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In pictures: The Sons of Ben Help Kick Hunger

Photo by Earl GardnerVolunteers help check in the guests.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Neshaminy Creek Brewing provided for a cool location.

Photo by Earl GardnerEveryone had a good time catching up since the end of the season.

Photo by Earl GardnerPhilly Fry & Jawn.

Photo by Earl GardnerSmiles were not in short supply.

Photo by Earl GardnerSean Brace of emceed the night.

Photo by Earl GardnerKenny Hanson said his goodbyes as President of the Sons of Ben.

Photo by Earl GardnerNew President Ami Rivera says a few words.

Photo by Earl GardnerKen Silver of Jim’s Steaks on South Street made another generous donation.

Photo by Earl GardnerJohn McCarthy & Zach Pfeffer presented a donation from the Union.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. I see an article without comment that is deserving of comment…
    Yo SOB – – you rock Philly.

  2. James Lockerbie says:

    Another great party I missed tied to the radio console

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