Postgame video: Union 1-2 Revolution

Photo and video: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Jim Curtin’s postgame press conference

Postgame interviews with Maurice Edu, Zach Pfeffer, Sheanon Williams and John McCarthy

Postgame wrap with Eli Pearlman-Storch and Mike Servedio


  1. 1 observation. Jim Curtin had an oh oh busted moment regarding the Brian Carroll substitution. Probably why he got all bush league with his response. It makes me wonder yet again this year if he is truly capable of making in game coaching decisions. As a tactical move it made more sense to sub in White and move Edu up rather than drag out BC. This organization is stuck on stupid when it comes to BC. If it was Curtin’s plan to bring in BC regardless then that’s BS. The Union sucked yet again in possession. This is a stat while not a major deal for most teams is an absolute indictment of the Union’s pathetic basic professional level skill on the ball. You grab a lead and you bunker even more? It’s no longer a secret about how to beat Gaddis. Beaten by the same move 2nd week in a row.
    Le Toux needs to stay in his lane or sit the hell down. Aristeguieta needs service. If Letoux tried to pull that crap on Casey he’d be looking for his teeth in the Delaware. Way to go Eli. The honeymoon is over!
    Time to start Blake. There is nothing wrong with giving him some starts. McCarthy is doing a solid job with a few glitches here and there. He can not carry this team.
    Loved the comments by the ESPN commentators regarding the total BS regarding the MBolhi signing. Now the national and international media know what an embarrassing joke the Union ownership and front office are. There’s an article coming out about this Keystone Cop Dog and Pony show an I can’t wait!

    Sell this franchise to a competent and financially competitive owner!


  2. First time I’ve ever heard Edu sound disappointed and look somewhat pissed that they blew another game. Hopefully someone starts throwing shit around that locker room.

  3. How is no one asking about the crisis of confidence that Andrew Wenger is having?
    This is a guy who was being raved about and he’s not only lost his position, but he looks terrified on the field. Allowing that ball to drop right beside him, which led to the game winning goal is so far from professional. I’ve never seen a Union player dressed down the way he was by Edu, yet not one question in this presser about it.

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