PhillyDraftPage: 2016 MLS SuperDraft as it happens

Philadelphia Union have the 3rd, 6th (acquired in the Maidana deal), 23rd, 44th, and 64th picks in the 2016 SuperDraft. Most mock drafts have the Union hoping for Stanford left back Brandon Vincent with the third pick. There is little consensus about what Philly will do with the sixth slot. Follow all the action here at PSP.


Union Picks

  • 2nd: Josh Yaro
  • 3rd: Keegan Rosenberry
  • 6th: Fabian Herbers
  • 23rd: Taylor Washington
  • 44th:
  • 64th:

Live Updates

2:06pm – Philadelphia Union select George Mason University left back Taylor Washington.

12:50pm – NYCFC traded the #4 overall pick and some money to Chicago Fire for #1 overall pick Jack Harrison.

12:38pm – The Union select Fabian Herbers out of Creighton at #6 overall. Herbers is a good attacking player who can play off a main striker or possibly out wide.

12:26pm – The Union draft Keegan Rosenberry, a right back out of Georgetown that barely missed the cutoff to be a Union homegrown player.

12:20pm – Learn more about Yaro here. And find a discussion of whether his future is in the middle or on the right here.

12:16pm – Philadelphia select Josh Yaro with the #2 overall pick. Yaro is the best defensive player available. The 5’11” defender can play in the middle or on the right. Let’s be honest, Philly is drafting him to play in the middle next to Anderson or Richie Marquez starting in 2016.

12:00pm – Philadelphia Union have acquired the #2 overall pick in a trade with Colorado Rapids in exchange for general allocation money. Philly has the #2, #3, and #6 overall picks now.

11:48am – LA Galaxy have traded the 12th overall pick to Colorado Rapids for Targeted Allocation Money (TAM). Wondering what TAM is? LA made another move by bringing back former MLS MVP Mike Magee.

First Round
  1. Chicago: Jack Harrison (M/W) – Wake Forest (traded to NYC FC)
  2. PhiladelphiaJosh Yaro (CB) – Georgetown
  3. Philadelphia: Keegan Rosenberry (RB) – Georgetown
  4. Chicago: Brandon Vincent (LB) – Stanford
  5. Real Salt Lake: Omar Holness (CM/W) – UNC
  6. Philadelphia: Fabian Herbers (F/W) – Creighton
  7. Orlando City: Richie Laryea (M) – Akron
  8. San Jose: Andrew Tarbell (GK) – Clemson
  9. Toronto: Tsubasa Endoh (CM) – Maryland
  10. New England: Jordan McCrary (RB) – UNC
  11. DC United: Julian Buescher (CM) – Syracuse
  12. Chicago: Jonathan Campbell (CB) – UNC
  13. Orlando City: Hadji Barry (ST) – Central Florida
  14. Montreal: Kyle Fisher (CB) – Clemson
  15. Colorado: Emmanuel Appiah (DCM) – Cincinnati
  16. Vancouver: Cole Seiler (CB) – Georgetown
  17. Dallas: Ryan Herman (GK) – Washington
  18. NYRB: Justin Bilyeu (LB) – Southern Illinois Edwardsville
  19. Columbus: Rodrigo Saravia (M) – Florida Gulf Coast
  20. Portland: Ben Polk (F/W) – Syracuse
Second Round
  1. Columbus: Chase Minter (M) – Cal Poly
  2. Chicago: Alex Morrell (ST) – North Florida
  3. Philadelphia: Taylor Washington (LB) – George Mason
  4. Montreal: Michael Salazar (ST) – UC-Riverside
  5. Real Salt Lake: Max Lachowecki (D) – Notre Dame
  6. Houston: Ivan Magalhaes (D) – Maryland
  7. Seattle: Tony Alfaro (CB) – Cal State Dominguez Hills
  8. San Jose: Patrick Hodan (M) – Notre Dame
  9. Vancouver: Christopher Hellman (ST) – Lynn
  10. New England: Michael Gamble (ST) – Wake Forest
  11. Columbus: Kevin Parker (ST) – UNC Charlotte
  12. DC United: Paul Clowes (CM) – Clemson
  13. Dallas: Timo Pitter(M/F) – Creighton
  14. Montreal: Eric Verso (M) – Stanford
  15. Seattle: Zach Mathers (M) – Duke
  16. Vancouver: Thomas Sanner (F) – Princeton
  17. Colorado: Dennis Castillo (D) – VCU
  18. NYRB: Zach Carroll (D) – Michigan State
  19. Montreal: Keegan Smith (ST) – UC-San Diego
  20. Portland: Neco Brett (ST) – Robert Morris
  21. Columbus: Marshall Hollingsworth (ST) – Wheaton


  1. Did anyone else hear the open mike shit talking before the MLS feed started?

  2. Dude! 2, 3, AND 6?

  3. Union get the second pick for allocation money??

  4. Shame that HG claim on Rosenberry was denied or we would have a ton a youth coming in today.

  5. Oh fuck are we getting Yaro if then do we still get Vincent?
    or do we trade our third?

  6. Vison. Philosophy. Plan.

  7. Rosenberry?

  8. WOOT WOOT. So who is going to be the player named later in the trade for #2?

  9. From my point of view….this is really smart… what if we grab Vincent with 6th. I’ll shit.

  10. Yaro, Vincent, and Rosenberry would have been a dream. Legitimately I think they coulda got Rosenberry at #6 but who knows. I’m not mad overall tho. Still need a LB tho…

  11. I can’t believe this fucking piece of shit team is going to continue to trot out a black hole at LB in front of us this year. What a joke.

    • Yeah Vincent filled a position of need and is clearly ready. Could be one we’ll really regret.
      And Fabinho isn’t crap… he’s just not the answer. He has his moments of both brilliance and bullshit. Vincent is the future at that position and he was there for the taking

    • Because we can’t pick up anyone between now and the beginning of the season?

      • James is extreme, but he’s not wrong. Vincent was such an obvious and good pick.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        According to the media, … !

      • According the the National Team coach as well (which take that for what you will), and he was traded up for and swiped immediately with the next pick.

      • Of course we can, but Vincent at 2 or 3 would fill that position right away with the consensus most polished player in the draft. Instead we used one of those picks to reach for a player at a position we already have a starter.

    • Would you feel a bit better if they switch Gaddis to left and have Rosenberry on the right with Fabi as backup?

  12. This is just very odd. Big move to move to number 2 for sure, Yaro is a stud. But that Rosenberry pick just screams Same Old Union. Philly Tough, Local Guy, Etc. We have Gaddis who is young and Rosenberry had a substantially higher chance of being on the board at 6. Odd, very odd.

  13. el Pachyderm says:

    97.5 talking about MLS draft and breaking down Union selections…. Wait wait a live feed now from Baltimore…
    Nah…. Same old same old head coach talk… Nauseating.

    • Not a surprise. Unfortunately the Union squandered a big chance last year as EVERY other team sucked. Fortunately it won’t change much this year so it’s another great chance. It all starts now. Good picks lead to good signings lead to good play and more attention.
      I don’t agree with Rosenberry (it’s infuriating we couldn’t have already signed him) but it starts today.

  14. are they going to a 3-2-3-2? Marquez is arguably they best young player they have. Why 2 more center backs with picks 2 & 3?
    and pick #6 is a #10 type player…

  15. Will core values be the new Philly Tough?

  16. What if Stewart has something in the works to bring in a LB from overseas and thinks that RB was a more pressing need?

  17. From what I just read Yaro and Herbers will take up international slots.

    • Well if true… that’s just obnoxious

    • Hard to like either pick then. I hate hate hate wasting international spots on rookies. We’re already down an intl spot from a trade last year IIRC. Just not a good way to use a limited resource.

    • Herbers is also GA, so no cap hit. It’s possible that some players may be close to getting a Green Card soon. I believe we still have 2 intl spots left correct?
      Second question: If they move down to Steel, then the INTL status doesn’t matter, correct?

      • After the two draftees? Yes, should be two unless they didn’t get the spot back from trading it away with Williams last year.

      • Old Soccer Coach says:

        I would guess not. if they are rostered on the Union’s 28, they would fill a slot would be my assumption.
        We need an immigration and naturalization lawyer to explain non-US citizens attending US colleges and residing in the US.
        Yaro’s information on the MLS site lists his hometown as Santa Barbara, CA, 3,000 miles from Georgetown. Might he hold a green card?

      • or close to obtaining one?

      • Let’s hope he does hold a green card. I tried to find info on him having a green card. No dice. Just that he is a native of Ghana.

    • I mentioned on another article yesterday: I think the Union have 7 international spots.
      Each team is given 8 spots which can be traded on a year by year basis. The Union traded an international spot to Houston with Williams leaving 7 spots left.

  18. Boy MLS really wanted Harrison in NYC didn’t they. Ha

  19. Okay, so it looks like Edu is playing CM next season. Does that move Nogueira out to RM? And do we really want a Yaro-Marquez pairing in the back?

    Confused. Also very curious to see what player we traded.

    • The Union played with two DCM’s most of last season so no move needed really. Fabi as the player to be named later?

    • Remember the Union also picked up centerback Anderson Conceicao earlier today. Starters could be Marquez-Conceicao as Yaro settles into the league or they could look to change Yaro’s position.

    • Old Soccer Coach says:

      Or it stacks the central midfield channel and puts extreme pressure on our flank defenders. One of Nogueira or Edu will have to stay at home to protect the space in front of the CBs, but with Barnetta more inclined to remain in the central channel than Maidana was, there may be less need for the two of them to get forward in order to create offense in the center.
      Conceicao is central to the entire conversation, no pun intended.

  20. Wow is the Fire moving and shaking today…Rumor says Bedoya? There goes the Union’s hope…

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Yeah Kinkead reporting Union want to spend 700K to 1 million on a DP striker. That plus the Fire making a play says Bedoya is out

      • Please not McFadden.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        For that money it sure as shit better not be McFadden

      • From your fingers to Earnie’s ears.

      • Would we really want another midfielder? Even one as good as Bedoya? Unless we were trading Barnetta …. maybe?

      • I believe Barnetta is going to slide into the middle #10 role. Curtain professed last year that he thinks it’s his best position. I agree with that. So that would still have left room for Bedoya. He’s not that exciting to me personally (age is 30+). He reportedly had drawn the Union’s interest last year. May have changed with Earnie now at the helm.

      • Bedoya is 28.
        If Edu moves back to the midfield, as it looks like he will, the midfield would be Nogueira, Edu, Barnetta? Would Bedoya play wide up top or would the Union play 4-4-2?

      • I stand corrected. Thanks. And rumor with the Fire trade, they swapped priority to #2, was that it might be to get Bedoya.

  21. At least no one can claim this draft was boring. Is Sam Hinkie hiding behind that podium curtain?

  22. Councilman Jam says:

    Congratulations Union . . . You just got Jammed

  23. Is it possible they’re slotting this new Brazilian out left? Fabinho could play anywhere along the left side not just LB. I’m not impressed or disappointed in the draft. Did anyone except to get an absolute stud that would make an immediate impact? I’m more interested in possible transfers than the draft.

    • I’m excited to get Yaro, but I think that Rosenberry would have been there at #6. In my mind the Union had a chance to walk away with Yaro, Vincent, and Rosenberry which is a little disappointing.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        Spot on. Yaro, Vincent, and Rosenberry would have been unreal. We’re Union fans though… we never get EVERYTHING we want 🙂

      • It’s not like the Union are the Galaxy. C’mon, expectations. (heavily laden with sarcasm)

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      With the way it fell and having them acquire the 2nd pick, they had Vincent sitting there. He was an instant impact player for us at LB… my opinion. That’s the only thing that bothers me. He was there and we didn’t take him… and we clearly need a LB – Fabinho is not the answer… he is a nice player… but not the solution.

    • I think Vincent could have provided some form of impact. Maybe not starting immediately but hopefully taking over the starting role by end of season. That’s what disappoints me most. Yaro has skills. Most had him as the consensus #1. His height and weight are a concern for me. But Earnie is a better judge than I. In Earnie we trust.

  24. Just read that Herbers came through Dutch academies before coming to the states for college. Maybe that’s what Ernie liked?

  25. Old Soccer Coach says:

    Look at the current roster and tell me what happens if Sapong gets hurt or suspended.
    Be logical. They CANNOT be done.
    They have 20 places filled, there remain eight unfilled. I would expect the, to go into the season with one,slot left open to address,an emergency or anopportunity.

    • You’re absolutely right. They aren’t done. Though can we count on any of the three draftees actually making the squad and not going down to BSFC? I think it’s a stretch to pencil any of them in this early.

  26. LB Taylor Washington.

  27. Something no one mentioned and I think should be a point of emphasis is Yaro and Rosenberry already played together at Georgetown. I think the thinking is they will feel more comfortable with one another and playing if they are paired together. Ultimately I think we are looking at a backline of Fabi LB Conceicao LCB Marquez RCB Gaddis RB with backups of Rosenberry and Yaro.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Twellman just made a good point about LA taking Gonzalez and De La Garza who played together in college. I agree that they will be comfortable

    • Unless Fabi, Marquez, or Gaddis was the player to be named later to get the #2 pick.

    • To me it seems to indicate they may be put in BSFC to grow together. Still not totally convinced they start with the Union.

      • I don’t think they start with the Union at all, however I could see them on the bench, but Steel would make more sense. I do see Herbers getting time as a starter unless they get the supposed DP striker.

      • Sorry, I should have been clearer. I didn’t mean starters for the Union. I meant that I didn’t think they’d start the year on the Union’s squad.

  28. OneManWolfpack says:

    Union taking the Flyers approach… or what I think is the Flyers approach… draft defense – pay for offense. We’ll see…

  29. I have no clue about any of these players. Trust the process – believe that someone who knows what they are doing and has a plan is in charge. It’s novel and we may need time to get used to it. I’ll wait and see who they get, who plays and how well they play. I feel like I live in an alternate reality sometimes, but I cannot fathom how else to view it.

    • Agreed. Vincent sounds great but they clearly liked Rosenberry better. Again the league screws us with him. Now we had to use a draft pick and count him on the roster when he should have been our homegrown. bull.

    • I still say this off-season has the potential to determine the trajectory of the Union for the next five years. Or more. We have names and faces to fill some of the voids. Now it’s back to wait and see.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Totally agreed R3er. I’m not fired up or anything… I still hold that they should have taken Vincent at #3… it just seemed so obvious. But honestly, I know nothing really about these guys either, except what’s been said and written… and even that I take with a grain of salt.
      I believe in Earnie… we are on a different path now. It should be a better one than our first 6 years. Plus, we literally need players… we aren’t done acquiring guys.

    • if I were to read tea leaves or engage my spider-sense, I would think the “big” signing would be a forward – and from who knows where? OSC was correct above that we are thin after CJ. Exciting times to have a bit of hope – I will linger on that on not trod down the line of despair

      (for ex: Coughlin leads Eagles search now – “oh no, we are doomed forever, howie needs to get his *(^&%(&) out of lurie’s *(&(^!” update: Coughlin pulls out – “oh no, we are doomed forever, howie needs to put his *(^&%(&) in lurie’s *(&(^!”)

      • Unless the next coach’s name is David Copperfield, no one is going to make those horrid contracts disappear. Nor make half an offensive line appear. So I’ll be waiting for the fifth coaching hire in Lurie’s tenure. Not the upcoming fourth.

      • OneManWolfpack says:

        HA! +1000

      • i had pretty much already stopped watching the eagles. kelly’s different style brought me back but not all the way. the problem is lurie – and/or howie – the Eagles’ Sak).

      • Same. I was done when Andy still had 5 years left to play out. Came back for a bit when Chipper got the reigns. Left again when you couldn’t say boo in the locker room. The NFL has peaked. It is all down hill from here. The carnival barker that is Goodell has traded in the lions, elephants and high wire acts to create three rings full of clowns. My only hope is that my father can see the Eagles win the Super Bowl before he passes. It doesn’t look promising.

  30. Stephen O'Malley says:

    Jay Sugarman is dead and there is no player to be named later

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