying more time more time just wait … know what —- “MLS needs a time limit” quote from John Pranjic.
    The game is poised to explode and is literally like a pressure cooker right now —- that MLS is sitting on top of with all its might to keep under (it’s and its elite few) control.

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