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In pictures: Union 0-0 Orlando

PSP photographer Earl Gardner made the trip to Orlando to shoot Saturday’s game. Here’s a look at what he saw.

Photo by Earl GardnerAbout 100 Sons of Ben made the trip south.

Photo by Earl GardnerWarren Creavalle played his first match with the Union.

Photo by Earl GardnerFred says hello to former Union player Pedro Ribeiro.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe players take the pitch.

Photo by Earl GardnerIt was the first time this starting XI saw the pitch together.

Photo by Earl GardnerCJ Sapong and former teammate Aurélien Collin collide.

Photo by Earl GardnerMichael Lahoud made his return by helping shut down Kaká.

Photo by Earl GardnerBrian Carroll teamed with Lahoud to help control things.

Photo by Earl GardnerRay Gaddis and Luke Boden fought all night.

Photo by Earl GardnerTranquillo Barnetta made his first start.

Photo by Earl GardnerSteven Vitoria played for the first time since April.

Photo by Earl Gardner Conor Donovan left the match with an injury.

Photo by Earl GardnerRay blocks a cross.

Photo by Earl GardnerRichie Marquez goes for the tackle…

Photo by Earl Gardner...and heads one towards goal.

Photo by Earl GardnerRay tries to keep Kaká at bay.

Photo by Earl GardnerJohn McCarthy collects the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerAnother one down.

Photo by Earl GardnerCarroll and Lahoud made sure Kaká couldn’t play his game.

Photo by Earl Gardner5 minutes, really?”

Photo by Earl GardnerCJ goes down with a knock to the head.

Photo by Earl GardnerEric Ayuk came in for Barnetta.

Photo by Earl GardnerCJ looks for a shot.

Photo by Earl GardnerCollin cleans up the box.

Photo by Earl GardnerChaco looks for an outlet.

Photo by Earl GardnerPunch out in the box.

Photo by Earl GardnerEric charges up the flank.

 Photo by Earl Gardner
The team salutes all the traveling support.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.

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