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KYW Philly Soccer Show: Jim Curtin

Photo: Paul Rudderow

“Interim” coach no more, Jim Curtin is the guest on the latest edition of the KYW Philly Soccer Show.

In his first appearance on the show since being named head coach, Curtin talks with KYW’s Greg Orlandini and PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch about some of the needs he looks to address this offseason, including acquiring a quality striker and additions to the coaching staff.

Curtin also discusses the goalkeeping situation, which became a point of controversy after the signing of Algerian international goalkeeper Rais Mbolhi during the season.

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  1. Good interview. Sounds like we should expect Okugo to move on if he gets any offer from a European team.

  2. Can we get an “Offseason Issues: Beer Sponsor” spot? Heineken just signed with 3 of the 4 clubs within a 125 mi. radius of PPL Park?Guess which one’s missing? That’s right: the one who needs the money the most! Why, Nick?

    • Heineken just signed a big Official Beer of MLS deal. That probably gets them brand space in every stadium in the league.

      • I read it as 7 clubs (who must be getting the loot). Maybe Sak is feverishly working on a deal with Yuengling to be sponsor of HCI, too – a carrot for that new park? Wash down a lot of Ball Park Buns or Stroehmann’s Rolls with their suds? After all what’s a better pair than “Bimbo & Beer,” yo?!

      • Wrote it before and will write it again, there’s no way that Yuengling sponsors a team named “Union” unless it has “busting” added to it.

      • + 1 again)

      • Thanks, please make sure to tip the wait staff.

    • Meh, I’m not a fan of Heineken and their latest ad campaign is lame.

      • I’m a HUGE fan of Heineken’s €s (= $1.25 each at the moment). Our CEO spends 85% of his time looking for investors (& apparently the remaining time scouting GKs). We need the dough, bro! So why NYCFC, NYRB & DCU, but not PHL? How did we get left out? Even the Acelas all stop at 30th Street.



  4. While I appreciate the plain talk I am not exactly encouraged.
    In a lot of ways he is advocating more of the same.

  5. Great podcast! It should be an interesting and exciting off season….so I hope. Congrats to Curtin on his achievement on becoming head coach. He definitely deserves it. Having said that, I don’t completely understand this idea of needing a bigger type of forward. I understand that yes this league is one of the most physical and players need to be strong and fast but bigger? I hope Curtin is looking more towards finding a striker/strikers who create their own space and break away from defenders, who have great touch and skill with the ball attacking defenders and can strike the net 90% of the time. Basically a serious and accomplished forward is what we definitely need no matter what size he is. There are plenty of forwards in the league and around the world who have had great success because of their skill not size. I actually hope that Hoppenot and Wheeler are left on the roster because I feel that they’ve gotten an unfair chance to really show if they can be productive or not. Meaning the amount of time Hopponet received on the field and who he was and wasn’t linked up with on the field and wheeler playing defense.

    With Macath, I feel that the FO made a good decision looking for a new starting keeper. However, I do not agree with how they handled the situation. MacMath is a good keeper, great person and athlete but in my eyes he has always been a worry to me in games. The fact is he is still not comfortable and has made too many mistakes over the years and especially this year and it has affected how much success the team has had. He definitely has room to develop but I think he has had plenty of time to fix those problems here at Philly and hasn’t done that.

    On the defensive end, I think Edu should become a center back in definite. He has shown that he has a much bigger impact in the back then in the midfield. I think Fabinho really made a strong statement and impact in the final run this season. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back next year. I think Williams could be let go to save up space on the roster and I think he is good enough to grab some money or make a good trade.

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