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All Three Points podcast: Is this real life?

First place in the East? Sounds good to us! But whether or not the Union stay there, the All Three Points boys feel like the Blue and Good have finally turned a corner. This week’s episode brings four games, two points, and one long digression about Christian Pulisic and the correct pronunciation of his last name.

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with us on Twitter at @all3points, or leave us a comment here.


  1. on iTunes?

  2. Andy Muenz says:

    LA may be a lot more winnable than you guys are thinking. The Union have 11 days off before the game. LA plays at home about 75 hours before the game, then has to fly cross country, then has 11 days off themselves. So it could easily be a case like Seattle or Portland last year where they don’t bring the full squad for a midweek cross country trip but instead choose to rest some of the veterans.

    • I agree with this. i feel like arena is known for not sweating games where they have been put at a disadvantage through schedule or injury and just throwing out the c squad without batting an eye

  3. Great stuff, guys, I appreciate your observations and analysis

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