Postgame quote sheet: Fire 1-0 Union

Philadelphia Union postgame quotes

Jim Curtin

On the loss

Yeah, we aren’t creating enough offensively. Been limited by teams and we have to do a better job of creating chances. We didn’t have a shot on goal which is disappointing. At the same time we had a couple instances in the first half where we were three on three; we actually had a breakaway where we didn’t put in shot on goal. Our decision making in both boxes is critical. We’ve come up short, to be honest. I always preach being the better team in both boxes. Defensively, we’ve come up short now on free kicks. Attacking wise, we haven’t been good in our box offensively, either.

On the lack of depth from injury and suspension

We started to push things a little bit in the second half. We came at them a little. Andrew [Wenger] and Sebastian [Le Toux] put a lot of running into it. There was a moment where we thought about subbing them earlier and then we started getting a little momentum. We created some chances. Andrew had a couple good runs in him. We went with Fred. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out with the silly red card.

On whether the red card causes trouble

It’s tough. You’re pushing the game, the tempo and the ball is starting to go our way. We were on them, not letting them get out of their end. Then the red card happens, and now we are down a man. Credit to guys on the field though, they pushed hard. We came up short on the day.

On the goal

We gave up a silly foul. We actually clear the ball and Ethan [White] gets into a pushing match with the guy. The ball is already gone. The play could have been over. Instead we foul and now we’re giving up a free kick in a dangerous spot. And then Shipp puts in a good ball and they got on the end of it. Too loose of a mark, obviously. I’ll have to look at the tape. Watching it live, it was very lax defending on our part.

On how he feels the last two games have worked out

I’m a competitive guy. I have competitive guys in our locker room. Not happy with the performance. We weren’t good enough on the day. I don’t think we had an opportunity. They’re missing guys, we are missing guys, but that’s no excuse. We should have played a better game today. I was disappointed on how we came out. They got in behind us a bunch in the first half, we fouled up a lot of three on threes that we had, because they keep a high back line, and we had chances to break through but we fouled up the final pass a lot. We know that four games have gone by now and we only have two points. We are not happy with that at all. We’re going to be chasing it a bit now. We have to get our first three and get it behind us, and then go from there.

Maurice Edu

On how much the red card changed the game

Obviously it makes it difficult. Trying to get back into a game, and then you go down a man just makes the burden a little bit harder. To be fair, credit to the guys we still played well with ten men. Felt like we put them under a lot more pressure than they did us in the second half. We were just unfortunate to not get that tying goal.

On the frustration with having a red card ejection in two consecutive games

I can’t really tell you until I see the play, but it’s unfortunate. It’s part of soccer and you have to deal with situations that aren’t predictable. I think the guys did well to adjust to that. Never put our heads down and kept fighting to the last whistle. We came up a little short today.

On what the team could be better at

Just being a little bit better in the final third. I think we’ve been putting ourselves in decent positions, but that final ball, whether it’s a cross or it’s a decision to beat a guy one versus one and take a shot for yourself, or create a play for someone else, that final decision, that final ball, has to be better for us. I thought we did well to put ourselves in dangerous situations, but today we weren’t sharp enough. We weren’t clinical enough to get the goal we needed.

On feeling pressure as team who have not had a win

I wouldn’t say it’s pressure, but as professionals, you want to win games. To be four games in now, and feel like we’ve done enough in some games to get a win and not get that result is disappointing. Again, we have a good spirit, and a good upbeat locker room, and we believe in each other-it’s a long season. All we have to do now is get back to training, work hard and prepare ourselves for the next game.

On the team’s response in the next two matches

I think the biggest thing now is how we react, how we respond. It would be easy to put our heads down and feel bad for ourselves and feel like the world is against us, because we’ve gone two games without getting goals, but that’s the easy route. That’s not what we’re looking to do. We want to respond. We want to go out there and get a win. Figure out the problems on the field. Training is easy. It’s easy to work our scenarios and when things are kind of scripted. In a real game, a lot of things are unpredictable. Things happen on the fly. It’s not about you. It’s about every man being accountable and standing up and being able to react in situations. I think collectively as group we have to be better.

Andrew Wenger

On frustration on not getting on the scoreboard

For me, yes. For the team, yes. We just need to go back and do the simple things. Really, I am talking about myself right now. Just kind of simplify it and get the season going our way. We have to remember we still have good players on our team. Guys that need to find a way to simplify things and get back to what we are good at.

On wanting a chance to take a shot back

Yes [I want it back]. I should have shot it. I got crunched before that. I actually think I should haven’t even shot it and should have gone down. My ankle is destroyed at the moment. So that’s an easy yes. To both of the decisions I made. I picked the worst of the three. If they worked out, I’d look great right now, but they didn’t. I’ll be better next time.

Chicago Fire postgame quotes

Frank Yallop

On getting the first win

From a viewpoint of points, it’s fantastic to win our first game, especially at home. It’s probably the best we’ve played for 55 minutes. We created chances, and felt we dominated most of the play. When the red card came, we really sat back and waited to see how the game turned out, where we should have been on the front foot, making a difference, and really punishing the team we’re playing against. Philadelphia hung in there, they had their moments, but we should have put the game away before the 55th or 60th minute mark. We’ll work on it, we’ll look at the game tape, and make sure that we continue the way we attack. I thought the first half was excellent, but we have to work on the things that we didn’t do in the second half that could have cost us the game.

On performance improvements

I’ve been seeing it in the performances, but obviously the results have not been there for us. I thought we played very well in the second half against San Jose; we created a number of chances to get back into that game. But, obviously, you have to finish your chances. We did finish the one set play that we had. I think Kennedy [Igboananike] had two, I think Quincy [Amarikwa] had a couple of chances, including a handball that may have been a penalty kick…but I was very happy with our all-around movement and play in the final third, which we worked on all week. We weren’t as dynamic with our runs in San Jose; this week, we worked on it, and we looked quite dangerous each time we attacked. I think those are very encouraging signs; we just need to finish out those chances when they come.

On the importance of the victory to team morale

I think it’s huge. Starting a season 0-3 is obviously never good for anybody. I felt the performances should have gotten us a bit more; maybe a point, a win, or something like that in the other three games, but that’s football. The most important thing about this match was, we got three points against a conference opponent. We have another big game coming up Saturday, next week; now we can digest this game, work on what we didn’t do, and get ready for the next big hurdle we have next Saturday against Toronto. Hopefully David [Accam] and Shaun [Maroney] come through their games unscathed, and we have a full complement of players, but we’re pretty close to having those guys back and having a squad to compete and play well.

On scoring concerns

The chances we had, normally, you see them fly in. The big thing is the creation of chances. It was a bobbly, windy day, and especially on the Kennedy header, as he jumped up, he said he swung back and couldn’t get a good knot on it. But if you look at Kennedy’s performances, he’s in some good spots; there’s the one that Harry slips in, he should score, but at least he hit the target and was a little bit unlucky with that…I think the header might have been [wind-aided], but the one Harry [Shipp] slipped in that Kennedy struck with his left foot, on another time, that goes in for 2-0, and it helps out big time in the match. When [the lead] is at 1, you’re always protecting that; I felt we over-protected our lead as a group. We were trying from the bench to get the information to our players to get out of our half for the last 15 or 20 minutes. It was difficult, but we’ll look at it and work on it. But the 3 points were very important.

On the midfield’s performance

The way that Harry [Shipp] comes inside naturally, Mike [Stephens] reads his plays, and drops towards the right side. We had Harry starting on the right side, Matt [Polster] and Mike on the middle, and [Joevin Jones] wide left. With the 4-4-2, I wanted to create more chances to get goals, which worked for the first half and the first 60 minutes of the game. Harry is a player that sees the game a little differently to most players; he drifts around and has to find his space. But I think Mike does a nice job of complementing him a little bit, slotting into spots that Harry leaves. I want our players to move around, I want them to be a little uncomfortable for the opposition to pick up, and I think we did it perfectly in the first half; guys were popping up all over, getting in behind them, sliding people in, and all those things that you really work on and want to happen. Harry’s one of those guys that really reads that kind of attacking stuff well. Matt Polster is playing very well in his spot. He’s a young kid, pretty bright head on his shoulders soccer-wise. I think he has handled his first three games really well. I thought he ran out of gas a little in the game today, but that’s kind of a normal emotional thing given what we put into the first 60 or so minutes. Having said that, our balance was pretty good, but our last 15-20 minutes was not what we, the fans, I, and [the media] wanted to see. We got through it, but we have to work on that and make sure we are a 90 minute team, which we were last week; I thought we pressed the issue against San Jose, as we were in the front foot the entire second half. We have to learn from that, because that last bit was not good. But, I thought the first 55 was excellent from us.

On creating goals

You can work on finishing, but it’s not always easy. Philadelphia didn’t score either, and they have some pretty good players out there. It’s not easy scoring goals. The big thing for us is that we’re in good spots. If we keep working on finishing, they will go in at some point, but we scored one goal today and won the game, and we created some good chances to get the second one. I’m not worried; if we didn’t create any chances, I would be worried.

On the play of Kennedy Igboananike

I think he did well. It’s not easy for players to come over and settle quickly. Some do, some don’t, some take a while, some want to get the feel of the team before they grow as a person and teammate. I think Kennedy is one of those quite kids that thrives in confidence. I thought he had a good performance today; good 60 minutes, lively, almost scores two goals. If he notches those two goals, [you would have said] “what a great signing,” and all those things; he didn’t score, but it’s not like he’s running around and giving the ball away. I thought he and Quincy [Amarikwa] worked well together today; he liked the formation, they were active, they worked well, one underneath, one high. I was pleased with Kennedy’s performance; I pulled him before the game…and said, “play with confidence, play like you’re starting out again, just go play.” Enjoy the moment, don’t worry about the outcome, because if you worry about the outcome, you won’t play well. But I thought he played well today.

On the left side’s play

David [Accam] and Shaun [Maroney] are coming back next weekend, and I’ll make sure we have the right team to play against Toronto. I thought [Joevin Jones] was outstanding today, to be honest. The first half, I thought his movement was good; he’s very good running with the ball, he dips inside, and plays that tucked-in midfielder position very well, but he does get on outside as well and whips in a good ball in. I thought he was good, and Lovel backed him up well. Obviously in the second half we sat back a little, so that’s the last thing I’m thinking about, that we couldn’t get out from that side, or either side. But they’re both experienced players, they have both been around for a while, Joevin is younger, but Lovel’s been around this league for a while, and he did a real solid job. Back four was good; they didn’t really have too many wake-up chances, they had more mature chances in the second half, but no real wake-up where [Philadelphia] should have scored. So I have to tip my hat to the back four and goalkeeper for that.


On getting the shutout

This is our job. Doesn’t matter if I score, if Jeff scores. It was important to do our job. We’re so happy about this. We got the clean sheet and we have to keep this energy, this enthusiasm and I’m sure that if we keep this, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to win every game but it means that every game is going to be very hard for the opponent, and we will have many chances to get the three points.

On getting ready for the next match

Now we have to switch our focus. I have to think about going home and rest to prepare to have a nice and tough week. It’s better to suffer during the week and be fit for the weekend than the other way. We are happy about the week we did during the week. The whole team spoke yesterday that we should do something different. I think we did it. As I said before, if we ask each one of you who was the best player, nobody is going to say the same player so it means everybody did his job and this is the most important thing.

On the goal

I’m so excited. It’s so funny because my family arrived on Friday, my son, my wife and my mother-in-law, and before the game I said, ‘today I will score for you,’ I said to my baby. And when I scored, it was such a nice moment I will never forget.

Jeff Larentowicz

On the match

I thought that we put together a pretty good game, for the majority of it. I thought we were definitely the better team in the first half and rewarded ourselves with the goal and go into halftime with the lead. It’s nice to score the first goal in a game. I think there are a lot of times where we’re fighting back but we scored first, which was good for us and top of that we kept the clean sheet.

On the play of the backline

I think for us today it was important to keep pressure on the other team, it was almost like we didn’t want the ball to get to the back line. There were times, where , especially in the first half, where we turned over the ball and were able to get at them right away. I think that’s the key. The best defense is a good offense and if we can attack them higher up the field it will create chances.

On the partnership on the right side with Eric Gehrig

Eric has been very good, he’s a player that brings the same intensity whether it’s training or games, and he’s a guy you can count on back there. Him being on my side, we’ve developed a bit of a relationship and an understanding with each other which is important. The more you play together the more you understand each other and it’s going to continue to develop and grow and hopefully we have more of these clean sheets to come.


  1. shhhh….. I’m meditating.
    om nama shivaya. om nama shivaya. om nama shivaya.

  2. The excuse this year is injuries right? This organization from top to bottom is “Keystone Cops,” What a total joke they are. On a real team with any kind of depth Wenger, Le Toux, Gaddis , and White would be 2nd and 3rd options coming off of the bench. The rest of the starters today were an absolute joke. How can Sugarman and this feckless ownership group possibly think this is acceptable in the 4th largest sports and media market in the country and 2nd on the US east coast? How can being mid-level to worst in MLS be ok with them? I would like to know what kind of practices Jim Curtin and staff run. The skill with the ball is laughable. They lose every 2nd ball and fall flat on the faces in the offensive zone.The backline no matter what combo is out there is shite!Mbohi sleeps through the whole game! Where are the SoB’s? Why aren’t they publicly calling this ownership out? We need financially competitive ownership in order to compete with our biggest rival in the league. This fan base deserves better then a bottom feeding 2nd rate outpost as the Philadelphia MLS franchise. No more lame excuses should be accepted from this dog and pony show. Bring in skilled players so that we don’t have to rely on so many players on this team with inadequate pro soccer skills and IQ’s. This organization needs to have a GM put in place immediately, and not some wait and see temp. There is no way Curtin and Albright should be the ones making player acquisitions and moves. This organization is a complete embarrassment!

    • Been telling everyone for awhile now LCB, nobody wants to listen, the name on the front of the jersey should be the name on the back of the jersey as the sponsor of this team is…. Chico’s Bail Bonds.

      • LOL, Thank you Joel. You always know when to bring a much needed laugh to the situation. If you’re ever in NYC let me know, you drinks are on me. I hang out at Nevada Smith’s on the east side and Wogies in the Village. If I get you drunk enough I’m going to convince you to do stand up at Gotham Comedy Club. Thanks again 🙂

      • Last time I was in NY was The Feast of San Genero on Canal St. What a shut faced mess. Legend has it I went down like Bobby Kennedy.

      • Oh oh were cell phones with cameras around then? Could it possibly be the next viral sensation?

      • My sister watches footie there. I was at Smith’s for the RedBull/Rev semi-final. I had a blast trolling the NYRB fans.

    • pragmatist says:

      We may care and be pissed off, but financial investors are seeing new franchises paying $100M to enter the league. Sugarman and the co-owers don’t need to put a good product on the field to turn a profit.
      It’s a cold-blooded way of looking at things, but you need to remember that Donald Sterling didn’t give a sh*t if his team won, because he knew his investment would return a healthy profit.
      We are the Clippers of MLS.

      Enjoy that thought-bomb.

  3. Love how our captain and former national team member, Edu, makes no mention of his fully blown half shot/half pass. He is as indecisive and tentative as the most inexperienced players in MLS. I dont know if Curtin ever reads them the riot act when they look this horrible, but for once id like the captain to say we flat out stink right now, rather than sounding like a little league coach telling his team to just go put there and try hard. No personality, no heart, and lets just try harder fellas. Pathetic.

    • The entire organization is doing it, all talking points and cliches…aka BS! If you’re calling out one then you call out everyone involved with this circus.

      • Im not letting anyone slide. They usually post his comments along with curtin’s so that’s why.

  4. Jim Curtin is looking more and more like he’s not ready for this gig. That’s a huge problem. It shows that whoever is making the decisions on hiring coaches has no idea what they are doing. This organization never learns from mistakes on or off the field.

    • He was cheap and easy, did I say cheap?

    • Which is a complete shame, as I do think he’s a valuable asset to the organization, albeit one that may have been better off groomed for a couple more years first.

      Maidana and Williams – please get well soon. Very soon. We don’t seem even a little bit dangerous without you.

    • Curin was cheapest option, thus the signing….like the guy and wish him and the team success but he’s set up to fail with this roster…no depth, to many inadequate players.

  5. At the top flight level…… have to fear your gaffer, you have to fear your captain. I don’t think these guys give two shits about either…….they definitely don’t fear Jim…..or what Fred did yesterday doesn’t happen. Ask any dude in the EPL if they fear Jose, Van Gal, Wenger, etc…….I bet the answer is a resounding YES. And yes, while Murinho is buddy-buddy with his boys…….they all know that they better do exactly what he wants….or their a$$ is toast! He also has John Terry and Didier Drogba as his enforcers………you have to deal with those two before Jose even gets a chance to yell at you……….I don’t see any chain of command from our club…it seems like romp-a-room! Koombaya….we are good enough, strong enough, and darn it….people like us!

  6. It’s always the same thing, follow the (lack of) money:

    $-low-coast coach
    $-low-cost general manager
    $-inexpensive left backs and center back
    $-no depth
    $-on-loan discards from other clubs
    $-players leave the second they can make more money elsewhere
    $-players shown the door the second they look like they will want more money
    $-senior players who know what’s up and play like it
    $-unpaved parking lots
    $-few, if any, stadium improvements
    $-near-term focus on cash for jersey sponsorship instead of long-term view of having BIMBO on the shirt.
    $-resources spent on an academy that is not technically owned by the team
    $-no marketing

    Thank God MLS plays on FIFA dates.

  7. Post game quote sheet for the next game vs KC (and then vs NYC and again vs NYC:

    “It’s frustrating not to get a result.”

    “Obviously, we were pressing hard until the 3 red cards, and that killed momentum.”

    “We have to be better in the final third.”

    “I believe in these guys and we will start turning it around.”

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Book it. There is a time / date stamp on your comment. I want to see it next Sunday night. I will bet you are dead on.

  8. The Black Hand says:

    When are we going to start “punching above our weight”…or at all? My guess is July.

  9. Amobi Ribiero says:

    How are things in Philly? Just checking in.

  10. Hey tough guys. Sack up and buy the team. Run it like all your fantasy teams. Wet your pants when you hear the whiney fans like you toads start being harsh….suck it up buttercups your bitcheyness is getting as old as the Union excuses.

    • Good one Neal. Tune in to 94.1 or 97.5 today for an hour or two and listen to that Eagles bitching did ya- you know same old same old- call in occasionally for a good rant with Angelo or Miss- or better….you’re a NY fan — but live in North Jersey – or hey, maybe you like the opera.
      Whatever it is, I’m sure you are above it all buddy.
      You know, the funny thing is, if we had a legitimate professional format here, we could build a team and crash the party…be accountable, as it is, we just get to wet our pants with all this bitchyness.

    • Neal… seem upset? Your wrapped too tight around the axle bro……………let it go. Or, do you work for the FO?

  11. Section 115 says:

    Because this kind of disappointment only happens in the Schuylkill Corridor. As my very good friend intones when someone says something inane, “You dropt what?” which translates roughly to…. “Go shit in your hat.”
    Have a nice day.

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