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Union and Vincent Nogueira mutually terminate contract

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Philadelphia Union announced on Thursday the club and Vincent Nogueira have mutually agreed to terminate the midfielder’s contract “due to personal health issues.”

Nogueira said in the announcement, “I want to thank Philadelphia Union for their understanding of my situation and wish my teammates well going forward”

Union sporting director Earnie Stewart, “We want to thank Vincent for his contributions to the club over the last two years and we wish him the best, both personally and professionally. At this time, it was our desire to enable him to be with his family at home in France.”

No further details were provided.

Nogueira joined the club from Ligue 1 side Sochaux in January of 2014. Over 58 starts and 64 appearances, Nogueira scored nine goals with three assists.

Nogueira’s last appearance was in Wednesday night’s US Open Cup game, during which he started and played 73 minutes.




  1. Devastating.

  2. Arguably the best player so far to wear the blue and gold, this one hurts. Hope everything gets better for him.

  3. Andy Muenz says:

    As a fan, that’s an unwelcome shock. I hope everything is OK with him and his family.

  4. MikeRSoccer says:

    Agree with Andy. I’m glad to see the team taking care of their players. I wish him the best and hope he can get back on the field when he is ready and where ever he is comfortable.

  5. Lazlo Hollyfeld says:


  6. Aw, damn. Be well, Vince. We’ll miss you.

  7. Goddammit! This is horrible news.
    The only silver lining I can see is that this frees up Maurice Edu to be the #10 when he returns. But This is some worst possible news for the Union and I hope everything is OK.

  8. Most disappointing news I’ve heard since Katz traded Brad Daugherty and Moses Malone for magic beans.

  9. Wow. Just wow 🙁 Wish him all the best

  10. Welp…there goes our season.

    • I wouldn’t say so… I hope Stewart spends wisely in the transfer window and Edu comes back healthy. Nogs is damn hard to replace. I have some faith in ES tho.

      • I would agree I trust ES for the future, but this is too much for this season. Nogs was the linchpin for this team’s long term success. With Edu out til who know when, and the transfer window not opening until July even if you could find someone, not hopeful for much.

    • Next man up.

      • Absolutely. Plus, this means we have money again! hello summer transfer window.
        More important than the team though, lets all take a moment and wish Vincent the best going forward. Both in his career and his health.

  11. He will surely be missed. I hope his issue gets sorted out and he can get back to 100%. Truly one of the best players ever in our short history. This really came out of nowhere and is a complete shock.
    Having said all of that, the season is not lost and we still have a very talented roster that should make the playoffs, which has been the goal/expectation from Day 1. This doesn’t change that.
    All the best Nogs, we’ll miss your metronome powers in the middle of the field.

  12. John Osborn says:


  13. John Ling says:

    Well, shit.
    Best of luck, Vincent. I hope whatever your personal health troubles may be, they pass soon.

  14. Kingkowboys says:

    Thanks a kick in the pants. Get well Vincent.

  15. Broseidon says:

    Wow. A lot of negative comments. Not that nogueira isn’t a pivotal part of our offensive build up but edu will be coming back and nogueira missed the first 6 games and we still had a descent record without him. So, yes, his missing influence will definitely be noticed. But it’s not the end of the world or season. And I still want to be the first team to win the treble

    • Thank you for coming out and saying that you want to be the first team to win the treble. I feel the exact same way and feel like it’s always shot down as completely unrealistic to even mention. I’m not saying I expect them to win, but I still want to be the first team to do it.
      I feel the same way about the Concacaf champions league too. I get the rah-rah, let’s root for any MLS team to win it to boost the league profile, but I want the Philadelphia Union to be the first team to do it.

  16. I just hope Vince is ok. My thoughts are with him and I hope his career is not over. That being said we now have some serious cap space and allocation money. Summer transfer window is open in Europe. We can sign someone anytime. They just can’t play until July 4th.

  17. My favorite Union player. Loved how he played the game. Good luck Vincent! Hope all is well with you and your family. We will certainly miss you

  18. Wow.. Sounds serious, but I certainly hope it’s something he can recover from – and soon.

  19. Thank you and all the best to a class act and intelligent, skillful and hard working footballer. I remember last year when he scored a brace and post game credited Brian Carrol for doing the heavy lifting in MF so he could get forward.

    I hope you always consider Philadelphia a second home

    Bon chance, Bon courage!

  20. Nooooooo! My favorite player. I hate to speculate, but I guess it must be something serious that came out of the blue? Get well Vinny. (Sad face)

  21. haven’t been this bummed about a player leaving since we traded le toux in 2012. i hope he recovers and remembers us fondly

  22. Aesthetic…oh my aesthetic…. it’s gone…
    Vincent. I’m sorry. Please. Be well.

  23. Totally bummed. Probably missed the family too much. Wish his family had come and had lived with him here. Then it probably would not have been an issue. I could be wrong but this is probably the reason.
    Sure there is money now to get someone else but will we be able to get someone as good for such a relative low price?

  24. Farewell, godspeed. To one of the finest to represent our club.

    Our midfield meastro, our calming presence. You will be missed.

    Get well soon, mom ami. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  25. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Clearly he has asked the club to respect his privacy, and they are.
    I hope somewhere, some way, some portion of the union family can facilitate us fans to communicate our respect support and good wishes.

  26. The Little Fish says:

    Best of luck Vincent. A class act. Thanks for your blood, sweat, and tears bro!

  27. Horrible news. No one on this team can hold possession and distribute like he does. They better be looking for that summer DP signing for his replacement. Not to jump the gun but, don’t tell me Edu is the answer bc he definetly is not. He doesn’t have the awareness or skill set to play that position. No one has the attributes Nogs has! I think fans deserve to know exactly why he is leaving. Probably the last player you want to leave this team rn. Fuck.

  28. This is one of those hold your breath moments in life that I hate. Someone dealing with personal health issues or family health issues. All I can say is thank you Vincent Norgueira, I hope and pray all turns out OK. What ever it is, it’s best to be with family.

  29. What a shame, and I wish him the best. May you find your health, in whatever is going on. I enjoyed watching his poise on the ball and ability to find the open man.

  30. There Must Be Some Misunderstanding says:

    Last couple of weeks, all I’ve been hearing from Union coach Jim Curtin and the loyal fan base is how deep Philadelphia’s MLS roster is …

  31. Thoughts & prayers for Nogs… I wish the best outcome for your/the health issue… Thnx for your professional contributions which places you as ONE OF THE “BEST” TO EVER WEAR BLUE & GOLD… God’s Speed to you, my Friend…

  32. Well they’ve found a way to get Edu back out on the pitch, when he’s ready…

  33. Sad. Look after yourself and get well Vince. You will always have a home in Philly.

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