Postgame quotes: Galaxy 5-1 Union

Philadelphia Union postgame quotes

Jim Curtin

On moving forward

Everyone has to take a good hard look in the mirror when you get outplayed like that. Starts with myself, but all of the guys as well, it was disappointing. I thought we actually had in the first 25 minutes some chances and started well, had two or three to get a goal, we don’t. And then a good team like the Galaxy, get good looks around goal and they punish you. They were on fire tonight, they beat us soundly. We don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves, we have to pick our heads up and get back to work and try and get a result against Seattle on Wednesday.

On takeaways

We’ll look at the tape obviously, and learn from it. But the first 25, a couple of good things happen, but it’s all for nothing when you don’t put together a full 90 minutes. We were not able to do that, we were outclassed tonight in all ways. So again, they are a very strong team, and they deserved all three points tonight.

On tonight’s performance

We could have done better clearing some balls. Anything you let bounce around the box, they had good contact on all their shots, and had some good goals. So you tip your cap to them, and they outplayed us on the night for 90 minutes and now we pick ourselves up and get ready for Wednesday.

Andrew Wenger

On takeaways

There are two ways to go about it. You can take a lot of things from it; a lot of poor things to take from it. But you can also take the result as it is and move forward. It’s a long season, a lot of games to be played and move past it. We started sprightly, and then just lost a bit of our rhythm. They countered and took advantage of that.

On the first 25 minutes

We just needed to take a chance there. Also we need to stick together a little better when we take a goal. Crumbled a bit and it didn’t go well.

On C.J.’s goal

At that point, it was 3-1, and then it goes to 4-1. Three goal advantage again at that point.

Brian Carroll

On takeaways

Wake up call. The good thing is we have a quick turn around and we get to play Seattle on Wednesday at home. We have to take what we can from this game, and improve and look deep; put on a much better result. At times we had good possession, and at times we competed well, but they were just better on the night. Then we had some incredible plays around goal and dug ourselves a whole that we couldn’t get out of.

On energy when on the road

We started okay, had some possession, created some chances, but weren’t able to put anything away. And then they get two before half and it’s a hole. We have to try and get the next goal, and we’re not able to do that. And then we’re just crawling in quicksand.

On LA Galaxy’s offense

It’s a big field. They like to open up the field and they create some good counter attacks, had some good set pieces and were playing around the goal.

LA Galaxy postgame quotes

Bruce Arena

On tonight’s performance

I think the score does not indicate the game correctly. I don’t think we were as dominate as the score would indicate. We were pretty sloppy in the game, but having said that, we finished some great goals. At times we played well, at other times we didn’t play so well. So it was far from a complete victory tonight, and we have a way to go. But it is good to have some of these players back, it gives us a little bit more quality obviously in the final third. But we can play better than we did today.

On Baggio Husidic

I think he is very much appreciated. He has played in a lot of spots for us, and he is a very good team player. He is a very good player. I think again, tonight, is another good game by Baggio. Hopefully we could get more players that play as consistently as he has.

On Gyasi Zardes

I think he had a good night and a good goal with a great ball from Keane. He is getting better.

On Sebastian Lletget

“He is a good player, no question about it. You can his quality on the ball. He can move the ball, he is a good passer, he can finish off players, so he is a good addition to our squad.”


On his celebration

I was excited I scored a goal tonight and I had to celebrate like that. Finally I was able to score again at a home game and helped my team win again.

On playing a veteran first choice lineup for the first time this season

We started slow, we didn’t convince but then we scored goals and that’s the most important thing, when you go out there and score goals. That made our team have more confidence and I think that’s the key.

On how much better the team can be

I think we can be much better. I think I can help my teammates more and keep the ball more. Tonight we played a little bit better and we won a game. I think we did very well as a team and today we scored a lot of goals. Different guys scored the goals tonight and I think that’s the point. I think we’re building as a team and I’m looking forward to the next game.

On his play

I have more to prove. I have a different challenge, Bruce [Arena] has asked me to do more stuff as a team and I’m trying to do my best every single game. Today I was very happy to score a goal and help my team to win but I have a lot more to prove.

On his pass to Stefan Ishizaki

I think [David Beckham] would be very proud of me [laughs]. That was my intention, to play to Ishizaki on that side of the field.

On his second goal of the season

It was very special for me. Gyasi [Zardes] looked up and saw me as I entered the box and I was able to control the ball well and took a left footed shot, it wasn’t a perfect shot.

On his shots tonight

I’m trying to be closer to the box. Looking for knuckle balls right there and usually I shoot more outside of the box but tonight I tried to move more forward and get close to Robbie Keane and Gyasi [Zardes] and that’s why I scored a goal.

On playing alongside Mika Vayrynen and how it differed to the last year’s partnership with Marcelo Sarvas

It’s hard to say about two different players. I still view it as a team, I still view it as a partnership. Mika is a very good player and I still view it as a team.

Sebastian Lletget

On his performance

I’m feeling good. I think [my form] physically was the big issue in the beginning, just fitness wise, but I’m really coming along now. But as soon as the next game starts, I just forget about all of that until I get another [goal].

On how he fits in with the group

I think from the moment I got here, they were already great, but I’m just happy I’m adding to that. And we want to win every game and every championship we can get.

On scoring goals in consecutive games

I think as an athlete, you want to keep moving forward and keep on that streak and you have to forget about that.

On the team’s performance and what can improve

Our passing can maybe get a little bit better and we could control and finish off games. Even though we finished in front of goal, I think we can keep possession a little better. But we’re working on it and we’re aware of it.

Baggio Husidic

On having a first-choice lineup available

I think we had a very good lineup in there with the amount of experience similar to last year. I thought we played really well. We didn’t come out as good as we wanted to but we took control of the game after the first goal.

On the first goal changing the game

We were asleep a little bit and obviously the goal changed a bit of the momentum.

On his goal

I laid it off for Gyasi [Zardes] for a shot. I thought he had a better angle and my head was a little bit down… He hit it well and it hit the post. I reached for it with my left and it bounced nicely to my right and I just slid it underneath.

On the team putting a strong performance

I think there is definitely much more for this team. We weren’t as sharp in certain areas, created quite a few chances and I think once we start clicking a bit more and getting a bit more used to a similar lineup, we’ll get better and better.

On scoring multiple team goals

I think Sebastian Lletget’s goal was really nice. That’s the kind of stuff we were doing last year. [Zardes’ goal was a] great finish, great pass by Robbie Keane. We’re finally seeing Zardes and Keane team up again and we’re really excited about that.

On whether this was one of the team’s best games this year

It’s hard not to say so because it was such a dominant win.

On having a week with a U.S. Open Cup and MLS win

We had five different guys score tonight and that’s the sign of a good team. Sebastian came in and scored a nice goal, so I think we’re getting much more depth and competition around those positions. I think that’s one of the reasons that guys are performing better and better because there are guys behind them that are pushing them.


  1. Andy Muenz says:

    When is Curtin going to see that it’s a recurring pattern that the team plays well for 20-25 minutes and then pretty much stops playing the rest of the game?

  2. When is Curtin going to look in the mirror? We Know the mirror this organization looks into only allows them to see what they want to. A distorted reality!

    Sell this franchise to a competent and financially competitive ownership!


  3. There is nothing with this team that you can get excited about, especially after watching the team be forced into PKs against the Rhinos, and then getting slaughtered on the road in LA.

    There is no real plan, or philosophy. There is no real style of play or cohesion with the team at all. Half the players touch on the ball is a kin to a palsy victim (sorry if I offend anyone afflicted with Palsy). Curtin is consistently out coached, his players out played, and this club unwilling to invest. How bad will it have to get until what sponsors the club do have decides to pull the plug?

    Getting rid of Curtin at this stage will do nothing, but the club honestly looking for both a manager and a sporting director of quality has to be a priority.

    There isn’t one player on the squad that really and truly makes you feel that they are the face of the franchise, and that you can truly build around for the future.

    Sugerman like all the other owners in this league, live in a consequence free environment. There is no fear of losing tons of money for being relegated, so there is no fear of having to invest to keep the club competitive. The owners that are spending huge, are the owners that actually want their clubs to compete and win trophies. That is the only explanation because these same owners are swimming in the same “consequence free” waters as Sugarman. Though what separates the elite clubs from Union is a real hunger and desire to bring success and championships to their club/brand.

    I also think it is absolute BS that there are six playoff spots for each conference….at most 5 spots and both East and West should get seeded together and if its LAvSeattle for the Final then so be it…..ONLY The BEST teams should make it, and not water it down so practically “everyone” makes playoffs.

    ::END RANT::

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