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In pictures: Opening day in the River End

Photo by Earl GardnerVolunteers were on site before 11 am preparing for the season’s first tailgate at the new SoB lot.

Photo by Earl Gardner
Dogfish Head Breweries supplied several kegs of 60 Minute IPA. Mother Nature supplied the snow.

Photo by Earl GardnerVolunteer Amy Barnes checks in guests.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Union’s Mark Evans checks in with capos before the first match of the season.

Photo by Earl GardnerStadium crews worked extremely hard to prepare the stadium for the match.

Photo by Earl GardnerFlags have now been moved to the back of the River End. Big thumbs up for this!

Photo by Earl GardnerTifo is hung from the front rail with care.

Photo by Earl GardnerPaying respects to Officer Robert Wilson III.

Photo by Earl GardnerGrounds crews start marking out the lines on the pitch.

Photo by Earl GardnerSons of Ben tailgate organizer Ami Rivera and the Union’s Dave Rowan.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe 1st Annual Stache Bash Bucket Ball Tournament.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe turnout for the new tailgate spot was tremendous.

Photo by Earl GardnerNever a shortage of quality raffles items.

Photo by Earl GardnerContender for the Stache competition.

Photo by Earl GardnerRyan Bross had the gnarliest stache of the day.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Special Olympics Britt Kleine came by to pick up donations collected by the Sons of Ben.

Photo by Earl GardnerSelfie Inception?

Photo by Earl GardnerThis year’s champ, everyone’s favorite capo, Andy Pace.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe march into PPL Park returns.

Photo by Earl GardnerLarge numbers of supporters joined in on the march.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe Red City SoB’s Fun Time Oasis is a welcome addition to the new SoB Lot.

Photo by Earl Gardner
What we’ve all been waiting for.

Photo by Earl GardnerSupporting the Angel City Brigade and Eric Shertz’s spirit.

Photo by Earl Gardner4 Leaf Clover.

Photo by Earl GardnerMake your voices heard.

Photo by Earl GardnerKids were found all over the River End…

Photo by Earl Gardnerhaving fun with their families…

Photo by Earl Gardner…and playing the drums.

Photo by Earl GardnerEveryone was happy to be back.

Photo by Earl GardnerSome kept their emotions hidden.

Photo by Earl GardnerFrustration is never in short supply.

Photo by Earl GardnerNo one is particularly fond of the refs.

Photo by Earl GardnerHope and confusion.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe return of Conor Casey.

Photo by Earl GardnerThe sun sets on the river end.

 For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Great work as always, nice shot of the Officer Wilson tribute…

  2. Joe Schmo says:

    I love the flags at the top instead of draped over the front railing. Displaying them has always been a nice tribute to the players, but they look classier up there. Man, I miss the River End. I’ll be back when my son is older. At least I can stand where I am now and sing softly to myself.

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