Postgame video: Union 1-0 DC United

Photo and video: Daniel Studio

Eli Pearlman-Storch talks to Sons of Ben vice president Ami Rivera and member Jon Marks about the “Union Fans deserve better” protest

The “Union fans deserve better” march to the stadium

Jim Curtin’s postgame press conference

Interviews with Brian Sylvestre, Ray Gaddis, and Zach Pfeffer

Postgame wrap with Eli Pearlman-Storch and Mike Servedio


  1. The Union collected a solid scalp against DC United with a late winner by Pfeffer. Not trying to take anything away from this win, but that goal comes because DC was playing with 10-men on the pitch. DC was a tired team out there for 90 minutes and were happy to grind out a 0-0 draw and almost scoring themselves from a shot that hit the post. The Union like any team will get their chances, but by no means did this team play/show any real signs that they are actually competitive. They showed that they are Lucky and will get chances, but 11v11 they care consistently outplayed, out-possessed, out-coached, and run around with no real structure. I am glad Jim Curtin is such a great orator who speaks “frankly.” Well the majority of the fans supporting this club are also speaking frankly, that Jim Curtin has no business being the manager of this club

    Edu was easily the best Union player on the pitch last night, along with Chaco and Nogs. Starting Wenger and Not Pfeffer was a mistake which I do not think Curtin will make again. Wenger is awful and needs to assess his career.

    Sorry to “piss on everyone’s parade” but this win only shows that Pfeffer needs to start, and that if the Union play 11v10 every match, they can win more games.

    • I’m not going to argue that DC was at their best, because they clearly were not.
      However, I think you are overstating a few things. For one, the Union held a possession advantage and created more chances throughout the entire match, not just when DC went down to 10-men for the final 5-10 minutes. Also, the coach you claimed out-coached Curtin took a risk bringing on Silva who was coming back from injury while two [Fabinho, Pfeffer] of the subs Curtin brought on (albeit one can on due to injury) combined for the game winner that was dummied by another [Le Toux] who Curtin has been criticized for keeping in the starting lineup.
      I have disagreed with a number of things Curtin has done but to say he was out-coached this game is a reach and to say they were out-possessed and out-played is just plain false.

      • Agree with you CPfeif. What changed the game was Fabinho. His runs down the wing were stellar and the pressure of his crosses crumbled DC. Was great to see he did this on the side of the DC supporters who became quieter with each of his runs. The first couple crosses could have been better but his last one was right on the money.

      • I was not just speaking about this game. Jim Curtin has been out-managed many times during his tenure (which is to be expected by learning on the job). The entire first half was the Union not being able to actually make and keep any possession. It was an Edu pass to Nogs or Chaco who then tried to feed LeToux or Wenger who then would heavy touch or get their pocket picked. I am not disagreeing with any of your counter-points outright, but a skilled player like Pfeffer should be burying that ball especially being up a man. I am hoping that if Jim is staying on as manager, the FO actually hire a highly competent Sporting Director. I’m hoping Rene’s report will get published but I think that is a pipe-dream

  2. Good enjoyable wrap-up! One thing you left out was the drought of the strikers. A goal was scored but not by Wenger/Letoux/Casey …

  3. I know it’s an old complaint – and it was a nice protest by SOB – but why the language? You want to bring your family to a game and they have to be subjected to this? You can still get your point across without “F’n Philly”. Feel like I’m listening to a bunch of 15 year olds trying to be tough.

    At least they stopped yelling “F U A-hole” when the opposing keeper takes a 6 even though I’m sure that really got him off his game. There’s that I guess.

    • I honestly don’t care about the language. I grew up going to hockey games with much worse language, if not officially chanted by a supporters group.

      What I do care about is that the f’in Philly chant is incredibly stupid. That’s much worse.

  4. This is the problem with any Sakiewicz run organization. His is all smoke and mirrors and no substance. He is trying to look relevant by going thru some machinations about trying to build this organization. The best thing that could happen to the Philadelphia MLS franchise would be to get out from under the dark cloud of Sakiewicz and Surgarman. They need to sell this team. I’m hoping the league steps in. The fan base and SOB’s need to keep the pressure on!!

    Sell this team to a competent and financially competitive ownership!!


  5. 123321_soccer says:

    Call, fax, write a letter to Jay Sugarman
    iStar Financial headquarters
    1114 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10036
    Tel: 212.930.9400
    Fax: 212.930.9494
    No e-mail info on the website.
    Next protest should be in the Manhattan at the IStar headquarters.

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