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Army-Navy Cup In Pictures: Army 2-1 Navy

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand Tuesday night as the Army Knights defeated the Navy Midshipmen 2-1 in a well attended match at PPL Park. Here’s a look at what he saw.

AN01Local military schools helped out to start the game

AN02The West Point cadets came out in numbers

AN03The game did start with a bang

AN04Jamie Dubyoski and the Midshipmen press early

AN05Brock Dudley cuts back into space

AN06Sam Bascom breaks up through the middle

AN07Derek Vogel (12) out jumps Okheem Riley (23)

AN08Army (Tanner Vosvick-5, Christian Clark-13, Cameron Niccum-7) boxes out Dubyoski

AN09Marcos Arroyo (12) out touches Bascom (11)

AN10P.J. Suess (8) gets a little tug from Alex Jaroscak

AN11Daniel Camuti (17) presses Arroyo

AN12Cody Guerry (21) sinks the Knights first goal

AN14Arroyo motors through midfield

AN15Cody Guerry buries another for the brace

AN16Aubrey Jones (9) shadows Brett Becia (16)

AN17Another Army-Navy aerial battle

AN18Swathmore native Thomas Shiiba (2) shields off Arroyo

AN19Cameron Niccum (7) gets position on Daniel Zaremba (10)

AN20Chris Britt almost kept a clean sheet

AN21Nick Williams works forward

AN22Michael Parker (25) settles under pressure from Tommy Jaeger

AN23Jaeger gets position this time

AN24Dubyoski gets held up by Tony Black

AN25Navy with a late push forward but could not get the equalizer

AN26The West Point cadets enjoying the end of game celebration

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.


  1. More fantastic shots! Thanks for all the great work over the years! Any time I can’t attend a game I look forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. My son plays at one of the academies and I know firsthand that these players must be congratulated big time since they have a very hard course load, occasional night watch duty, not the best food, and all kinds of other (silly) stuff but they still find the time and enthusiasm to play.

    • I agree Guido, my best friend who was also at the game graduated from West Point. Based on his stories, just getting through the academy is tough. Adding a sport is just that much harder. We’ve been to all four cup games and he was happy to see Army win for a change.

      • JermIsMyHomeboy says:

        I don’t know the rules for Army and Navy, but if they’re anything like USAFA playing a sport is required. Obviously it doesn’t have to be at the “varsity” level, intramurals and club sports count. But this might not be “adding” anything.

        Not trying to take anything away from anyone, just trying to clarify something.

  3. Paul E. Donahue says:

    As usual, outstanding action shots Paul.

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