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Fans’ View: Union Half-Season Power Rankings

Photo: Paul Rudderow

If you’re like anyone I know, you see the weekly power rankings various sports news outlets release. This very site does a great job of tracking them each week. They’re a fun, if flawed exercise. A couple years ago, I did a piece which looked at a Union-specific power ranking. I think given a two-year absence, enough has changed with the club to revisit and take a look. Remember, these rankings are entirely serious and not to be taken lightly.

1. The Front Office
What was once a void of leadership has been imbued with purpose, understanding, and action. Jim Curtin has grown as a coach, Earnie Stewart has instilled a philosophy, and the ownership group has become more than silent partners. It’s a testament to their hard work that I’ve forgotten how to spell Sakiwealkjfdsasicz.

2. Fans/Supporting Groups
Still one of the best parts of the game is seeing the River End fill up and hearing them get loud. There are alternative supporter groups at this point and it would be nice to see them get some love. But the real winning aspect for this group is that we’ve got something to watch. A studly young keeper, an aggressively minded press, young defenders at the start of something (potentially) great, Tranquillo’s Top Knot, and CJ Sapong bodying up unsuspecting backs.

3. Andre Blake
The aforementioned keeper has been a real delight. His raw talent is off the charts and with continued grooming, he will be something even more special than he already is. I mean he makes me excited about watching goalkeeping! Sick hair too.

4. Keegan Rosenberry
A revelation early and settling in nicely. Looks to be the real deal on defense and an even realer one going forward. Barber skills are definitely a plus.

5. The Process
Sorry Mr. Hinkie. This is how you do it. Combine young players with proven players and watch them learn from each other and grow.

6. Talen Energy Stadium
Still got it. I still get a kick out of going into the stadium and seeing Commodore Barry striding along the river. I also still love seeing cargo peeking slightly over the top of the River End.

7. Talen Concessions
The loser in my old rankings, this improvement is mostly due to the Dogfish River Deck. I love getting a beer up there before or during the game. Still negatives regarding the lack of solid food options. I think it’s time to get creative and get some Philly food trucks opening up down there for the season. Call me crazy.

8. Talen Parking
I know it was for the good of the team, and I’m happy about it. But the parking and exiting situation has not really improved thanks to the new fields and a still indiscernible lack of an exit plan. It’s gotten better. I’ve just got to understand it’ll never be perfect and look on the bright side that it gives me time to have another beer.

9. Maurice Edu’s Triumphant Return
Not his fault or Curtin’s, I’d just love to get this guy back on the pitch. Curtin said a few weeks ago that he doesn’t even think we’ve had our best XI on the pitch yet. I wonder what that looks like when Mo returns. Still no window or time table. Ready and waiting, big man!

10. Nogueira’s Departure
It’s never easy to lose a favorite player. It’s never easy to lose a player who drives a team, acting as the transmission slipping between action and quiet as necessary. This was a tough one for me to swallow.


  1. Dan C (formerly of 103) says:

    Sam Hinkie died for your sins, please show the man the respect he deserves.

    • +3. No problem with how the Union are doing it – I’d argue that they are, in fact, using a Hinkie method given the reliance on very high draft choice players this year. easier to add “proven” players in MLS than it is in NBA as well. watch the Colangelos either benefit immensely from SH’s work or screw it up royally (the latter is unfortunately more likely since their track record is kind of like Nick’s – the three chances buttress the similarities).

    • pragmatist says:

      Amen. Apples and oranges. He will be the joke of professional sports leagues…right until Embiid and Simmons are holding the Larry O’Brien in a parade down Broad…

  2. No. 10… i couldn’t have said it better myself… 🙁

  3. James Lockerbie says:

    Mr. Finck another great article.

  4. Fat Uncle Phil from Urkel says:

    Don’t sleep on that Sriracha chicken and waffles at the concession stand. It’s legit.

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