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In Pictures: Union Open Practice, Jan. 30, 2015

PSP photographer Earl Gardner was at the Union’s open practice on Friday. Here’s a look at what he saw.

Photo by Earl GardnerCoach Jim Curtin has a pre-training chat with the squad.

Photo by Earl GardnerPlayers stretch out before the session.

Photo by Earl GardnerKevin Miller leads the warm ups.

Photo by Earl GardnerAcademy keeper Andrew Verdi.

Photo by Earl GardnerAndre Blake makes a save.

Photo by Earl GardnerFabinho and Maidana with Hermes Palomino.

Photo by Earl GardnerUnion Academy forward Yosef Samuel.

Photo by Earl GardnerDraftee Aaron Simmons.

Photo by Earl GardnerTrialist Eric Ayuk Mbu.

Photo by Earl GardnerUnion Academy U-18 player Derrick Amaniampong.

Photo by Earl GardnerDraft pick Dzenan Catic.

Photo by Earl GardnerJohn McCarthy wonders what everyone is looking at.

Photo by Earl GardnerTrialist Coady Andrews.

Photo by Earl GardnerFull field scrimmage at YSC Sports.

Photo by Earl GardnerCJ Sapong and Ray Gaddis battle for position.

Photo by Earl GardnerEthan White pulls off some Matrix style moves.

Photo by Earl GardnerJim Curtin directs the drills.

Photo by Earl GardnerDanny Cruz charges down the ball.

Photo by Earl GardnerFans take in the training.

Photo by Earl GardnerA quick break to grab some water.

Photo by Earl GardnerAntoine Hoppenot chases down Richie Marquez.

Photo by Earl GardnerDraftee Eric Bird and Fabinho fight for position.

Photo by Earl GardnerMaurice Edu is back in Philadelphia after signing a new contract with the Union.

Photo by Earl GardnerTrialist Bryan Sylvestre launches the ball up the pitch.

Photo by Earl GardnerSeba was in his typical good spirits.

Photo by Earl GardnerCristian Maidana takes a run.

Photo by Earl GardnerAndrew Wenger fends off Jimmy McLaughlin.

Photo by Earl GardnerSheanon Williams explains the Crossbar Challenge to the rookies.

Photo by Earl GardnerZach Pfeffer and Mo share a laugh.

Photo by Earl GardnerJim Curtin greets the fans who came out.

For additional photos please check out Earl Gardner’s Flickr page.


  1. Ethan White with a two-footed studs up challenge. Yikes!
    Also…Jim Curtin in capri pants or perhaps normal people pants that just don’t fit him.

  2. Pfeffer all growed up.
    All these guys including the trialists can play a little. Need a little luck on your side to see this vision through.

  3. Thanks for the pics Earl…Not able to attend the practice so the usual eye of a great photographer will do! looking forward to another year of your work!

  4. 21 year old Union Academy U-18 player Derrick finally playing with players his own age

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