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Union to host Colorado Rapids in 2015 season opener

The Philadelphia Union announced on Friday that the team will open the 2015 season at home against Colorado Rapids on March 7 at 4 pm.

This will be only the second time since the team’s inaugural 2010 campaign that the Union have opened the MLS season at home at PPL Park, and the fourth time the team has opened against Western Conference opposition.

On Saturday, March 14, the Union will be on the road, again against a Western Conference foe, to face Real Salt Lake in the second game of the season.

A statement from the Union says, “Additional information on times and broadcast details for these games and others will be revealed in the coming weeks as part of the complete 2015 regular season schedule announcement.”

The Union’s 2015 schedule now looks like this:

Jan. 23 – Jan. 30: Team begins training at YSC
Jan. 30: Open training day at YSC for fans
Feb. 2: Team departs for Clearwater, Fla.
Feb. 7: Match vs. Jacksonville Armada FC at EverBank Field (5 pm)
Feb. 10: Match vs. Tampa Bay Rowdies at Joe Dimaggio Sports Complex (6 pm)
Feb. 12: Team returns to Philadelphia
Feb. 16: Team departs for Clearwater, Fla.; IMG Tournament begins
Feb. 19: Chamber Breakfast
Feb. 20: Spring Training Fan Trip Welcome Reception
Feb. 21: Spring Training Fan Trip match in Bradenton, Fla.
Feb. 22: Spring Training Fan Trip open practice and BBQ
Feb. 28: Team returns to Philadelphia
March 7: Season opener at PPL Park against Colorado Rapids (4 pm)
March 14: At Real Salt Lake


  1. Wow. That’s not much time to address the needs they have. I’m trying to remain optimistic but I’m having trouble seeing how they are going to field an improved team by March 7th.

  2. Excited to see the schedule starting to come out. And I would be more excited to see the Union making some headline signings like Orlando is doing. Please Union give us fans something exciting for Christmas

  3. March 7 sounds cold. But at least I’ll get to put one of my dozen Union scarves to good use.

    • Agreed, chilly chilly– could be the last time in the winter I pull out the full body thermal Union suit. You know, the one with the trap door in the back for taking a shit.
      Are you catching the sardonic undertone in my response- Union. Trap door. Shit.
      Hoping it is a nice spring day March 7th- eternal optimism with a warm breeze instead- the Union suit stowed away for the season.

  4. Old soccer coach says:

    If they are looking in Europe, the transfer window there does not open until January. Orlando’s focus is Brazil where I don’t know the rules nor do I for Central America. NYCFC has been less active than Orlando; I have been assuming because the transfer window is not open. Be glad for someone knowledgeable to correct my guessing.

    • I’m most interested to see what kind of player loan arrangements get made between ManCity and NYCFC. I assume if a player’s ManCity salary follows them to NYC, then they wouldn’t be able to loan too many guys and still fit them under the cap, even the bottom tier ManCity guys. No guarantee that the rules would be that straight-forward though of course. Then there is the new CBA and the possibility of an increased cap which could help there. It’s going to be an interesting offseason for sure, with both new clubs stamping themselves as ones to watch.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      It’s not different than any other year. A January signing (or two) will come and hopefully they will be the guys we are looking for. Maidana, Edu, and Nogs all arrived in January for last season.

  5. Just another reason to regret that we just traded away the services of our snowwy cold weather Colorado Rapids killer!

  6. Attention dear readers and most importantly those of you among us who have direct affiliation to the Philadlephia Union.

    For all those of you who either did or did not read the article I suggested regarding, The grand conceit of american soccer, by Ken Sweda- as just one small defense of his position, I offer you the opening marquee match up of the MLS season next year….wait for it, wait for it, yes folks that’s right— you guessed it…. NYCFC vs Orlando FC.
    MLS soccer my friends will become an exact replica of life itself here in the free republic of the United States of America- you have the haves and the havenots, the wealthy and all the rest….. and we somehow are in havenot land.
    Sadly, I am wretched about this because we have no say in being one of the ‘havenots’– yeah- Union FO do you see? You are outside the circle. You are an otherwise. A leper. A club forgotten about with the shiny new toys of deep pockets. You are an ostracized uncle. You are a city of millions of people and you are trying to sell me on being a mid/small market team and we are not … and like I told your Minnesota based 22 year old boy last week who tried to sell me season tickets again for the second time in ten days…. I AIN’T BUYING.
    Okay rant over…for now. I’m with LCBline. Keep banging the drum.

  7. fredricschwartz says:

    I can’t wait for another sub par to mediocre season at best! YAY!!!!

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