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All Three Points podcast: Kissing your sister ain’t so bad.

True, the Union drew three in a row, which would be underwhelming if it weren’t against two of the top teams in the Western Conference and away to Montreal. That said, this team feels like it has room to grow and get better. Enjoying this team like they haven’t since the first couple of seasons—and differently than ever before—Chris and Jeremy are feeling pretty good about the Blue and Gold.

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  1. Andy Muenz says:

    What the Union should do is treat the Colorado game like a midweek game the way Seattle and Portland did last year when those teams came to PPL Park. Use it as a game to rest the regulars and not even bring many of them out. Look to recall some of the players like Ayuk from Bethlehem Steel and give them a go. (Of course Rochester would really like that since it would weaken BS for their game that same day.)

    • el Pachyderm says:


      • I think the goal is to get to the Copa break with as many points as possible, but I agree with you on this idea. If not for Colorado, then for another dropped-points kind of game. Although, it is nice to see that everyone who might end up with a 1st team look is getting solid minutes with BSFC. That’s so valuable.

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