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On May 6, 1916, Bethlehem Steel FC became the first team to win the National Challenge Cup, known today as the US Open Cup. In doing so they also became the first team to win the national championship two times in a row. Just a few weeks later, Bethlehem won its second American Cup championship, becoming the first team in US soccer history to win a national double.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bethlehem Steel’s historic achievement, we at Philly Soccer Page are proud to offer our readers a t-shirt and baseball hat featuring the logo the team wore during its campaign for the 1915-1916 season.

We’re also offering a “Retro Union” shirt featuring a logo Philadelphia Union might have worn on their jerseys if they had been around in 1916.

Finally, in recognition of all of the great commentators that are so much a part of what makes PSP what it is, we are also offering a “Union Pundit” t-shirt.

Each design is silk screened on a high quality fitted Next Level t-shirt. The “BSC” design is embroidered on a Yupoong Flexfit® Wool Blend Cap that looks like a fitted cap. The back of each t-shirt also features the PSP logo, while “1916” is embroidered on the back of the Bethlehem hat.

To order, click on the images above or on the “Shop” tab in the main menu.

We have several other designs celebrating our region’s rich soccer history in the works. If things go well with these first designs, we hope to be able to offer those to you soon.


  1. Well Done. 100% Union Pundit.

  2. Zizouisgod says:

    Great stuff, PSP.

    I was surprised to not see a t-shirt with the slogan “I’ve been to the Union Cliff of Despair and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.”

  3. sweet! got me a hat.

  4. Just Rob f/k/a Rob127 says:

    What?…No Sun Rocket shirt?

  5. Hell yeah. I would also pay good money for a Cliff of Union Despair and a Sun Rocket t-shirt. You could have an indeterminate Union player riding a rocket towards the sun, cowboy hat in hand, a la Dr. Strangelove.

  6. My money. Shut up and take it

  7. Ordered yesterday, arrived today. GREAT quality. More orders to follow – thanks Ed!

  8. When are the PSP hats and shirts going on sale?

  9. I am not sure how to qualify for the Union Pundit shirt. Intermittent commentator, maybe, but “pundit”. Hoo, boy. I would need to step up my game. Bethlehem, that is another matter. I am thinking that I am old enough to qualify for that.

    • Ball Boy says:

      From my vantage point, Bethlehem Steel FC could certainly use all the commentators it can get regardless of age.

  10. Just a thought— Make a spot that this is easily retrievable from… on the side of PSP or something… that way a person doesn’t have to dig through archives to get and it stays in plain sight for viewers. Hope to purchase my Pundit shirt shortly.

  11. Would buy the Keystone U shirt if you had XXL or larger. Let us know when that happens.

  12. Old Soccer Coach says:

    The historical BSFC logo shirt is very nice, wearing it now. It came with a Philly Soccer Page bottle opener, which is now attached to my season ticket card lanyard.
    Not sure why PSP chose a bottle opener, it made sense for the one from the Sons of Ben, given tailgating.
    While I already have way too many scarves, PSP scarf would be a nice option, IMO.

    • I know I’m late to this, but I agree with the scarf comment 100%. Can never have too many scarves though OSC. I have over 70 at this point (I collect them when I travel) and not looking to stop any time soon.

  13. just commenting to say i got my shirt yesterday and it is great

  14. Zizouisgod says:

    Got my shirts yesterday and look forward to wearing them.

    Thanks for the key chain/bottle opener. That went into immediate use.

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