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Union acquire defender Warren Creavalle

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union announced on Friday the acquisition of fullback Warren Creavalle from Toronto FC in exchange for a second round pick in the 2016 SuperDraft.

Union technical director Chris Albright said in the signing announcement, “Warren’s versatility will be a great addition to our group. He’s a young player who has played a lot of games in our league and we look forward to him contributing immediately.”

Terms of the deal were not released. In the latest salary information from the MLS Players Union, Creavalle is listed with a base salary of $108,500, and guaranteed compensation of $119,000.

Kevin Kinkead tweeted after the trade announcement, “Toronto will pick up a portion of Creavalle’s salary, and he is eligible to play in the USOC semifinal since he isn’t cup tied.” Kinkead also tweeted, “I believe Creavalle has an option at the end of this year, so Philly can decide whether to keep him around or not.”

Creavalle, who also has experience playing as a defensive midfielder, was selected by Houston Dynamo in the second round of the 2012 SuperDraft, 37th overall, from University of Central Florida. He went on to make 54 appearances for Houston, including 32 starts, scoring 3 goals, before being traded to Toronto for the No. 1 spot in the MLS allocation rankings on July 23, 2014. That move saw Houston sign DaMarcus Beasley.

Creavalle made 24 appearances for Toronto, including 15 starts, scoring two goals. His last goal was the game winner in Toronto’s 3-1 victory over San Jose on May 30.

In the 2015 season, Creavalle was an unused sub in the Union’s 2-1 road loss to Toronto on July 18, and played the final 19 minutes of the 1-0 loss to Toronto at PPL Park on May 2.


  1. So I guess the High Top Fade is back in style.

  2. Smart depth move for the remainder of the season. Unexpected and out of left field, but okay.

  3. Jim Presti says:

    Meanwhile, TFC sign Hercules Gomez

  4. The Realist Brian says:

    Green card holder or US Citizen?

  5. Probably too little too late, but the Union needed a low-risk depth move and went out and did it. Dude has outstanding hair so really can’t go wrong.

  6. Zizouisgod says:

    Well, I guess bad defensive depth is better than no defensive depth. Plus, he didn’t really cost us anything so an OK move.

  7. Why not just keep Sheanon and the Intl. spot if you’re going to replace most of his salary with a worse player at pretty much the same position?

    • They turned a would/should be starter, who was stuck behind (what the coach feels is his) two other starters, into a starter in midfield with quality. Then acquired a depth reserve at less money, with little cost. A reserve that doesn’t necessarily deserve to start, but can also add depth to defensive mid-field where injuries have led to the resurgence and over-playing of Carrol. .
      They took a position of depth, turned it into depth and quality at another position of need. then subsequently replaced the depth in the weakened position. What is there to understand?

      • I was going to think this through and try to figure it out but chose patience instead knowing you would be around sooner or later. Solid.

      • Look, I have no idea if what Chris and Jim are doing is right for the club. But what I can say is that, despite varying degrees of results, the moves they have made are generally in the positive category. Yes we can debate Okugo and Ribiero, but the direction they have taken since then has shown where these moves came from. Okugo deemed expendable due to acquisition of Vittoria and perceived ability to move Mo back to mid. Letting Ribiero go with Nando and Sapong coming in (inexperience vs. a proven MLS scorer and international talent). Thus also keeping Fabinho (“who other clubs had shown interest in”), and the current starter.
        Season starts, all sorts of “bad luck” happens. The lack of depth gets un-earthed. Then the current acquisitions happen. Right or wrong, it’s all there and reasonably logical. Will it turn fruitful is the question I can’t answer.

      • And thanks Pachy!

      • Where does Barnetta start? He plays Nogs position. Fine while he is hurt, but Curtin has said Barnetta will play centrally. This is not a snark question – assuming health for everyone on the roster, who plays where?

      • screw it we start both, no CDM, Put Maidana in front of them andwe end our season clown car crazy.

      • Well, for the next 3-4 weeks, he is Nogs. When Nogs comes back, maybe Barnetta moves outside to a wing spot. Or play them together.

    • There was no guarantee that Williams would resign next year. It was a salary cut and they needed the salary clearance plus Allocation to sign Barnetta.
      I think.

      • Yep, that’s right, without the allocation money from trading Sheanon, Barnetta doesn’t happen.

      • I think we can all agree we liked Sheanon, to one degree of another. But with the moves, Jim’s declared love of Ray, Sheanon’s contract running out,etc. he was not in their plans for the future. With that, I think they have upgraded the team as a whole with the addition of Barnetta. So they end up better off in the end.

      • Learned their lesson from Okugo – get something for an asset if not in your plans.

        Quality of those plans is another matter…

  8. I really don’t have a problem with the signing. It’s just not a difference maker yet again. Ray Gaddis and Fabinho who I like for their work effort, are not the starters this team needs to seriously compete. Selling Williams weakened an already pathetic defense. In spite of Curtins blind spot, Gaddis’ hustle does not make up for his non-MLS level ability to be in good position or to judge balls in the air. Fabinho falls asleep way too often. The CB position has promise but the Vitoria signing makes it a negative in spite of the efforts of Edu and Marquez. The Union are cheap and are again in last place. According to the bloviating Sakiewicz they can afford to go after quality talent but they continually leave their weakest positions exposed by players who should be coming off of the bench rather than starting or even being in the 18. Curtin the former defender baffles me. The inability of this so-called coach to solidify the Union back 4 with top quality skill, particularly at LB and now RB is just baffling! Instead it has been the worst hit and miss position on the team and in MLS! Albright and Curtin are just continuing this organizations legacy for fecklessness. They should not be in any position to judge or bring in talent. This fan base and top sports market deserves much much better. Six years of total BS while younger franchises are truly exciting their fan base! We desperately need a new ownership. One that is competent and financially competitive! I will not stop preaching this until it actually happens.

  9. We are supposed to be happy that we have acquired a player who could not start for one of the worst defenses in MLS, while at the same time allowing his former club, who is a conference rival, to open a roster spot to sign a former NT striker. Brilliant.

  10. Philadelphia Union have acquired defender Warren Creavalle from Toronto FC in exchange for a second round draft pick in the 2016 MLS SuperDraft. Per club and league policy, additional terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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