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All Three Points podcast: Back in the saddle

Chris and Jeremy kick off the fourth full season of the All Three Points podcast reviewing the most tumultuous offseason Philadelphia Union have ever had, which is saying something! Between the arrival of Earnie Stewart, the departures of half the playing staff, another winning but controversial draft, and the completion of a fairly encouraging preseason, there’s a lot to get through.

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with us on Twitter at @all3points, or leave us a comment here.


  1. James Lockerbie says:

    Guys, I like the point you make about Earnie being a Soccer mind and he must feel there is something to Jim Curtin and he is for the time being worth keeping with the Club.

  2. Glad to have this podcast back. I think at one point one of you guys combined the names of Jim Curtin and Earnie Stewart and said something about Jimmy Stewart

  3. I keep hearing talk of a 4-3-3 with a big guy up front… is that dead now, is it a false 9? what can we expect?

    • Jeremy Lane says:

      I think the 4-2-3-1 relies less heavily on a big guy, but Sapong also plays bigger than he is, if that makes sense, using his athleticism.

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