Postgame quotes: Columbus Crew 4-1 Philadelphia Union

Jim Curtin

What can you take away from this game?

I actually thought the first fifteen minutes, our guys came out and played very well. From that point on, we got embarrassed for the rest of the first half. Came in at halftime, talked about guys showing more commitment, showing me who wants to stay on the field and be with the group. And I thought we actually pushed the game a little bit, had a decent second half.

But credit to Columbus. They’re a great team, they’re in good form right now, they’re confident. And I think they’re a top team in our league.

How will you prepare for Toronto?

We’ll go look at the tape. We’ll probably have some changes to our eleven for the next game, that’s for sure. Any time you give up four goals, there are some issues… in the whole group. So we’ll look at it from the forwards all the way back to the goalkeeper and we’ll evaluate everything in between and put the best group on the field to get a result against Toronto.

How do you think your team will respond to this loss?

They’re professionals. So they’re embarrassed. We got our asses kicked tonight. It’s unacceptable. But you have to get up off the mat. We want guys that are going to stick with this thing.

I learned a lot about a lot of players tonight, the guys that stuck with it and pushed and the guys who bailed out. You want to be able to look yourself in the mirror after a game and say that you gave everything. That’s what we talked about before the game, and I think we got a lot of answers. Especially in the second half, the guys that stuck with it.

Ray Gaddis

Initial thoughts?

Still processing the thoughts. It’s hard after a loss. First and foremost, a little bit disappointed with the outcome, obviously. But just a tough night.

What positives can you take away from this?

Eric Ayuk. He came on, scored a goal. Did what he’s supposed to do. And the team never let down and never gave up.

What can you build on for the Toronto game?

Just staying together as a team. And playing collectively as a group. It’s hard to say right now. We still need to look at some game film after tonight’s result.

Brian Carroll

Initial thoughts?

I thought the guys kept fighting even though we didn’t start well, we had to claw ourselves back. Everyone stuck together and kept on working for one another. It shows me we’re still together and guys care. And we are ready to pick ourselves up and do better going forward.

Was picking it up in the second half the big takeaway from this game?

That, and we don’t want to have this sick feeling at halftime again.

What can you build on for the Toronto game?

Really, we’re just looking for a win any way we can get it. Whether that’s making our own luck or whether that’s luck that happens, we’ll take it. We just want to stick together, work hard, and do what it takes to get a win.


  1. el pachyderm says:

    I wonder who stayed and who bailed in the opinion of the manager.
    Speaking of the manager: outclassed, outgunned, outhustled, outsmarted, ousted ? His team isn’t very good and that is no fault of his, but his team has NO identity and that is squarely his fault.
    Front Office Conversation: “Here’s an idea, eventhough we hired an unproven young manager that just failed, let’s do it again- cause, well- let’s just do it again- cause, well……”
    This is ALL wrong.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Let’s do it again because it’s easy, cheap, and we really don’t care how competitive we are.
      It is so painfully obvious that not only are the players not good enough, but neither is Curtain. It disgusts me that nothing is being done about it.

    • He looked shell shocked last night………………..

  2. Old Soccer Coach says:

    This game is the first one of This coach’s tenure in which they truly stank, because I think the 5-1 shellacking in LA last year was still Hackworth.
    Much more significant than this stink bomb will be how the team reacts to it via performance. No more speaking to the media by anyone. The only communication is performance on the field.
    Let the injured heal fully before putting them back out there. Learn what you can about everyone on the roster.
    And give Curtin credit for realizing that the first step to build something was to remove M’Bohli.

    • Sometimes I wonder. Hackworth removed Adu and nothing changed and more to the point the rest of the team is starting to take the qualities the Mbohli had. They are listless, argumentative and not confident. Is the Mbohlis fault too?

      • Yeah, but both managers were strapped with a misallocation of resources. The Rais money should have given us one more CB and fullback. That’s what we need.

  3. This was an abject disgrace. The team appears to have no life, no direction, no fight. Come on U….don’t become the Phillies!

  4. 700 Chopper says:

    I would have loved if he resigned on the spot

  5. I know that a lot of people want Curtin gone. I am going to disagree with that sentiment.
    I would rather see Curtin stay the whole season. The front office, which I have no confidence in at all, should spend that time (the whole season) looking for a replacement.
    The fact is, this team has maybe 8 players on the roster who are MLS starters. The rest of the roster is a bunch of fill in players, or 30 minute or less substitutes.
    No new coach is going to salvage this season. Not only that but we gain nothing by rushing into another ‘interim’ coach deal for the second half of the season.
    The roster is a mess, the front office is a joke. For once I want them to slow down, stop making awful rushed decisions (on both player movement decisions, and coaching decisions), and just maybe they won’t screw up so bad.
    Who am I kidding? The FO is a joke.

    • The only real reason I would want Curtin gone at this point is to signal change to Maidana, Nogs and Aristeguieta. We need them naw and in the future. If you were them why the hell would you stay?

  6. Sell this franchise to a competent and financially competitive owner!

    • pragmatist says:

      You keep saying that they should sell, but you ignore the fact that no one is looking to buy. I appreciate the dream, but there is no savior on a white horse out there.

      • Its just semantics, but I think its more that no one will be looking to buy at the overvalued price the current ownership group will ask. If you think about it, on paper this team right now is worth no more than whatever the current expansion fee is. The stadium is owned by the taxpayers, and despite being brand new, is located in a shit heap with horrible parking and public transportation, and a horrible element in the surrounding area. If it isn’t already, the stadium’s location will be a detriment to the team’s success in future years. The players on the team are monetarily worth jack shit, and from the lack of player salaries, I can only assume that they’ve accrued massive debt in order to cover the initial expansion fee.
        If the ownership group is willing to sell for what the team is actually worth I think there’ll be plenty of offers, but we all know that Sak and Sugarman are too greedy to accept a fair offer.

      • el pachyderm says:

        I would argue the choice to put the stadium where it is may or may not have been wise and may or may not be ideal, but the area where the stadium is and it’s ‘element’ are not horrible. We are capable of drawing towards ourselves the energy we emit in this little play of human relationships. Mindful.

      • “…but the area where the stadium is and it’s ‘element’ are not horrible.”
        Are you truly trying to claim that Chester isn’t a dangerous place? It’s the second most dangerous city in the entire United States (per capita), with 57 annual crimes per 1,000 residents, and more than 5 times as many annual violent crimes per capita than the nation on average.
        I’m not going to post a source to this website. last time I did that for one of my posts my comment was blocked I guess by some automatic measure PSP uses, but a quick google search will clearly verify that data. (I used neighborhood scout)
        If you’re offended by my previous comment because you live there or something…well, then I guess I’m sorry…that you live there.

      • el pachyderm says:

        I’m not offend at all just offering a differing perspective.

  7. So Curtin says some guys quit in the 2nd half.
    Curtin’s handpicked coach and captain says – no one quit.
    So the 1st question that should be asked by Jonathan on Monday is – “Jim, if you’re not even on the same page as your player/coach, how can you possibly be on the same page with the other 24 guys on the team?”
    #CurtinOut #SakOut #FreeThisFranchise

    • If Mo said that………that really doesn’t bode well for Jim. That’s your captain directly contradicting what your coach is saying…………that’s real bad.

  8. I don’t think firing Jim Curtin does any good at this point. What needs to happen IMHO is to hire an experienced general manager to give this team an identity through player signings. Let that GM decide at the end of the year if Curtin stays or goes. This team needs some continuity.

    • I LIKE this idea! Curtin is cat food unless he pulls a rabbit out of his hat, but why panic and run the risk of another coach who is incapable of leading in this league. Do it right, even if it takes a season.

      • el pachyderm says:

        Here’s my suggestion.
        REWRITE YOUR ENTIRE BUSINESS PLAN. Scratch the one you have- NOT working- – unless that is, your goal in this thing is to be A LAUGHINGSTOCK. If being A LAUGHINGSTOCK is the business plan, congratulations Mr. Sugarman and Mr. Sakiewicz, you are a resounding success.
        If being a LAUGHINGSTOCK is not your business plan, book a plane ticket Mr. Sugarman and Mr. Sakiewicz, hop on an airbus to Amsterdam, tour the city for a day or two, enjoy yourself then go directly to the Ajax Academy – find your future coach and assistant coach there. Hire an American GM familiar with MLS laws, bylaws, and dark corridors.
        Invest in these 2 things for the next five to seven years. Hoist the MLS Cup, The Supporters Shield or the Lamar Hunt Cup or all three- go for it- win a treble. Allow your money to make more money for you as people from far and wide decide they want what you have- they want your youth players, they want your veterans, they want your brand.
        Do the smartest thing you have ever done, hire someone from one of the greatest academies and clubs in the world. There is AJAX spawn all over the globe. Find him. Hire him. Give him the keys. Rejoice. Revel.

  9. One positive was not playing Williams. Hopefully we can all agree that McCarthy cannot start another game if Blake is 75%

  10. James Lockerbie says:

    Here’s how Monday’s mtg will start The last two seasons we have pushed but just missed the playoffs despite the ownership. Now this team is not last years team.

  11. James Lockerbie says:

    Sorry, I want to be happy and support a team, but I share with you my thoughts on how Saturday’s game played out.

  12. Had a thought today as I was chewing over how bad the Union were yesterday. I thought they’d be better. I like Curtin and I understand the idea of trying to be clever and sign and develop players I a limited budget. I think the issue is you can develop a team or develop a coach. You can’t do both at the same time. A more experienced coach might be able to make something useful out of this team. And Curtin would be more successful with a team that is better quality and has had more time to develop as a team. What we see going on now and have to be ready for is a 2013 DC United with Ben Olson. That team won 3 games. (They did win the open cup that year, or though, but were awful in league play).

    Good news is I just watched Altidore seal a win here for Toronto…. Maybe they won’t feel he need to demolish us this weekend.

  13. Just look how great the RedBulls are playing and how that team totally changed in a year. Use that as your template on what to do.

    • Not sure but I think that RB payroll is quite a bit larger than the Union, even without Henry.

      • This year less so than last year, but the concept and execution could have been achieved by the Union. Already too late for this year, but this team must revamp now for next year. athleticism and organization is the only way to circumvent lack of budget.

    • I love the Columbus model……..they can ball!

      • The Black Hand says:

        You mean the ‘build a team around that COMPLIMENTS your strengths’ model??? Yeah…we did the other thing. We zigged…should have zagged…

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