KYW Philly Soccer Show

KYW Philly Soccer Show: Ray Gaddis

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union defender is the guest on the latest edition of the KYW Philly Soccer Show.

Gaddis joins KYW’s Greg Orlandini and PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch to talk about his move to right back and the team’s ongoing defensive struggles.

After that, CBS3′s Kevin Kinkead joins Greg and Eli and the gang talks more about the Union’s struggles.

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To listen to the pod, click on the player above or visit the Philly Soccer Show iTunes page. Follow the pod on Twitter at @KYWPhillySoccer.


  1. The Black Hand says:

    Ray “Uh” Gaddis…love that kid!!

  2. RADIO * BAD MUSIC CLIPS * RADIO . god damn that commercial break. damn it all to hell.

    • Eli Pearlman-Storch says:

      We are very sorry about that. As of now, we have absolutely no control over when, and at what volume, those ads are inserted into the show. We are working to remedy the situation and thank you for powering through the nuisance.

      • I know it’s out of your hands, Eli. A million thank yous for the show and everything you do.

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