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In pictures: DC United 2-1 Union

PSP photographer Earl Gardner shares his look at the Union’s 2-1 loss to DC United.

PSP photographer
Photo by Earl GardnerZach Thornton and Jim Curtin share a laugh.

Photo by Earl GardnerFabinho gets taken down.

Photo by Earl GardnerSebastien Le Toux score his first goal of the season…

Photo by Earl Gardner…and runs over to the Sons of Ben to celebrate.

Photo by Earl GardnerBen Olsen doing Ben Olsen things.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Richie Marquez got another start at center back.

Photo by Earl GardnerFernando goes up for the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerAndrew Wenger makes a run into the box.

Photo by Earl GardnerDC ties up the match.

Photo by Earl GardnerBrian Carroll handling the CDM duties.

Photo by Earl GardnerVince wonders where Rolfe’s card is. Apparently it was in the mail.

Photo by Earl GardnerSeba gets taken out on the edge of the box. Nope, not a red card.

Photo by Earl GardnerBrian Sylvestre jumps for a save.

Photo by Earl GardnerMo looks to move the ball up the pitch.

Photo by Earl GardnerCJ Sapong came on in the 72nd minute.

Photo by Earl GardnerRolfe’s ball goes over the wall and is saved by Sylvestre.

Photo by Earl GardnerChaco waits to take a corner.

Photo by Earl GardnerShea moves the ball up field.

Photo by Earl GardnerAngry much?

Photo by Earl GardnerDC works on grinding down the clock.

Photo by Earl GardnerPhilly’s loud and proud supporters cheered ’til the end.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. More Black and White, please, Mr. Gardner! 🙂

    • Earl Gardner says:

      I usually have 3 cameras on me at a match and I’m toying with the idea of having 1 of them be a dedicated b&w camera. I like the idea of being committed to shooting b&w from the get go rather than doing it in post. It will force me to think a bit differently when shooting.

  2. Have to agree… More b&w!! Oh by the way…3 cameras…. Green eyed monster living at my house!!!

  3. Excellent! Thank you!