Full transcript: Nick Sakiewicz’s interview on Soccer Morning

Photo: Earl Gardner

Quotes from an appearance by Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz on Monday on the Soccer Morning radio show, which airs on SiriusXM FC 94 weekdays between 11 am-1 pm and is hosted by Jason Davis, caused angry comments from fans when they began to appear on social media.

The anger was largely focused on comments Sakiewicz made regarding the fan protest before the DC United at PPL Park on May 17, and only increased when a teaser audio clip containing snippets of Sakiewicz’s comments appeared on SoundCloud on Monday afternoon.

Below is a full transcript of Davis’ interview with Sakiewicz, which is both more nuanced, and covers a great deal more ground — including Fernado Aristeguieta’s status with the club, and Sakiewicz’s thoughts on the Rais Mbolhi deal — than some of the quotes that have appeared on Twitter, and the audio clip, might suggest.

Does today’s angry reaction among fans remain justified? You decide.

Note: The transcript below features Davis’ questions in bold, with Sakiewicz’s responses in plain type. Some minor editing has been done for the sake of clarity.

We do have Nick Sakiewicz on the line.


Philadelphia Union Nick Sakiewicz, how you doing Nick?

Good, good Jason, how are you?

I am well, I appreciate you joining us here on a Monday. Eventful week for the Philadelphia Union. I’m going to start with some events off the field. We had a line of storms come through the mid-Atlantic, certainly hit down here in DC, I know it did some damage up in Chester. And the Union stepped up. What exactly did the Union do, and what kind of services were provided at PPL Park to help the community there in Chester?

Yeah, well this year seems like it’s the Year of the Storm, starting out with all the snow we had earlier in the year. But, we got hit a couple of weeks ago with what I guess they term a microburst. It’s not quite a tornado but it has a lasting effect, and a bunch of homes got decimated here in Chester, and people were without power for a number of days. I think there’s even still some people without power. And so, after our match against Seattle on Wednesday, a couple of days after the storm hit, we decided that, our stadium was open, and we had all this food left over from the game, you know, and rather than just storing it and using it for the next game, we decided to invite anyone who needed a good meal in town, and, you know, maybe a shower and shave, and some rest relaxation, so we opened up our commissary, and we cooked a nice hot meal for all the residents in the local neighborhood. And we also invited the fire and police, the first responders that were helping with the unfortunate situation with everybody in town as a result of storm. And then we also opened up the field so the kids could maybe get out of the street and come kick the ball around and blow off some steam.

So, it was a good day. We had over a thousand people show up at the stadium, and it was just the right thing to do for our neighbors here in Chester.

Nick, what is the relationship between the club and community? This is, you know, this is a downtrodden community, for lack of a better description, that needs some economic revitalization and, obviously, the Union coming to town and putting that stadium there has been part of a plan to get to a better Chester. How is that going and how is your relationship with the community?

Our relationship with the community is excellent. You know, we employ over 600 people at PPL Park. Many of them are in a system that also manages events at Wells Fargo Center, and the Liacouris Center, and other venues in the system with our partners over at Global Spectrum and Comcast Spectacor, now I guess is called Spectra, and many of those people can walk home from PPL Park, and so we made a conscious effort to offer employment opportunities. Our relationship with the community is excellent. We do an awful lot in the school system. You know, we’ve built fields, started youth soccer programs at our cost, we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of event tickets, whether its soccer or other events at the stadium, into the community. And I mean, just little things like serving hot coffee and donuts to crossing guards during the school year, you know, when it’s ten degrees outside. I mean, those are one of many, many things that we do in the community. So, we couldn’t be prouder of our relationship with the community and we’ll continue to support it. It’s what good neighbors do.

You know, we began through a very, very difficult economy. We actually built a couple of practice fields. We’re in the process right now of building a 20,000 square foot building on the property for the first team’s permanent training facility, and we’re trying to do everything we can to spark the growth. I mean, obviously, the stadium was a big part of that, and we’re trying our best to revitalize through what was a very difficult economy, and some difficult times here in Chester.

So, we’re doing our part. We think things are much improved than before we got here six years ago, or whatever it was, five-and-a-half, six years ago. We think the neighborhood is much improved, but we have a long, long way to go.

Nick, a question that I’m sure is on the minds of a lot of Union fans right now is what’s the status of the general manager search and, I’m curious, who’s doing that work right now?

Well, we’re — it’s not a general manager that we’re searching for, we’re searching for a director of soccer, and we have been for about a year now. The work on the team, on the first team side, is being headed up by Jim Curtin and Chris Albright, who’s our technical director. The work at our youth academy is being headed up by Tommy Wilson, our youth academy director. So, the technical part of our operations are handled by those three people right now. You know, we have made it known a year ago that we are looking for a very highly experienced, top level, soccer man. And I’m moving forward on that search, we continue to look for the brightest and best to lead that, and we will get that done.

In terms of the current state of the team on the field, coming off of a draw against Montreal — that game was a little interesting because of the conditions there — but where do you feel the team is, especially under Jim’s direction, considering some of the turmoil you’ve had on the sidelines the last couple of seasons?

Well, obviously, none of us are happy at all with the win loss record this year and, you know, Jim included, myself, and all of us here, we live and die with these performances of the team, you know, very inconsistent performances throughout the whole first – I guess we’re approaching half of the season. So, just not acceptable, at all. But you got to look at all the reasons for that. I mean, obviously, there are some key positions that we need. There are massive injuries – you know, we were able to skate the injury bug, I think, quite well our first five seasons. But now, in our sixth season, it seems like the injury bug is like, not a bug, but like a swarm of bugs. We’ve just been decimated by injury almost from the very first game, with a broken cheekbone on CJ Sapong. So, it’s been something – you know, nobody likes to make excuses – but – and we’re certainly not happy with the performance of the team when we have to call upon other players to get results in tough places like Vancouver, and LA, and Columbus – and the results just haven’t been there. And none of us are at all happy with it, it’s unacceptable, and we’re working really hard to try to get healthy, and also to bring in some good reinforcements to improve the team.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a high profile protest by some of the club’s supporters outside the stadium. They obviously made an issue of your leadership. How did you take that protest and what kind of message does it send to the team?

Well, I mean, you know, it was ill-thought of and not, you know, a protest with all sorts of lack of information and whatever you want to call it. And, frankly, you know, that kind of stuff is not stuff that I focus on at all, or we focus on here. Everybody knows that the most important thing to do is to support Jim and the work that he and Chris are doing to recruit players, and prepare our players on our roster now. It’s not about any one individual in this organization, it’s about the team. And the team should be supported. And when the team is supported it has the best chance of winning. When stuff like that happens, it just fits wedges in between people, and whether it’s wedges between fans and club, or players to players, or players and coaches, or owners and front office, and it’s not constructive whatsoever. So, I don’t spend a whole lot of time looking at that. We still provide an amazing experience here at PPL Park, and we’ll continue to do that. But our focus right now is to get this team performing better and more consistently. It has had moments of good football, but it needs more good moments, and it needs winning football, and that’s what we’re a hundred percent, laser focused on. So, it’s not about me, it’s not about an owner, it’s not about ownership, it’s not about an individual player or an individual, it’s about what can we do to support Jim and the team to move it forward.

Do you understand the frustration, and even if you disagree with the way that it was expressed?

Of course. I mean, the fans are frustrated no more, no less than we are. We live it every day, and we live and die with every point lost, and every game lost. So, we understand it a hundred percent, and our doing everything we can to improve the team.

Nick, there are some questions about the Union’s ability to compete financially, both in terms of the infrastructure of the club and also with the salary cap, and to move within the cap, bringing in new players to help the team. Can you address specifically the issue of whether or not the Union have room to sign new players to help this club in 2015? And then, more generally speaking, is Philadelphia in a difficult place in relation to other clubs that are going out and spending millions of dollars?

No, we absolutely have the financial wherewithal, and financial capacity, and we’re doing it in a different way. We have for a long time now, we have said, and will continue to say, that we are investing a lot of money into player development, and player development in local players, and American players. You know, Zach Pfeffer, I think, is a great example of a player that we spent money on, and developed over the last five years, and he’s 20 years old and he’s found his way into our 18 and, in fact, he’s becoming very productive in our starting XI, from time to time. And he’s just a glimpse into the future. So, we have made it well known that we’re not a club that’s going to go out and spend tens of millions of dollars on a Michael Bradley, or a Jozy Altidore, or David Beckham, or a Steven Gerrard, or an older player that’s coming towards the end of his career.

We’re going to take those millions and we’re going to invest them into the Philadelphia region, into the marketplace here where there’s a lot of very good and bright up-and-coming players. We built an incredible facility in Wayne for our youth academy teams, we’re rolling out another academy team, an Under-12 team next year. We built a school, a high school, where 65 of those players are there. We now have, I think, 16 players in the youth national system, the US youth national system, and some players from other countries’ youth national teams. So, we feel we’re making a lot of progress in that area, and that’s what the Philadelphia Union are committed to in investing.

With first team, we have the money and the wherewithal to, whether it’s continue and acquire a player like Fernando Aristegueita, or continue to invest in the first team to bring in players that’ll help us win on the field. So, there is no issue.

The situation with the loan with Aristeguieta, is that settled? Has a decision been made? Is he able to stay for the rest of the season?

I’ll say that a decision has been made, but we just made it. So we are going to be announcing that shortly.

The last thing I’ll ask you, this was certainly a talking point around the Union for some time, and I’ve had a lot of listeners ask me about it directly, Nick, and that’s the situation with Rais Mbolhi, and what exactly happened. Is he still a Union player at this point, and what’s the resolution there?

At this moment, he is. We’re just entering a new transfer window. He’s been earmarked for transfer and, again, that’s a work in progress which will, I believe, be resolved here very shortly, and will also be announced.

Any retrospective viewpoint on how that situation went with Mbolhi, and whether or not that was the right decision to bring him in at the time? Or is that something you’re not concerned about?

Well, I think it was the right decision, absolutely, at the time, and I think Jim and Chris made a very good decision on that. And I think at the end of the day people will realize that it was, from a business standpoint, it was a good business deal. Unfortunately, like happens from time to time, players don’t work out at clubs, and we’re not the only club in MLS, or the only club in the world, where we make an acquisition and, for whatever reason, there’s not a good chemistry with the club, with the coaching staff, with the ownership, whatever it is, where the player doesn’t fit the club. That happens all the time.

What we have to make sure is that the business transaction isn’t damaging, which often it is. So, I think at the time that decision was made, we needed a very good goalkeeper. For whatever reasons, the player and the team didn’t gel, there wasn’t chemistry. But, the business deal that was made was a very good one for a player who’s a starting World Cup player, and a star for his country, I think was a very, very good business transaction and, you know, hopefully, I’m confident that the guys will figure out the outgoing business transaction that will be favorable in our end.

So, you know, these things happen, these things happen all the time. But buying and selling players is a little like venture capital, you know? You invest, you hope it’s going to work out. Sometimes they do, and sometimes. Players like Maurice Edu and Vincent Nogueira beautifully worked out for us, they’re two of our best players – one’s our captain, and the other one’s one of the better midfielders in the league. So, sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t.

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  1. I fail to see the nuance:

    I know best. Don’t complain it ticks me off. Why should we pay for a GM when I’m here. And that worst signing in club history, that was all Jim and Chris.

  2. Well, I think he’s doing a great job!

  3. there are so many things about what he is saying that really irritate me. the thing that irritates me the most is that he still won’t take ownership of the mbohli acquisition. there is not a person who knows about the mbohli situation that would believe that it was an albright/curtin deal. not a single one, it is not believable. why is he still denying it? either don’t talk about it or just admit it; those are the only two options. he knows it is a lie and everyone who heard him say it knows its a lie so who the hell is the audience for that arrogant fabrication?

  4. Ok lets give the guy a little bit of a break. For arguments sake we will believe what Sak says, and go along with the idea that M’boli was actually Jim and Chris’s signing. Why in the world are a new technical director and an interim head coach making any major decisions with the club? This guy is delusional. If it was their call he is just at fault for doing his due diligence to make sure that an interim head coach did not have the power to spend all of that money on a player in a position which it was not needed.

  5. I tried reading this with an open mind, but I hated damn near every one of his answers. This dude just does not accept his responsibility… to the team, to Curtin, and to the fans.

  6. Can not believe he justifies the business plan as a success by mentioning Pfeffer as an example of how well it is going. R u kidding me?! Just look At San José; they do not pay a fortune to get star players but have a coach who can get the most out of average players. That is the kind of coach this club needs.
    I was listening to the whole interview while driving and was not surprised what came out of his mouth: was pretty much the same what he told us 3 years ago. He should be fired for just that: not making any progress with this team over these 3 years. We actually went backwards.

  7. James Lockerbie says:

    o.k. Nick made a little mistake with M’bohli. Like a antique or classic car dealer he forgot to check the numbers.

    Nick thought he had a ferrari 308 in his garage in M’bohli only it was a kit sitting on a pontiac fiero frame. I.e worthless. How many clubs has M’bohli gone through? all the low lights of this guys club history

    I find it hard to believe the Union will be able to sell high and make a good profit from this transfer window and that my friends is the only way this turns out to be a good business decision. Hence why, he hip checked curtin and Albright under the bus.

  8. The Realist Brian says:

    Oh Nicky…are your feelings hurt? I believe you truly believe your own bullshit to such a degree that you don’t know the truth. You personally said that you make the decisions and threw down your AMEX, right? Amazing when your boneheaded moves are someone else’s fault. Of course they are!!! What mendacity.
    To further a point early in the day, the fact that Albright is “recruiting” players to Philly/Chester can’t be helped by the fact that the stadium is in a shit hole like Chester and not in Philly. How many players have turned us down after they have visited? Be honest. Way to play it cheap, Sugar/Sak. You have to “recruit” and pray they will come. Vincent probably didn’t visit by the way.
    Final point: he pridefully boasts that they built YSC focused on Philadelphia area talent. The follow up question to expose this charlatan is how much did you offer Steffen and Barbir? Because they low balled them. Also, he is full of shit when he then goes on saying they have foriegn internationals playing for the Academy…how is that developing our local talent?

  9. Yeah, the full transcript scarcely makes him look any better. The SOB protest was “ill-thought out”? As opposed to, y’know, the M’Bolhi acquisition?? And how on earth is he going to pin that one on Curtin and Albright when everybody in the universe knows that it’s his baby? He gives the impression that this would be a perfectly competitive soccer team were in not for all the injuries. And they’ve been looking for a “director of soccer operations” for over a year?! The guy needs to just shut his mouth permanently, because every time he opens it I get depressed about the future of the club.

  10. While I applaude Mr. Sakiewicz for standing in on some tough questions – the reality is he just doesn’t have my confidence- at all… not yet….maybe ever…
    … and that is something I am certain he doesn’t give a damn about.

    • Very ill-thought of comment here, el p. The important thing is to support Jim and Chris and the work they are doing with the current roster.

      Again, did I mention the whole Mbohli signing was Jim and Chris? I just want that on the record.

      • I stand by my position that he could always chose not to speak… thereby creating another avenue of angst amongst fanbase.
        I don’t like or believe it any more than you… I have deep concerns about the whole organization- this is common knowledge among PSP – but I’m not going to berate him for answering the questions when he could chose not to regardless of the answers.

      • Fair point, but the audience for this interview is diehards, not the casual soccer or Union STH. Our BS detectors are up at the start, and there is nothing in the transcript that we believe.

        Credit for answering the questions, but spewing more lies just proves how little they care about the fan base.

      • I just want to see someone hired to direct and oversee all on field Union soccer operations from the 7 year old Futures to the first team. A coordinated Vision, Philosophy and Plan.
        I for one don’t care so much about ‘the lies’ or perceived lies- what I care about is a V.P.P. and the hiring of someone capable of implementing it.
        Truly, a sturdy rudder is the missing piece to this newly minted ship which seems to list as the tide turns. We need a rudder and a damned good one.

      • Agree with you here. The ‘year long search’ for the Director of Soccer Ops is the most appalling part of the Union’s current state. Whether it’s Sak’s ego or lack of money preventing this, it has to change before the S.S. Union veers into the Commodore Barry.

  11. WEASEL…he’s just like Amaro and Collins, but far worse. Neither took responsibility for anything, and both are gone (see ya Rube in 3 months). Nick, I hope your time to leave comes real soon because you are a true f*cking d-bag. Really? You’re passing off M’Bohli on Curtin and Albright? 100% jagoff.

    If I wasn’t clear enough, let me know, and I can go into further detail. What an a$$hole.

  12. WEASEL…he’s just like Amaro and Collins, but far worse. Neither took responsibility for anything, and both are gone (see ya Rube in 3 months). Nick, I hope your time to leave comes real soon because you are a true d-bag. Really? You’re passing off M’Bohli on Curtin and Albright? 100% jagoff.

    If I wasn’t clear enough, let me know, and I can go into further detail. What an a$$h0le.

  13. Actions speak louder than words.

    • james lockerbie says:

      Bingo! news conference M’bohli thank you mr nick for bringing me here. Nick he was just in the little tournament this summer. Hello I am in love here why don’t you guys back off!

      Does He really think we all forget that news conference. He was beside himself with disbelief that everyone in the room didn’t fall for his big find in a world cup “Keeper” oh wait I am sorry Curtin and albrights great idea to sign M’bohli

  14. not sure how many of you guys are on twitter but kevin kinkead had some pretty incisive commentary last night after reading this transcript

    • Kevin seems like a good guy in every way
      1. so annoying to read something in that format (yes I am old)
      2. he believes Nick is just doing damage control for Jay, OK, that is a tough job maybe we should all keep that in mind
      3. he can’t resist a little self-aggrandizement: “we reporters have tried to grow the team” please, get over yourself
      4. in a way, he’s a little like Nick, trying to have it both ways – Philadelphia is the 4th largest market and we deserve better, but also “a difficult market that was very wary of soccer”

      • i think he is right that local reporters have been advocates for mls to some degree. he talked about it on soccer morning today. i also think the last two things in your fourth point aren’t mutually exclusive. this area can potentially give a huge amount of support to this team and be a huge fanbase and also there is a lot of skepticism toward both the sport in general and this team specifically

      • I just re-read my post and I need to apologize. I’m very grumpy today and having a horrible week. I do appreciate the job that Kevin has done. I think my comments were too harsh. Sorry.

      • Jim Presti says:

        +1 Class.

      • I hope things start looking up for you, Osager.

      • thank you

  15. Nick, a question that I’m sure is on the minds of a lot of Union fans right now is what’s the status of the general manager search and, I’m curious, who’s doing that work right now?
    Well – I read one resume every first Friday of the month!

  16. Andy Muenz says:

    Let’s see. He thinks last week’s storm was a couple of weeks ago. He doesn’t realize that the team is already two games past the halfway point of the season rather than just approaching it. I know this is nitpicking but it shows how unprepared he was for this interview and probably how unprepared he is to do his job.

  17. John Ling says:

    This interview started off well. Nick did a decent job of showing the “human” side of the Union, with talk about opening the park for residents and first responders, letting the kids play on the pitch, making a meal for people who had no power, and so on. That’s good stuff and the team ought to do more of that – not standing on a podium tooting their own horn. I mean jumping at opportunities like this, when interviewers ask questions about it.
    But… then Nick being Nick, the shit rolls downhill pretty quickly. The questions asked were entirely reasonable, to be expected even. As I said elsewhere… even if Nick believes the protests were ill-thought of, here’s the thing. You don’t fucking say that about your fans! It really wouldn’t be hard to tap dance around those questions with decent PR speak. Not good PR speak, mind you; just decent.
    And then Nick doubles down. After calling the fans clueless, he then throws Chris and Jim under the bus on he-who-shall-not-be-named. (Which, by the way, I read somewhere or other yesterday that he won’t be going to Turkey – because the Union insist on getting a transfer fee.)
    Oh, Nicky…

  18. Sak pisses me off so much. Can’t he just leave already. He is and will always be the PROBLEM. His decisions are ILL-THOUGHT OUT he doesn’t have all the information and he knows nothing about soccer. He is that one boss that everyone would hate to work for. Most people when they meet that boss don’t stay in that position for long unless it is the only option currently (hmmm this sounds very familiar, no wonder everyone leaves). He is a completely CLUELESS individual. Who may be the lowest life form I know. Sak, you constantly throw your staff under the bus, you think you are the greatest(but lack the ability to see reality), and you are the most INCOMPETENT person I have ever seen. His next statement will be the Jim and Chris did not get enough for M’bohli and they made a BAD BUSINESS decision. Dude get over yourself you are the WORST and should be burned at the stake for how you have spiraled this team into the depths of last place.

    Bad business problems occur when incompetent, clueless people have ill-thought out decisions that are the worst. – Sak in a nutshell

  19. I mean what is there really to say about this that hasn’t been said? This interview just drives home the fact that the team, and really the fans, are screwed for the foreseeable future. He believes everything he is saying. He is running the team. He isn’t going anywhere.
    Better buckle up.

    • You know the first inside right turn on the roller coaster is coming – the one after the free fall descent to the bottom to gain momentum- you know it’s coming and the whip is terrible but every time you go into it with the hands up and a knowing smile be dammed. Can’t get off the ride now no matter.

  20. Relax everyone. Tomorrow is the opening of the transfer window and I’m sure this will all blow over after The Union resign Aristeguieta to another 6 month loan deal and then double down on the depth by completing additonal loan deals for Kei Herdling, Brian Brown and Diego Gonzalez . . . I saw them on NeNe’s final “players to sign’ sheet . . . handwritten at the bottom with a sloppy Chris Albright signature next to them, so it must be legit.

  21. UnitedPenn13 says:

    I would have liked Davis to ask him what was the outcome/deliverable from Rene Meulensteen contract. I’m sure he was well paid so I would like to know what he did to earn that money.

  22. Nik Sakiewicz said:
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for NY inmate escape
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Greek debt crisis
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for El Nino
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Von Hayes 5 for 1 trade
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Dinosaur extinction
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Amelia Earhart disappearance
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Circuit City failure
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Watergate
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Kanye West
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Chester power outage
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Crack in Liberty Bell
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for 76 congestion
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for The Phantom Menace and Jar Jar Binks
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Freaks and Geeks cancellation
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Carey Williams signing
    Jim Curtin and Chris Albright responsible for Titanic iceburg

  23. Game day live Supporter through and through? You have my admiration and you can give them your dollars. I will support from beyond the walls. If I am a Benedict so be it….
    For the remainder of us who visit here- whose skin crawls at what the dream has become…. I repeat…. Stop going to the games… Mr Sugarman is in this only for the money – when he realizes the value for him will be in selling – he will sell and take ‘the pony show’ with him. The infrastructure is in place. The fanbase rabid. We will be okay.
    I repeat… stop going to the games- otherwise… bend over and keep taking it with a grin as you are complicit.

    • Well they have my season ticket money already, and I am sure not to spend a single dollar more inside the stadium. So the extent of my complicity is adding 1 to the secret “actual attendance” numbers that no-one ever gets to see. As we all know, whether you attend or not, you are counted in paid attendance.

      This sounds defensive, it probably is. I have a good time at games with my section neighbors and to be honest that is a bigger reason to go than the soccer. I figure I’ve paid for it already, why deny myself that pleasure.

  24. Well the snake oil salesman and serial franchise killer has spoken. This dog and pony show belongs on Fox news so Comedy Central can rip it to shreds. I’m feeling like I’ve been slimmed on. Time for more significant protests aimed at this ownership/CEO if nothing comes to fruition during this transfer window.

    “Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies.” Dorothy Allison, Bastard Out of Carolina.

    Sell this franchise to a competent and financially competitive ownership!


    • Dr. Union says:

      Forget waiting for the transfer window more protests now against ownership and CEO. I’d say protest at every game you are at, every practice you are at, every event you are at. If you are a fan just rip this ownership apart anyway you can until they sell.

  25. The more I read Sak’s comments, the more I’m reminded that what we need most, more than any one player or anything else at all, is an actual GM. Or, sorry, Director of Soccer Operations. Operating on a budget doesn’t mean you’re doomed to failure in MLS – you can win in this league with a limited budget. You can win in this league without multiple big name DP’s. RSL did it. Columbus did it. Houston did it. SKC did it.


    But if you want to win in this league and be a franchise that operates successfully on a limited budget, you simply cannot do so with a man running the show who thinks the M’Bolhi deal was “a good business decision.” Period. Full stop.

  26. F this F’N guy. He makes me sick. If I ever hit the lottery this team will be OURS, not mine… OURS. I hate this dynamic we are stuck in. Ownership sucks the high hard one, but we as supporters love our football. I know they won’t, but MLS has stepped in before, it has to happen again.

  27. This guy is a joke. He acts like he is smarter than everyone, and fans will just believe everything he says. “And the team should be supported. And when the team is supported it has the best chance of winning.”
    No, the best chance this team has to win is for you to sell so we don’t have to listen to you point your finger at others for your terrible and self-centered player acquisitions.

  28. James lockerbie says:

    He needs to work himself out if a job as he sells the team to new owners. Metro stars to energy drink. This sale the brand should be in the deed keep the brand loose the owners

  29. You are all wankers, you arent real fans. You like your selves and the sons of ben fan group more than the club its self. You have 0 idea of what goes on besides the play on the feild.

  30. James Lockerbie says:

    Well let’s just say whatever is going on off the field ain’t working!

  31. james Lockerbie says:

    Because our CEO plays G.m behinds the scenes as much as he denies it, his fingerprints are all over this roster.

    • What is your background in MLS front office staff let alone professional sports to make that assessment. And have you been or do you work in the Philadelphia Union front office to have any substantial evidance to prove that he picks every player.

  32. james lockerbie says:

    I guess, I will just take my misinformed, ill thought out self to root for the ocean city Nor’easter club maybe in 15yrs they can be promoted into mls while the union are relegated.

  33. James Lockerbie says:

    not, I said “maybe” as in things change pro/rel may happen eventually. We will probably see new ownership before pro/rel

  34. Relagation will never happen in our lifetime. Costs to much money and could bankrupt teams which would bring down the price of other franchises. As well as scare off future investors

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