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Match Report: Orlando City 2-2 Philadelphia Union

Ken Tribbett scored his first MLS goal to rescue a road point for Philadelphia Union against Orlando City on Wednesday night.

The Union went ahead in the 52nd minute when Tranquillo Barnetta scored his second of the season, but goals from Kevin Molino in the 68th minute and Cyle Larin in the 71st put Orlando ahead. In the 75th minute, Tribbett found a loose ball after a Union corner kick to make sure Philadelphia took a point from the match.

An uneven first half’s best moment was a penalty save from Andre Blake on Kaka in the 36th minute, who he fouled trying to make a play on the ball coming out of his goal. Both of Orlando’s goals had Union players questioning the referee, with Molino’s looking like it came after a possible foul on Blake and Larin’s appearing to not cross the goal line. Nevertheless, Philadelphia showed resilience to fight back and earn the draw.

First half

Jim Curtin made no changes to the team that defeated D.C. United on Friday night, with Ilsinho and Vincent Nogueira deemed not healthy enough to be named in the 18.

An uneven first half saw few opportunities for either side. Orlando pinned the Union deep but failed to create many chances despite dominating in possession.

Kaka was shown a yellow card in the 32nd minute for an off-the-ball foul on Sebastien Le Toux, in which it looked like the Brazilian hit the Union midfielder in the head with his arm.

Kaka was also involved in the first half’s best scoring opportunity, earning a penalty kick in the 36th minute. Andre Blake was judged to have fouled the Orlando captain after he was played in down the left side. But Kaka’s penalty was poor, and Blake was able to get down quickly to his right and push the shot away.

Philadelphia was forced to make a substitution right on the stroke of halftime, with defender Josh Yaro having to give way for Ken Tribbett after suffering a shoulder injury.

Second half

The second half was a much more open affair, and can be attributed to the Union’s improved pressure on Orlando higher up the field.

Barnetta got the scoring started in the 51st minute, scoring his second goal of the season, with both coming against Orlando. Tribbett played a deep free kick into the Orlando box that Chris Pontius did very well to climb high and win, heading the ball across the Orlando box. An unmarked Barnetta was on hand to volley in from 8 yards with a composed finish.

The Union had a great chance to double their lead in the 57th minute. C.J. Sapong received the ball well on the top of the box from a feed from Le Toux and had only Joe Bendik to beat from 10 yards. But the Orlando goalkeeper made himself big and smothered the striker’s shot to his right.

Philadelphia were denied what looked a clear penalty kick in the 72nd minute. Warren Creavalle was fouled by a late, two-footed challenge from David Mateos inside the area. But Storin Stocia was unmoved, despite being in position to make the call. The ball fell to Barnetta at the top of the box and was eventually cleared.

Orlando equalized in the 68th minute through substitute Kevin Molino, who had just entered the match a minute earlier. A deep ball into the box looked to be catching practice for Andre Blake, but a retreating Richie Marquez, along with Orlando’s Larin, made contact with the Union goalkeeper, who couldn’t hold the ball. Molino was on hand to dispatch into the empty net from 18 yards.

The hosts would take the lead in the 71st minute in controversial fashion. Larin latched onto a ball from Brek Shea and chested it toward the Union goal from six yards. Blake appeared to do enough to keep the ball from crossing the line, but the linesman ruled otherwise and awarded a goal. As of this writing, a clear replay from the end line has not been shown.

The Union showed great resilience in responding with a goal of their own just four minutes later in the 75th minute through Tribbett. The Drexel product found a loose ball after Orlando failed to clear a Union corner kick and put a low shot into the right corner of the net from near the penalty spot.

In the 90th minute, Philadelphia had great chance to win the match when a high challenge from Orlando defender David Mateos caught lively substitute Fabian Hebers. Mateos was shown a straight red card for the challenge, and the Union had a free kick just outside the Orlando box. Barnetta looked to repeat his magic from the Union’s last match against Orlando, but his shot was high and did not trouble Bendik.

Philadelphia have a quick turnaround to face  the league leading Colorado RapidsColorado to face the league leading Rapids on Saturday night at 9 p.m. EST (TCN, MLS Live, Direct Kick).

Philadelphia Union
Andre Blake, Fabinho, Richie Marquez, Josh Yaro (Ken Tribbett, 45), Keegan Rosenberry, Brian Carroll, Warren Creavalle, Chris Pontius (Fabian Herbers, 70), Tranquillo Barnetta, Sebastien Le Toux (Leo Fernades, 89), CJ Sapong
Unused subs: Matt Jones, Ray Gaddis, Roland Alberg, Walter Restrepo,

Orlando City
Joe Bendik, Brek Shea, David Mateos, Tommy Redding, Kevin Alston, Servando Carrasco, Cristian Higuita, Carlos Rivas (Kevin Molino, 67), Kaka, Adrian Winter (Julio Baptista, 67), Cyle Larin ( Hadji Barry, 84)
Unused subs: Earl Edwards, Antonio Nocerino, Harrison Heath, Luke Boden

Scoring Summary
PHI — Tranquillo Barnetta (Chris Pontius, Ken Tribbett) — 52
ORL — Kevin Molino — 68
ORL — Cyle Larin (Kaka) — 71
PHI — Ken Tribett — 75

Disciplinary Summary
ORL — Kaká (Unsporting Behavior) — 32
PHI — Sebatien Le Toux (Dissent) — 33
ORL — Carlos Rivas (Unsporting Behavior) — 64
PHI — Tranquillo Barnetta (Dissent) — 72
ORL — Servando Carrasco (Unsporting Behavior) — 76
ORL — Cristian Higuita (Unsporting Behavior) — 89
ORL — David Mateos (Red — Serious Foul) — 90 + 3

Philadelphia Union Orlando City
 9 Shots  9
 5 Shots on Target 4
 1 Shots off Target 4
 1 Blocked Shots 1
 6 Corner Kicks 8
 16 Crosses 18
1 Offsides  1
12 Fouls 17
 2 Yellow Cards 4
 0 Red Cards 1
 320 Total Passes  410
 70% Passing Accuracy  74%
 43.7% Possession  56.3%
 69 Duels Won 46
 60% Duels Won %  40%
19 Tackles Won  9
 2 Saves 3
 23 Clearances  16


  1. Was that OCSC goal in? tough to tell from the camera angles, but it didn’t look like it did… I have my doubts

  2. we were robbed

  3. Andy Muenz says:

    Tough way to lose the win on some REALLY questionable calls, especially the lack of a PK call in their favor when it was 1-0 combined with the lack of a foul call on Orlando’s first goal. Really bush league of Orlando to not have a video from directly above the goal to see whether the ball actually went in on the second goal.
    Hopefully they can get at least a point on Saturday as well.

    • HopkinsMD says:

      “Really bush league of Orlando to not have a video from directly above the goal to see whether the ball actually went in on the second goal.”
      Very selective video reply choices by the home team.

  4. HopkinsMD says:

    I tuned in for the second half. Controversy aside, the U get my standing O for the desire and resliency they displayed tonight. They kept pushing the attack until the last few minutes. Defensive marking in the box got way too loose on a few occassions after OC’s subs came on.
    Very well done on the first goal, Barnetta! That was a top-notch finish. Thumbs up to KT for the service and Pontius for the well-fought header assist.
    And KT on the game-tying finish? Two games with back-to-back CB goals?! Hope Yaro is okay and heals quickly, but we all have to feel good about the depth at CB.

  5. John Ling says:

    I loved the Union setting up a free kick with the “wall behind the wall” again, and running a different play off it. Well done!

    • Zizouisgod says:

      Agreed, that was very well designed and will now have teams thinking about that potential wrinkle which will open up other possibilities.

  6. 1) Orlando played like a bunch of punks. Pushy, nasty, and then complaining to the ref about even the most blatant foul calls.

    2) The refereeing was terrible. Amazing inconsistency, and he failed to award us an obvious and blatant PK for a foul in the box on Creavalle. And I am very skeptical that the ball crossed the goal line for Orlando’s 2nd score.

    3) Freakin’ Ken Tribbett, remanded to the bench — because how could he possibly duplicate Josh Yaro’s laserlike passing? — enters in the 45th minute and in one half earns himself a goal and an assist. Unbelievable. It’s still hard to believe that we have depth in the backline for the first time in 7 seasons. #amoreperfectunion

    • Zizouisgod says:

      Orlando has the personality of their manager. Always moaning and complaining to the ref.

      • Did we really need to see his whining face during every break in play?

      • Zizouisgod says:

        I know, Heath gets a ton of camera time.

        They did get a great shot of Curtin saying the the 4th official “how is that not a penalty?”

  7. i don’t need a replay to see that the ball came nowhere near crossing the line! Mr Andre made an excellent save. Wow Andre was robbed of goal saving heroics, but guess what? Andre is out of his mind talented and he will continue with amazing plays; more to come for sure

  8. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Mike Servedio’s pressure higher up the pitch in the second half was especially evident from Warren Creavalle, in my view.
    Does anyone have a read on why Alberg cannot find any minutes?
    Ken Tribett did remarkably well coming off the bench for Yaro. Remarkably.
    I do not understand why Orlando did no better than they did exploiting their pace mismatch against Fabinho.
    Josh Yaro’s long passes seemed usually to connect.
    Barnetta seemed to have some legs left at the very end, that’s a positive development.

  9. What more does this team have to do to earn a PK?!?! I mean really?! They clearly deserved one in the first half. Orlando’s second goal didn’t go in. At least it wasn’t clear that it did… I don’t know how you can error on the side of a goal. Persistent dissent by Orlando, persistent fouling, and it takes a flying destructo-kick to Herbers by Matteos to get him a red?! He shoulda been gone long before that. And Kaka didn’t foul Rosenberry on their second “goal”?!? Gimmie a break he pushed him.
    Blake was great and he STONED Kaka. Period. Great save. Impressed again by this team without, Nogs, on the road, in a tough place… and they got a point after being down. They were the better team overall.
    Fabinho was a liability tonight. I’d start Gaddis Saturday. Hope Yaro is ok, but Tribbett was solid.
    Orlando – the players, their fans, and their head coach are some serious WHINERS. My god, stop bitching. PS – Yeah I know I bitched a little above but overall Orlando had something to say about every single call. Gimmie a break.
    On to Colorado… coming for you MacMath!! Ha! Go Union!!

  10. If Creavalle sells that challenge to the ref better, a PK will be called. Somebody get him some acting lessons paid for by the Union. Regardless, he was good as was Tribett. Rosenberry got beaten by Kaka a time or two; slight growing pains for the young fella. Good finish by Barnetta on the goal. Blake made a good save on the PK, but he was a clumsy on the PK challenge and poor communication with the CBs on the first OCSC goal. Both of the OCSC goals were a bit weird. Still haven’t seen a definitive look at the second Orlando goal, but it didn’t look like it completely crossed. And there’s no way the ref could tell that it crossed the line from where he was standing.
    Any word on the Yaro injury? Separated shoulder perhaps?

  11. Am I the only one who sees yaro as more of a dmid than cb?

    Great passing, recovery speed, lack of size…

    • I see Yaro as an absolute stud CB able to push a high defensive line capable of stepping up with the ball, like Chillieni, to deliver the ball before the ball…. He is showing pure quality…. calm and excellent close down ability. Stud.
      Congratulations to Earnie Stewart for drafting him and Keegan Rosenberry… two outstanding defenders in the making.

      • I see Yaro as a D-mid also… like what we thought Amobi Okugo was gonna be. But that in no way is meant to diminish his skills at CB. Dude can play.

      • Agreed, Yaro is a stud CB but with 3 starting quality ones, it would be fun to see Yaro tried in for Creavalle when they are playing a lower table team and when Yaro is healthy. His passing, D, speed and general calm would serve him well there. May even upstage Edu.

      • Dr. Union says:

        Alright all, lets calm down Yaro is a CB and wants to play CB lets just leave him there and let him learn. Yes he has improved in his time there but he still has a lot of work to do. 1 v 1 he drops back to much giving players to much time and space to get shots off, saw this vs. Villa for sure (and other days). He looks weak when it comes to dealing with players right on top of him when he has the ball (typically just trys to launch the ball upfield). And his aerial presence is weak. Now these are all things he can work on and he is improving, but lets just leave him at CB where he wants to be and where he seems to belong.

      • I believe Yaro’s true value is at CB. He fits with what Earnie and Curtin want – a CB who has speed and passing ability to be able to play out the back while holding a high line. Leave him at CB try to and find a more technical CDM (Edu hopefully) and we got ourselves a team!

    • Dan Walsh says:

      Nope. I’ve wondered the same thing. Still evaluating.

  12. I hope the team caught a late flight and will sleep at altitude tonight. Time to acclimate boys! Play both halves on Saturday the way you played the second half tonight and you’ll probably be alright.

  13. Hard to argue with a team that continues to find points n+6 times… I’ve tried.
    They played a much calmer game tonight, course seldom had the ball.
    One more time then – – before his career is over…there is very little in the world of human kinesiology more aesthetically pleasing than watching Kaka attack space, two defenders hopelessly closing him down cut them out — cut them in and deal with the left foot….or watching him in full flow track down a ball with arms windmilling, head tilted back, long strides, a smile… I will miss Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite the way I miss Juan Roman Requelme who’s human movement was at times entirely un-beatiful but death adder effective. Very much.

    • Andy Muenz says:

      The Union seldom had the ball in the first half, but looking at the overall game numbers above and comparing with the halftime stats on TV, I think they won the possession battle in the second half 53%-47%.

      • I watched the game on DVR a few hours after it was live. I was completely convinced when the Union went up 1-0… they were gonna win 3 or 4-0. They looked that good in the second half. They were a totally different team in the 2nd half.

    • Dr. Union says:

      Got to say lost some respect for Kaka today with the number of blatant head shots he took at Union players (Clearly caught BC, Seba, and Creavalle all at one time or another in the game), high elbows, pushes and tugs I was disappointed. Kaka has some beautiful skills and while giving fouls will happen with all players, the amount of cheap shots he seemed to take when the refs back was turned surprised me. If tonight is how he typically plays in MLS it might be time for him to hang up his cleats because I would much rather see the beautiful side of his game and his skill then a chippy, whiney player. This is just my opinion though.

      • Kaka has always had edge to his game…

      • Dr. Union says:

        Edge is one thing blatant cheap shots another. I’m okay with edge this was not what I consider edge.

      • azogD'filer says:

        Ahh, that’s why they are called the “dark arts” and Brazil is particularly adept at them. I actually think it’s a part of the game most US players need to catch up on.

      • 100%.
        the Brazilians actually have an ideology and call it — playing with Malice. Some more so than others… I’ve watch Kaka play that way for 15 years.

      • azogD'filer says:

        Yes! In non-Brazilian South America, they also call it “malicia” and kids start this training young….

      • el Pachyderm says:

        No grass fields. No 14 year old referees telling 7 year olds they can’t fight for their space with their arms and hands.
        My 6 year old grabbed a kids shirt and pulled him back a few months ago when beaten by purer speed… told him it was the best choice he had made the whole game- congratulated it. Encouraged it.
        Didn’t get called either cause it wasnt seen.

      • Dr. Union says:

        el P what did the kid learn from that though that hey if I’m beaten let me pull them down as opposed to, I need to get in better shape to keep up with people with more speed. It can be looked at in multiple ways personally while you have to fight for space and position some Malice or edge as you called it are called for. Others personally I think not. And taking shots to someones head is uncalled for.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        For sure Doc, course my 6 year old was playing with kids fully a year and a half older. And in the absence of solving the problem the way you speak, he resorted to, ‘by any means necessary’ ~ damn right.
        Worldview. I’m the same person who wrote an article a year ago about why diving is a logical and integral part of the ‘Dark Arts’ of the game.
        Once again~ I acquiesce.

      • el p, i agree these is a dark art for pulling and holding players. Had a guy on my high school team who was a decent player but nothing special, but he knew how to take the other teams best player out of the game. It was honestly amazing to watch and he never got fouls called on him. But Kaka last night was not displaying that. He lost his head and punch/tackled Le Toux. I stand by my statement that he should have been red carded for that. Pathetic display.

      • .
        So maybe it was The Frenchman’s own brand of Dark Arts that got Kaka a bit off his game.
        To that end… magic.

  14. Andy Muenz says:

    I’m thinking I must have been watching a different game than the one the box score above describes. According to that, there were two yellow cards for dissent which seems to make sense except that they were both against the Union. The game I saw seemed like Orlando should have been given about 4 yellow cards for dissent.

  15. Old Soccer Coach says:

    I do not presume to think I can discern the lineup that Jim Curtin would say is his best eleven. Recent behavior suggests quite strongly that Roland Alberg is not on it; we who see only games lack concrete evidence to dispute him. As I think about what I just wrote, warren Creavalle has both an intensity of play, and an explosive burst of pace both offensively and defensively that Alberg seems to lack, the difference between not getting called for fouls and its opposite perhaps.
    Back to my original point: how many of the your presumed best eleven were unavailable last night? And they still managed to fight back for a tie. Likely we all agree on Nogueira, probably most would include Ilsinho, the optimists among us include Edu, and while Ken Tribbett clearly belongs on the first team, I increasingly would incline towards Yaro in the best eleven.
    It felt like they were held together with duct tape, chewing gum, baling wire and binder twine some of the time, but they managed it.
    Last thought, and, again, asking for others to evaluate my idea for errors, is the Herbers-for-Pontius substitution primarily defensive in character? Last night it happened right after Orlando put even more speed onto the pitch against our left flank channel, where we had already shown vulnerability to it. After Sapong switched out there, that specific vulnerability seemed more muted.

    • Buccistick says:

      To your original point, +1.
      To your last thought: consider the regular Herbers-for-Pontius substitution a “defensive” maneuver in the sense that it also protects Pontius from the kind of wear-and-tear that has exposed him to injury so often in his career prior to Chester. With the significant caveat that the 22 year-old rookie lines up more centrally than does the veteran (and so attracts a different kind of, shall we say, attention from defenders), last night made the clearest case yet for that line of reasoning. Herbers enjoyed not just several runs and sniffs at goal, but managed to dust himself off from multiple crunching encounters and plug on — to positive effect. Even a MAC Hermann trophy finalist from the Big East such as Herbers must learn such lumping MLS lessons, and ideally, how to roll with or just plain avoid them as he acclimates to our pro game. So, credit to coaches and trainers alike for figuring out how to put a capable XI on the field with the resources available while still spreading around the burdens, and the risks.
      And the goals. Hah!
      Having said all that … this saying does not originate from me. Some wiser mind — I do not recall who — clued me into this line of reasoning. But given my reading proclivities, I rather suspect the seed came into my head from … one of you most excellent PSPers 🙂

      • I like what Herbers brings…I’d also like it much more if he refined his touch a bit…

      • He’s had 2 times now when he pushed the ball a bit too much in the box and killed his angle. Hoping the first goal gets a weight off this shoulders. He looked pretty good this last game. I would like to see him get a run out on the wing too.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        and logically the plausible difference in sitting on 2 or 3 gols compared to none.

      • der Fussballzuschauer says:

        Herbers had a heavy touch on his first goal for BSFC vs FC Montreal at Olympic Stadium, pushed the ball too far out in front of him – but he got lucky in that the FC Montreal goalkeeper failed to recognize THAT was the time to come off his line and challenge and so Herbers was able to finish

      • azogD'filer says:

        Did anyone else notice that near the end of the game, the U front line was switching positions. CJ would pop into the middle and Herbers would range out wide. I figured this would happen sooner or later, but I think it is a positive.

  16. Section 114 (Formerly) says:

    For all the well-placed griping about the ref on the “goal” and the “play on” in the box, how about the “yellow” on Kaka? That was a punch — a definitional straight red — and it can’t be that he didn’t see it since he gave a yellow. Would be shocked if MLS doesn’t hit him with supplemental discipline despite his star power. We wuz robbed.

    • pragmatist says:

      Take your pick. PSP could fill an entire article of criminally botched calls from a single game.

    • If it’s not Kaka that’s a red. Sapong also got mugged away from the play and only a yellow. The tackle on Creavalle in the box honestly should have been a red. Le Toux got punched in the face later too. I guess the ref enjoyed being talked down to by Orlando? Shades of the Open Cup final last year where the opponent got a bunch of cards yet it wasn’t nearly enough.

  17. The first half was…well honestly a snoozer from both sides. Orlando had a lot of possession but didn’t do much with it. I was worried that the DC game wasn’t just an aberration from the norm in terms of the Union’s play. But then the second half began and credit JC and the team, they came out looking much better. Barnetta scored a lovely goal and I thought we were going to be able to see out the game. At points you could sense the Union were just toying with Orlando, making them run in circles. And then the terrible terrible non-call penalty. The game seemed to fall into disarray after that. I’ve seen my share of poor officiating but that was just unbelievably bad game from the ref. The first half from ref wasn’t any really bad call (Kaka dives aside) just lots of little not so good decisions. In the second half the ref just lost it. First allowing the goal after Larin ploughs through Blake, then allowing a goal for a ball that never crossed the line…I have no words for such awful decisions. Credit to the Union for fighting through and pulling it back to a tie. Really should have been a win but take what you can get I guess. I also couldn’t believe how delusional Orlando fans were, they thought they legitimately should have won the game and the Union didn’t deserve a tie. Wow.

    • First half Kaka straight up tackled Le Toux away from the play….

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        That tells you that Sebastian is playing defense in an irritating fashion. That he is playing effective defense is probably why he continues to play.

      • Yeah, but he was carded so it was more of a “Probably should have been red, but ok” and less the flat out wrong call. I wasn’t making the point that the ref was good in the first half, just less terrible or at least I didn’t feel all that hard done by.

  18. I cant believe how much disrespect the refs continue to give Sapong. He continues to get mugged, shoved tackled and otherwise abused with the perpetrator seldom even getting a foul, much less a card. It seems like the refs think that just because he is big and strong, it is ok to foul him. …and yes he does quite often intentionally put his body between his opponent and the ball looking for contact, but that still doesn’t make a foul less a foul. Eden Hazard has made a career out of it.
    The level of play used to be the most obvious shortcoming of MLS vs the world. As the play elevates, the refs are more and more obviously becoming the weakest link. They are horrible!!!
    All that aside – nice game U with some of your stars unavailable!! Could have been 3 points but 1 is not bad.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      I think your picture of Sapong is likely the same picture nearly every other stand alone striker in MLS faces…. his is not special.

      • I think that is how the refs view him so he doesn’t get the calls. That’s a pathetic display if you ask me.

  19. After watching this team continue to push the home team late in the game until they come away with an EXTREMELY well earned point on the road, I will officially state, “that’s sooo Union” is never to be used again in ANY conversation. Their level of play CONTINUES to improve beyond all my expectations for this transitional year. ES-ES-ES!!! WOW! Congrats & attaboys for the new Director down thru the coaching staff & to all players, starters or bench, (yes we DO have a well qualified bench, proved it last nite, AGAIN)!!! With regards to the officiating… without whining & bitching like their coach and players, I will repeat, the MLS seriously continues to EMBARRASS themselves with what they call their referees. Flat out “AMATEUR, INCONSISTENT, AND AT TIMES COMPLETELY CLUELESS TO THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES. WAKE UP MLS, the league will NEVER earn international respect with the officials they call their own!! So on to an away, hostile environment, league leading Colorado to see what the #1 team in the east can do to the best in the league, in their house. Take it to them boys, best of luck! UNION UNION UNION !!!

  20. new wrinkle on the second orlando goal- not only did it probably not cross the line but a video has surfaced that shows larin knocked the ball in with his arm not his chest

    • links please thank you

    • new wrinkle to the wrinkle…twitter confirms gol… mathematics or some shit.

      • pragmatist says:

        Good god…
        This will incense certain readers (el p…looking at you!), but THIS IS WHY REPLAY EXISTS.
        Seriously, it would have taken 30 seconds with goalline technology to see the ball didn’t cross and to see the illegal contact.
        Don’t give me that “human element” crap. Give me the correct calls.

      • That is a straight up handball. And the math on that twitter post is nowhere near conclusive. Also, I don’t think el p is necessarily against goal line tech because that form of replay doesn’t kill the flow of the game (and I totally agree with him. Technology should call all goals, not refs 40 feet away.

      • i agree completely about replay. it would have taken less than one minute to check the legality of that goal and the play was stopped anyway

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Replay isn’t necessary. Use what they have in the Premier League where a buzzer goes off in the ref’s pocket when the ball crosses the goal line. No buzzer, no goal, no stoppage, no interruption to the flow.

      • +1. It’s so easy.

      • pragmatist says:

        Bingo. That. I’m just used to calling it “replay,” but that works fine.
        Let’s not pretend like we’re still in the stone age.

      • el Pachyderm says:

        I’m fine with gol line technology. Always have been…. the referee however should have full authority to adjudicate the game.
        In the end it all likely works out as a null set…you win some you lose some… as Union fans we are biased to decisions that go against our team… just like every other team griping about calls.
        People gave me grief for arguing about quality of play last week meanwhile all I read is about refereeing mistakes… Yet I’m the one with foggy glasses and misplaced argument.
        … Union are not exceptional to the mean of poor MLS officiating doesn’t mean we need an eye on the sky overseeing every arguable offense.

      • well, there it is
        thank you
        may it inspire the team

  21. What a taut game in that second half! Great!

    The “Trouble with Tribbett”, now that he has scored his first goal, is a good problem to have. Too many effective and flexible defenders? Flipping from defender to offensive sparkplug in the flow of the game. The union have demonstrated a willingness for the defense to attack, and have had multiple good effects from it. I still see to much dump clearance, but was very happy to see an attack that thought about cutting into the box instead of running to the corner and crossing. I see an attack that is building from the back on occasion, and with good impacts on the game. I would like to see more offensive involvement from the central midfield, although I absolutely see the need to harass Kaka last night.

  22. Dr. Union says:

    As many have mentioned the Union were robbed. Blake did not have his best game. While he made the penalty save he should’ve never gave that one up. While a foul should’ve been called on Larin he should’ve punched the ball out. And while the last one never crossed the line a stronger hand may have pushed it wide and out of bounds. Now I’m not blaming Blake just saying tonight was not his best game (although he is bound to have an off night every now and then). The refs were awful, Orlando was chippy and whiny, and the Union pushed through, but this game should’ve been 3 points. 1 pt is better than a loss but the Union need to be ready for this type of Orlando later in the year as that game will likely be a must win 3 pts in worse weather. Also was clear to me that when Orlando brings on Molino and Baptista the Union should’ve brought in Gaddis. It was clear that they were going to attack Fabinho with speed and it is clearly what happened and it caused some problems.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      and the complaining about officiating continues.

      • Dr. Union says:

        Yeah however the officiating in MLS has always been a problem. While it may have changed the results of the game I think you could also consider that the change in subs that Heath made ultimately changed the game. I’m surprised JC didn’t see this coming I think a perfect counter would’ve been to bring in Gaddis who would’ve made Molino useless. And Molino caused quite a bit of problems. Its not like we really needed the Leo sub at the end of the match. I am kind of tired of JC holding out on making his subs he needs to take a chance every now and then and either respond to the opposing manager or change his own tactics in game with an early sub.

  23. Why does the MLS not have goal line technology like they have these days at the Premier League?! If the ball crosses the line then it will be indicated on the refs watch and a graphic display is shown on TV. Total farce what happened last night.

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