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All Three Points podcast: Finances, job security, planning for the future

On this week’s edition of the All Three Points podcast, Chris and Jeremy find the worlds of finance and Union soccer overlapping, as they discuss the recent announcement of the Union’s profitability and whether or not winning the Open Cup is requirement for Jim Curtin to keep his job. They also talk about the huge number or points the Union has dropped from winning positions and the most recent games.

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  1. You guys are Curtin apologists. You criticize Vittoria yet Curtin brought him in and overpaid him. You admit SKC is competing for Supporters Shield – and they have the same payroll as us – but don’t consider the possibility that their coach is the difference between success and failure. Curtin is a defensive coach and we’ve allowed more goals per game than anyone else. How can he not be fired?

    • I’m not sure fired but the choker lease would definitely be on and my resources would be scouring the 2nd Tier of the great European leagues for the next coach to enact my Plan.
      By the way I had a dream last night Mr. Sakiewicz appointed himself Director of Soccer Operations. Not kidding. Woke up in a cold sweat, urinated then crawled back in bed at 04:30 assuring myself it was only a nightmare.
      This coming from the guy who is beginning to see the Plan and Vision more clearly. Phew.

  2. We’ve dropped all these “inexplicable” points because our defense stinks and we’re undisciplined. That falls on the coach.

  3. Westminster Union says:

    It’s not even a debate in my eyes. In a league with a pretty even spread of talent (barring teams with costly DP signings), the importance of having a coach who is tactically advanced is critical. Curtin, while likely a great guy, is a terrible judge of talent (White, Vitoria, Fred, Wenger, Gaddis, Casey) and incapable of molding a somewhat talented team into a consistent performing. I am excited for the day when the Union announce the signing of a coach like Bob Bradley, or a young tactical coach from Germany who has been seasoned in playing organized, passing footbal

    • Funny I am hoping for a young coach from Holland but would certainly accept someone from the 2nd or 3rd Tier of Bundesliga that speaks decent english. A coach raised with tactical acumen.
      Jim Curtin played in a nacent league, has no discernible education outside that young haphazard league,
      and hopes to use defense, which tends to be the American way, as his hallmark to gutting out 1-0 wins… Only he doesn’t seem able to coach defense and has arguably the worst defense in MLS and has shown no real signs of improvement after 25 games or so.
      People are going to give Curtin a pass because of mitigating circumstances (injuries front office red cards yada yada yada) but the fact is he has had a relatively stable defensive corp and they have been abhorrent. What does that say about the managers ability to manage?

  4. where is the plan? what is the goal or identity of the club. where are the investments in the academy, the product is so bad/ average at best. There should be a big push to get more latin american players from the smaller leagues in south/central america. these are solid quality investments which can become a core of the team.

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