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Philadelphia Public League A Division All Stars First Team 2015

Photo: Stephan Koprivika dribbles at FTC.

Philadelphia Public League boys coaches met at Fels High School on November 13, 2015 to determine the league’s all star players. The following players emerged as the A Division first teamers.

Adin Hernandez-Carrera (Northeast) was named MVP of the league for scoring two goals, including a game winner in the league semifinal, the only two for his team in a 2-1 win over Furness for the championship, and scoring the game winner against Roman Catholic for the city and District 12 AAA title. He is known for his explosive speed, even with the ball at his feet, and a rocket shot. Last year he was also a leader with a bag full of goals.

Nicolas Heredia (Central) led Chis team to a second place finish in the league with a tireless engine and relentless hustle. For his team he won the ball and started possession oriented moves. The ball sticks to his foot and he is able to dizzy and amaze with misdirectional feints and thread through opposition midfields. While scoring one goal, he notched five assists.

Christian Curtean (Washington) had a great senior season for his first place finishing team. A relentless hustler, he gets up and down the field and wins the ball for his team, and brings it up with skill, beating defenders one-on-one and creating scoring opportunities. A fast, skilled player, Curtean has the ability to be a college contributor. In the recent Southeastern PA All-Star game at Eastern University, Curtean scored two goals, including a free kick, and added an assist to lead the Public League Blue Team to a 6-3 victory over the Pioneer League.

Damien Schweizer (Franklin Towne Charter) had a great year, leading his team to a sixth place finish and a playoff berth. The senior captain, Schweizer played in the midfield and used his ball skills and vision to spark the FTC attack. Coach Patrick Heaney said, “He was the engine of the team.  He motivated his teammates with his energy and passion for the game.” Schweizer notched 12 goals and 7 assists.

Rosier Joseph (Fels), a senior forward, was a big part of the team that finished fourth in the league. Able with the ball, physical, and fast, Joseph would be a top college prospect. He scored eleven goals for the side and worked back to provide ball winning pressure.

Geri Alimadhi (Furness) a senior, made the all Southeastern PA list for his work in goal. Alimadhi kept the team in a number of games with his ability to make game changing saves, and showed great confidence and positional awareness dealing with crosses.

Jorge Linero (Central) anchored his team’s defense, which was one of the stingiest in the Public League, giving up three goals only twice all season, and playing for four shutouts, and only giving up only one goal for the rest of the league games. His speed, confidence, and ability of with the ball, not to mention ability to read the game, gave the rest of the team belief.

Nyuma Koleh (Ben Franklin) led his team’s offense, scoring many goals and assisting more. His silky touch sent defenders all over, while the ball stayed at his feet. It is hard to overstate the talent of him as an individual as he kept his team in games where they would otherwise have been severe underdogs.

Chris Schlegel (Philadelphia Academy Charter), senior captain and midfielder, played deep when his team needed defense, and stepped up to generate offense when the team needed that. His shot, especially off the free kick, is respected throughout the league.

charles afful

Charles Afful looks surprised here, but no one who saw him play is surprised he is an all-star.

Charles Afful (Northeast), a senior sweeper, played excellently to lead the defense. His leadership saw his team lift the championship trophy. His size helped him deal decisively with aerial balls. His confidence on the ball enabled the team to start well from the back. Few players are better with the ball in the Public League.

Jefferson Ysmat (Olney) was team leader this year. While Olney only managed to win when playing against teams that were not bound for the playoffs, Ysmat did everything he could to help the team.

Abubakarr Bangura (Lincoln) is a senior with the ability to place a free kick with dangerous accuracy. A three-year varsity starter, he led his team in goals from the midfield. A member of the National Honor Society, Bangura intends to play in college but academics are his priority.

Stepan Fytsyk (Washington), had a great year, leading the line for Washington with fifteen goals on the year. He also helped lead the team to a first place finish on the regular season.

Deandre Fancy (Fels), a senior who showed his ability with the ball with every touch. An artful passer and soccer enthusiast with some height at 6’1”, Fancy could contribute at the next level.

Stefan Koprivika (Philadelphia Academy Charter) led his team with eleven goals for PACHS. Koprivika used ball skills to pick apart opposing defenses and remained calm to finish well.

Santosh Gurung (Furness) led his team’s offense with his speed and ability to be in the right place at the right time. Gurung is a small, fast, and committed forward. He led the league in goals, scoring 23.

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