Postgame video: Union 2-1 DC United

Photo and video: Daniel Studio

Eli and Greg’s postgame wrap

Jim Curtin’s postgame press conference

Postgame interviews with Sheanon Williams and Zach Pfeffer

Interview with Fernando Aristeguieta


  1. Eli, if you couldn’t ask players about playing out of “preferred” positions or MLS scheduling you wouldn’t know what to say…

    If everyone played at their preferred positions this legaue would be loaded with forwards.. Protip: your preferred position is to do what your team needs from you to win.

  2. I want Greg to pronounce a list of the 100 most difficult names in MLS. Please and thank you. It’ll make me laugh and cry.

  3. Eli, just want to ask why you didn’t ask Curtin why Wenger doesn’t make the runs you say he should make? You say that he only runs with the ball and won’t run without the ball consistently(by the way I agree). Why not just ask Curtin during the press conference? You mention it enough during your rap up and it’s not like the Union don’t know. This is not a dis I would really like to know. I don’t think that question would be out of line.

    Sell this team to a competent and financially competitive ownership!


  4. Do we have a breaking news sounder on this site?
    Unless you watched the Fernando interview, you don’t know that he states in response to a question about his loan status, “I am glad it is worked out. {Eli – so you are staying} Yes, I am staying.”

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