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KYW Philly Soccer Show: Jack McInerney on MLS Cup final, Kevin Kinkead on Union roster moves

Photo: Earl Gardner

A former Philadelphia Union player could get his first MLS title, and he’s the guest on the latest edition of the KYW Philly Soccer Show.

Columbus Crew Jack McInerney forward talks with KYW’s Greg Orlandini and PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch about getting ready to play for Sunday’s MLS Cup. His contract with Columbus is up at the end of the year, McInerney also discusses his future.

Then, Kevin Kinkead joins Greg and Eli to discuss his CBS Philly report on Union postseason roster moves. On Tuesday, Kinkead reported the team will not bring back defender Steven Vitoria, forward Antoine Hoppenot, or midfielder Eric Bird. Also, midfielder Danny Cruz will not return from his loan to Norway and will likely stay in Europe. Ives Galarcep at, and Steven Goff at the Washington Post, reported on Tuesday the Union have made a deal to acquire midfielder Chris Pontius from DC United.

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  1. John Hackworth was an idiot to trade a legit striker like Jack for someone who is now almost 25, has no position and has 1 good year in his MLS career.

    But based on all the “He’ll click, just give him (another) chance at this (other) position!!!” attitudes here, I bet a lot of people here would make this trade again.

    • 22 games played. 15 started. 6 goals. 1 assist. Playoffs: 1 game played, 0 started, 0 goals, 0 assists, 46 mins. 5’11” Striker with average speed. Yes I’d make the trade again. No I haven’t given up on Wenger.

      • ??? Haven’t given up on Wenger. Have you seen him play? Dude is toast as they would say at Widener and their is no holding the toast. Time to get rid of Wenger fat $200,000 contract for someone worth that money. Say anyone who can play the left side or CB which there are plenty viable options.

      • I’m not saying I have the popular position on Wenger. Far from it. I do think he can play a defensive role. CB or LB. If he does turn it around at either of those positions, you can’t tell me that wouldn’t be a huge value to the team. Agreed it’s a lot of ifs and buts. But just like some people bemoan the trade of Jack Mac, and Okugo (which I’m on the other side of), that’s the way I feel about Wenger. I don’t have a really good reason for it. No concrete proof of stats. It’s just how I feel.

      • Sorry, I tend to disagree yes I have heard Wenger use to play defense but in the small sample size I’ve seen he is not worth it at current salary. Cut his salary to $90,000 and I see value in teaching him CB or LB, but not at his current salary.

      • No. No. No. No.
        Did you not watch the game against the Pink Cows? Wenger, playing as a defender, was useless. He was victimized.
        Put him in Bethlehem, if you must, but he should see first team minutes until he proves himself.

  2. Depth, depth, depth. You guys hit the nail on the head when talking about the two league finalists and their benches. You don’t play through the season, the tournaments, the playoffs, and the final unless you have MORE THAN eleven guys to depend on. It’s time for this club to look passed a best XI we can round up from our roster week in and week out.

    • Sidenote: I’m glad Eli is a ruthless critic of Gaddis. He is not and will never be a top tier fullback in this league. He’s worse than Sheanon in a lot of ways and this club made a mistake at that position last season. Curtin claiming Ray was “our guy” nearly made me vomit and still makes me nauseous to this day. His speed cannot make up for all of the mistakes he makes. He cannot defend in the air to save his life and every team in the league knows that. Not to mention Ray is disliked in the locker room and doesn’t have a humble bone in his body. I dream of the day when he’s not in blue&gold. /tinyrant

      • that is a big claim you’re making about his relationship with his teammates. what makes you say that?

      • I’ve spoken to Ray more than a few times, always found him to be a gentleman. Haven’t heard anything out of the locker room about. Will keep and open ear though. As far as Ray on the field, I think his development was stunted playing out of position and now they are asking a ton of him. He gives you so little offensively right now.

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