Union / Week in Tweets

The Week in Tweets

photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Same tweets, new day! Keep the #askPSP questions coming! We’ll try to keep answering and we’ll track some of the best ones for this post every week. As always: A look at the last week in tweets through the Union players and our readers. Want to see your tweets here? Hit us up at @PhillySoccerPg and say something that catches our attention.

It snowed and the game was postponed and we didn’t get to see the yellow ball.

Union loss to Dallas

Some of the questions to #askPSP were better than others

Austin Berry’s adventures in Asia

Danny Cruz’ adventures in Norway

Sunday footy

I have that same suit. Okay, not really.

Meet and Greet

Humble beginnings

Athletes not immune to potholes

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  1. For a language I have no idea whats going on in I always thought Korean looked pretty sharp.

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