Postgame video: Union 2-1 NYCFC

Photo and video: Daniel Studio

Jim Curtin’s postgame press conference

Postgame locker room interviews with Zach Pfeffer, Maurice Edu, Vincent Nogueira, and John McCarthy

Postgame wrap with Mike Servedio and Kevin Kinkead


  1. What a great game! (relative to what we’ve seen so far this season) M’Bolhi certainly proved to be the source of this team’s disheartenment, or at the very least placing all the blame on him and removing him proved to be the catalyst for cohesion.
    One of the constants (and the most effective imo) between this game and the regulation time against SKC was Ayuk; he was a driving force in both games. He has a great defensive work-rate and a high defensive IQ. He has the ball skills of Nogueira, the heart and determination of Danny Cruz, and the speed of Raymon Gaddis. Add to that the kickass celebration (even though it technically deflected off of Pfeffer before going in). What a find this guy was! I don’t want to overhype him, but I think he’s shown he deserves strong consideration for a starting spot, even when Sapong, Maidana and Nando all become 100%.
    I’ve got to say though, one of the best improvements in this game was the availability of midfielders crashing the box. I don’t know if that’s a coaching change or if it’s just because of the different players (Pfeffer and Ayuk). But if we want that kind of scoring to continue, one of Pfeffer and Ayuk will have to be in the game at all times. Maidana will almost never crash the box when the ball is on the wing.
    When everyone’s healthy, assuming we’re sticking with a 4-2-3-1, I think the best lineup will be:
    Le Toux/Wenger—–Maidana———-Ayuk
    Ayuk’s speed and physicality will compensate for Maidana’s lackthereof, and Maidana’s heads up play will compensate for Ayuk’s lackthereof. On the left wing it’s a decision between Le Toux and Wenger. They’ve both been almost useless before this past game, so I’d go with whoever has better defensive positioning. I’m not an expert, but imo it’s Le Toux who’s better defensive positioning. If anyone knows better please correct me.
    I think when the summer transfer window comes around that Curtin needs to be tough with Edu. Instead of looking for a CB and moving Edu back to midfield, Curtin needs to look for a CDM/CM and man up and tell Edu: “The team is better when you’re at CB, your play is better when you’re at CB, and your chances at USMNT are better at CB.” I realize Edu is just wanting to have fun playing the game, but he’s paid to perform first, have fun later. Maybe if he was paid an average MLS salary I’d be ok with him just resting on his laurels, but he’s our most expensive player.
    All in all, the Union played great yesterday. Let’s hope they can continue with this form through the rest of the season.

    • With all due respect,Edu when asked directly (time after time) what his preferred position is has said that he prefers CM. He’s also said unequivocally that he’ll play where ever he’s needed and when at CB he performs better than most in MLS. There is no drama there and no there there and no “man up” needed. Edu has also said he still has the ability to get up on offence when the situation dictates it from CB. You ask any professional player where the y prefer to play they’ll tell you and like Noguiera if it’s needed they will play where ever the coach asks with no drama. I respect you point of view but I don’t think Edu is causing any problems. One of the reasons the Union went ahead and signed Edu to a contract was because he was willing to play CB if needed.

      • Also note that had the Valdes drama not come about none of this would be an issue.

      • I think it might still be. Valdes was loaned to a Uruguayan side where out of more than 720 possible minutes he’s played only 180, and accumulated 2 yellow cards. If he’s having that bad of a season there, just imagine how bad he’d be here. It seems that all of the knee problems we were hearing about weren’t just negotiation tactics.

      • Valdes is getting poor advice from his “agents.” He and his advisers have screwed him up royally. Valdes as much as I like him is dumb. There are more and more players in MLS who are playing for their national teams. He made it very easy for the Union to loan him out. Besides I he’s not in the best condition knees and all. If he’d stayed hear he would have been better off.

      • The Chopper says:

        Carlos is done. He used himself up in working to make the national team for the Cup. He realized his dream, but expended what was left of his knees and body and will no longer be a full time starter for anyone.

      • I have no doubt that Edu will play CB with no drama when it’s needed. That’s not my point. My issue is will Edu be willing to play CB when there is no need? i.e. when our talent at CB and CDM is on equal footing. All else equal. I think he’s better at CB than CDM and consequently that our team would be better with Edu at CB than CDM, all else equal. Right now, Edu has no problem playing CB only because it’s clear that White isn’t up to the task (Lahoud > White). So what happens when (other than Edu) our CBs are just as good as our CDMs? i.e. when Curtin doesn’t make him go back to CB. Does he choose his happiness at a position over the team’s performance?

      • I guess what I mean by Curtin needs to man up is will Curtin be able to tell Edu he needs him at CB when it’s not actually a need, but rather a preference? Right now, it seems that if it’s not absolutely needed, that Edu’s preference comes before Curtin’s.

      • I hear you but it’s not an issue and no amount of what if’s or dream scenarios come into play here. Edu’s latest interviews says if it’s working he’s fine with it. There was a fear that Lahoud wouldn’t have what it takes to be consistent as a starter. Besides if Edu wants back on the USMNT CB is his best option and he knows it and has spoken about it. He was very disappointed at not making the WC squad. If Jermaine Jones is being looked at as a CB for the USMNT then Edu should really get some notice.

      • I think that Lahoud has been a better CDM than Edu, as well.

  2. It was great to hear Noguiera’s voice. Great finnish! Could tell they were having fun out there. I want to see them completely healthy.


    • Interesting to hear him talk about his frustrations with the team’s inability to keep possession. I guess what we were all reading into the exasperated looks on the field was accurate.

  3. Great interviews…great read on this site…couldn’t attend this one due to family duties out of state….hoping to see a replay of this one… Doop!!

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