Player of the Week

Player of the Week: Tranquillo Barnetta

Photo: Daniel Studio

Exhibit One:

Exhibit Two:

Exhibit Three:

Case closed.

This was pretty freaking awesome, too:

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  1. pragmatist says:

    This was the most succinct and complete argument for POTW that PSP has posted.
    And completely accurate. That shot was insane.

  2. James Lockerbie says:

    Wow! Barnetta goal of the week, Andre Blake save of the week! Make it so Union fans, make it So !

  3. old soccer coach says:

    Apropos of nothing, Amobi Okugo played ninety minutes for NYRB2 when they dissolved the Steel like hydrochloric acid last night. And judging by the commentary, MLS has once again made it up as it goes along rather than allow itself to be limited by following its own rules. Nowhere that I have read, in either the USL rules controlling roster moves between affiliates and owning organizations or the same published by MLS, are there provisions for the league itself as a separate entity to loan a player to an affiliate.
    Nonetheless, the league did so with Okugo, thus allowing New York Red Bulls in point of actual fact to add a player to their roster, without signing him, above and beyond the roster size limit, potentially. In fact, having just counted, NYRB have the 28th slot vacant, so they are within the spirit of the restriction, but a good lawyer for the players’ association and a sympathetic judge could expand the de facto roster size to twenty-nine.
    The two leagues’ rules about allowing only players officially rostered playing in regular season games has just been mocked out of existence. And USL has acquiesced in MLS’s high handed arbitrary inequitable behavior.
    Don Garber should become SEpp Blatter’s cellmate.

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