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KYW Philly Soccer Show: Jim Curtin on the US Open Cup final

Photo: Earl Gardner

The KYW Philly Soccer Show returns with a preview of tonight’s US Open Cup Final, as Philadelphia Union take on Sporting Kansas City at PPL Park. KYW’s Greg Orlandini and PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch talk with Union coach Jim Curtin as he readies his team to face Kansas City.

The Union made it to the final last year only to go down in heartbreaking fashion to the Seattle Sounders, 3-1, at PPL Park.

Curtin plays it characteristically close to the vest when talking about the starting goalkeeper for tonight’s final. John McCarthey has played throughout the Open Cup tournament, but Andre Blake is coming off a massive game in New England in which he made 10 saves as the Union drew 1-1 with New England Revolution.

Curtin also talks about the importance of the US Open Cup to the team and how a win could be a launching pad for future success.

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  1. You guys should have him on every week, he is a great interview

  2. He talks well but will he inspire the boys enough tonight? The closeup Mic video of him was not very inspiring…

  3. Thanks for letting us know about the conflicts the last couple of weeks. I was getting worried thinking that you might have decided to cancel the show…

  4. He comes across as a good guy. I wish him well. But some things he said seemed so incongruous with the team’s actions.

    -He said he wants the Union playing style to be focused around young American players and speed. Even Jim acknowledged that the team is very short on speed.
    -He went on to discuss how he is big on playing young talent. This coming from the coach that hasn’t provided many opportunities for Pfeffer and Blake and none for McLaughlin.
    -He praised Ben Olsen and DC United for using the re-entry draft to acquire experienced veterans after their USOC victory. If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the Union scoff at the notion of making moves in this year’s reentry draft, saying it wasn’t a good way to acquire talent?

    Hate to be a downer on a big day, but it struck me that the Union’s M.O. is to talk a big game and underdeliver and Jim’s interview struck that same tone.

    • Just to provide a counter argument:
      Jim has only had one real off-season to make roster moves but had to deal with the Valdes and Rais contracts. If he wants speed, he now has the ability to go get it. So really, only time will tell about that statement.
      We very well could see more of McLaughlin once the Union are officially knocked out of the playoffs. But as for more playing time, has he really earned it? We don’t see most of training, but if Jim is fine with throwing 18yr old Ayuk out there, I would expect him to throw McLaughlin out there too if he has earned it in training.
      I think the emphasis in the statement on how DC built their team was not on the re-entry draft but rather just bringing in MLS veterans who know how to win in this league and can play supporting roles. Re-signing Carroll and Casey for this season are examples of that.

      • Regarding point three, I don’t remember this past season’s re-entry draft having anyone really worth while. DCU, after they tanked, were really lucky that some cheap role players were dropped AND that TWO expansion teams weren’t also in the mix to acquire more talent.
        It sounds like Curtin wants to blend accomplished vets with young, rising talent. Good points regarding McLaughlin above btw.

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