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All Three Points podcast: Keepin’ on keepin’ on

Oh, how time flies. It seems just moments ago that the team had had a decent couple of weeks, taking points off NYCFC home and away. And yet, since then, there have been four straight losses. It’s a dark time in Union fandom, to be sure, compounded by the ever worsening goalkeeping mess. Between injuries, bad luck, and poor form, what else can go wrong?

Chris and Jeremy discuss all that and more, because you can’t be fair-weather podcasters, right?

Listen to the episode using the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with us on Twitter at @all3points, or leave us a comment here.

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  1. The slumped shoulders after yielding a goal by the players really speaks to their collective belief in the inability to generate offense.
    They know they cannot score.
    Discuss all we want about goalkeeping issues and general defensive lapses, and don’t get me wrong 2 to 2.5 goals against is abhorrent, but this team cannot score. Not a lick. And if they believed they could score- giving up one would not become the beginning of the end each week.
    It is ALL wrong…. from the 3 eyed fish in the Delaware under the bridge to the insulting $5 bottled water to the FO, to the manager, the players, the injuries, the red cards, the whole organism. Dis-Eased.

  2. “not that far away from a half way decent eastern conference team.”
    I believe misfortune follows the already downtrodden. “You make your own luck.” Absolutely.
    This team is 7 or 8 games from being considered one of the worst in MLS history and we are not that far from half way decent?
    There is no way this team is within sniffing distance of the sacred 6th seed. They are the worst team in the league and everything points to that truth.

  3. BTW. I listened to the whole PodCast and I enjoyed it ….as much as one could enjoy the gaper delay 18 wheel jackknifed wreck on the other side of the road. Thank you.
    It is all smoke in mirrors….you are spot on with Mo Edu rubbing his 5 o’clock shadow in the mirror thinking WTF have I done.

  4. Vert good podcast fellas. If we’re going to “emulate” Columbus, DC United, and teams the Union aspire to be like the ownerships and infrastructures need to be compared. The Union are at 6’s and 7’s from top to bottom. Until a competent and financially smart and competitive ownership,front office and coaching staff is put into place, the play on the field will continue to be mediocre to horrendous. 5 out of 6 years of futility. Until the media, fan base and SoB’s start hammering at the ownership and front office with passion and intensity, Surgarman and Sakiewicz will continue to hide in their isolated bubble and gerrymandered world.

    Sell this franchise to a competent and financially smart and competitive owner!!!


    • The league and the officiating do not respect the disorganization know as the Philadelphia Union! We deserve and demand better. As long as we are in the unenviable position of being stuck with Nick Sakiewicz, we will be mired in this mess for the unforeseeable future!!


  5. Lazlo Hollyfeld says:

    Love this podcast, fellas.
    Another noteworthy aspect of this fantastic website

    Seriously: are there any other third party MLS team websites in the same galaxy of daily content and general awesomeness as PSP ?!

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