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KYW Philly Soccer Show: New SoB president Ami Rivera

Photo: Greg Orlandini

New Sons of Ben president Ami Rivera is the guest on the latest edition of the KYW Philly Soccer Show.

Rivera joins KYW’s Greg Orlandini and PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch to discuss how she first became involved with Philadelphia Union‘s supporters group and how she rose to its leadership. She also discusses what it’s like being involved with one of the most passionate supporters groups in MLS.

After that, Greg and Eli talk about the recent changes at the Union’s rival in the Bronx, NYCFC. Dismissing one of the best young coaches in MLS, Jason Kreis, after its inaugural season, the team announced Manchester City youth team head coach — and Arsenal and France legend — Patrick Vieira.

The guys also discuss the conclusion of the Conference Semifinals, which offered some exciting matches over the weekend.

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  1. WC qualifiers are both Friday (home) and Tuesday (at Trinidad).
    Would consider sitting in the River End as you suggest but I like our seats at midfield. We sat with the SOB’s up at Pink Cow arena at the Open Cup game and that was fun (although tough on my wife who has knee problems and can’t stand for that long a time period which is another reason it would be tough for us to sit there).
    Best of luck as the new prez, Ami.

  2. I have no idea why Eli keeps pounding this idea that Sheanon was some great loss and that’s he’s vastly superior to Gaddis/Fabinho.

    Sheanon is no great loss. Did you watch the man when Houston came to PPL this year? It was vintage, lazy, half-ass Sheanon Williams for all to see. He got caught slowly jogging around while goals were being scored several times. I still chuckle thinking back to the sight of Le Toux just casually running right by him to set up a simple pass to Barnetta for the first goal that night. It was laughable defending. Finally, someone else’s fans has to watch that effortlessness. And it was what should have been an emotional game facing the team that thought they didn’t need him. He’s just casually frolicking around like its a casual Sunday stroll in the park.

    These guys are MLS defenders. Athleticism, engine, skill. Pick two. At best. You aren’t getting all three in this league. Sheanon has skill, kind of. I’m glad I don’t have to watch him throw the ball to one of the two defenders that would stand about 6 yards inside the box waiting for the thing. Because that’s as far as he could throw it. Every freaking time. The last time they scored a goal with that thing Mondragon might have still been on the team.

      • Can only imagine the internal Pepe le Pew dialogue each time Noguiera dropped the ball in disgust when WIlliams would trundle over from the other side of the field…. allowing the defense to get set when the midfielder was trying to speed the game up.

      • Pure nonsense. 95% of the time, Noguiera is trying to slow down the Union’s tempo and play more of a possession game.

        I’ll just chalk your comment up to trying to stir things up. You’re too smart to believe what you wrote was actually true.

      • Wait Wait… on a throw in I feel Noguiera tries to get on with play before defenders have a chance to settle in and organize so to that end I do feel he was trying to speed up play…. only to drop the ball because of the BOOM throw in EVERY time.
        Certainly when in the run of play Noguiera is about the only player capable of bringing pause to the game for this club.
        I just remember seeing him drop the ball and walk away with odd expressions on his face, ” you’re killing me with these long ass throw in’s every time…half the other team is out of position and Maidana is already behind the defense. Go away Sheannon.”

      • “Maidana is already behind the defense”

        Thanks, I needed a chuckle.

        It was pretty clear that Williams didn’t just plan to do the long throws on his own (centerbacks came forward and lined up in specific areas). So Noguiera’s perceived disgust was more at the tactical decision of the manager rather than at Williams, but hey, why let that fact get in the way of your narrative.

      • EP is absolutely accurate in his recollection of players (not just Nogs) being visibly frustrated more often than not because the flow of play was being significantly altered.
        Why? Perhaps because it was P-O-I-N-T-L-E-S-S to wait (and wait) for Sheanon to jog over and make a long throw to teamates who could not even beat a side made up former “MUNCHKINLAND FC” PLAYERS IN THE AIR.

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