Fans' View

Fans’ View: Is a season ticket worth the cost?

“Have you RE-DOOPED yet? Carlos Valdez did, so why haven’t you?”

If you’re a season ticket holder (STH), I’m certain you’ve been bombarded with the club’s attempts to set their hooks in you for next season. Perhaps the decision to renew for next year comes easily for some, as it had been for me in previous years, but this year the decision has given me more pause. So I thought I’d share my personal decision-making process and let you know what I decided to do for the 2015 season.

The real question that needs answering is “What is the value of a season ticket?” Is it worth shelling out another $1,420 this year for my two tickets in section 104? Don’t get me wrong. I love the Philadelphia Union. I consider myself to be a pretty die-hard fan. But does it really make sense to spend that much money? If I use the measuring stick of the cost of a night out at the movies, let’s say $30 for two, how do my season tickets match up? Figuring it gives me 18 games, that’s about $80 per game. A pretty steep price for a couple hours of entertainment.

Supposedly, buying season tickets gives me a discount over the single game price. However, with all of the discounts offered on single and partial game packages this year, I’m not so sure it is a significant savings. Especially considering the fact that I haven’t been able to make every game (a fact I’m not proud of). Of the handful of games I’ve missed this year for work or travel reasons, I’ve only been able to resell a couple games for a fraction of my purchase cost. That wasted money pretty much negates any discount I got on the front end. Given the fact that tickets were available for almost every game this year, maybe I should have just waited and purchased the games I knew I could attend.

And then there’s the parking situation. As a STH, I get the “privilege” of parking in the Union lots. With the new practice fields and the abundance of off-site parking available, even this year’s free parking seemed more of a burden than a benefit. Next year, I have to pay $180 for the joy of fighting my way out of Chester from the most difficult spot possible. I’ve never wanted to be one of those people that leaves before the final whistle, but lately…a couple times…guilty.

There are supposed to be some other benefits to being a STH, but honestly I haven’t experienced (m)any of them. I’ve never gone up to the Stadium Club after a game (see parking fight above). I’ve never gotten anything for my thousands of Loyalty Points accrued over the years. When I’ve called the fan services guys on a rare occasion to ask for a special favor (like getting a nephew’s name on the board for his birthday or trying to get tickets for friends near my seats), it’s been a bit of a hassle and I’ve never felt like my STH status got my any kind of preferred customer service. While I have gotten direct email letters to STHs from the coach or Nick Sakewicz, these are published to the general public the following day. I haven’t felt like being a STH gets me any closer to the club I love, and that’s something that should change.

One of the biggest qualms I have about renewing my season tickets is that I have zero knowledge about where my money is going. The convoluted and secretive nature of doing business in MLS makes me feel like I’m dropping my money into a wishing well. What exactly am I paying for? Am I just lining the wallets of the owners and paying off debt to Chester, or am I contributing to building the team through better contracts for our players? If I had more truthful knowledge about the financial status of our fair club, I believe I would have a much easier time of opening my wallet.

So, after all this calculation and rationalization, what did I do?

I started to think about how I felt during that US Open Cup final. Seeing the entire stadium on their feet, chanting along with the Sons of Ben, still gives me chills now. Ultimately, I made a completely irrational decision and just went with my gut. That kind of entertainment is way better than any movie out there.



  1. I renewed my seat not directly because of the team, but more due to the people I stand and tailgate with. The whole parking situation sucks, and it will most likely never be fixed.

  2. Me too – this is the first season where I gave it a second thought, but largely because my section (109) was “re-tiered,” which is a fancy way of saying “price increase.” But I ended up in the same place – I renewed.

    • CIXers!
      I struggled with renewing, for same reason as Paul; the team realized that Sections 105 & 109 should be worth more, so they increased the price. Granted, the total increase doesn’t come into play until 2016 (half now, the other half this time next year), but it’s either renew and pay more -OR- have “priority” in relocating seats, but take the chance that I (and my 2 seats) won’t be sitting with my 2 buddies (and their 4 seats) … and near Paul, too.
      It’s interesting you bring up the fan services favor in this article, Scott. I tried to spearhead having an awareness night at the stadium, after confirming it didn’t conflict with one already scheduled. It basically boiled down to the fact that because I couldn’t guarantee being able to purchase a certain number of seats (I want to say somewhere around 100-150), they wouldn’t work with me. It’s a shame, too, when you see seats go unused, especially in the corners, and the team couldn’t give them away to a local, charitable organization.
      C’est la vie.

      • As another 109er I also struggled with the increased price. It got me thinking about the costs and benefits as well. The ticket price; parking; the headache of trying to get out of the lot after a game. There’s other costs, too. Each game I spend around $30 on food for me and my daughter. (Lately she’s obsessed with the taco dog from Hot Dog Nation. Blech.) I also spend around $30 for my wife and son to go out to to either Chili’s or Red Robin. For the cost of the food alone, I could buy two pizzas, stay home and watch something on Netflix, go to Dairy Queen after the movie, and still have $25 or so left over.
        And – except for the bit about getting out of the lot above – that doesn’t account for the intangible costs of my time; gas and wear-and-tear on my car (OK, I could figure that one out, if I wasn’t too lazy); and the secondary purchases I make every year – shirts, hats, scarves, River Cup tickets, etc. (Again, if I weren’t a lazy bastard, I could figure that out if I tired.)
        And, to be fair, there are also some intangible benefits I get from having my tickets too. I wrote about them last year for Fans’ View – being stuck in the car for an hour each way gives us time to talk; watching the way the players treat her and the other kids; there’s definitely “other stuff” on the positive side of the ledger too.
        So for me, the price increase was too much. So we’re relocating next year. The preference is 104, but we’ll have to see what’s available. We liked 109, but the Union priced it beyond what I was willing to pay. So it’ll be 104, or 110, or one of the corner sections. I’m sure eventually they’ll “re-tier” those seats too, and I’ll need to make another decision…

  3. Formerseasonticketholder says:

    I feel your pain I had to get rid of my tickets this year. It was purely a financial decision, I felt the money was better spent on my children then the Union. I was not happy about it at first, but I have been to a handful of games this year and driving in and out of Chester is a real pain in the ass and big time commitment and as a father of young children I just don’t have time (or money) for. Honestly until the Union get their act together and start function like a proper franchise (and my kids get older) I don’t see my self getting season tickets again anytime soon. Still a fan just from the comfort of my couch.

  4. Season Tickets since '10 says:

    This was the first year I questioned also, and for many of the same reasons. I usually take public trans, and that means I wait for an hour or more after the game at the shady train station. Not particularly fun, and a main reason I skip weekday games (like tonight, 8pm start?!)

    When I am able to go with my wife and a vehicle, we always leave early to beat the crowds. Its horrendous!

    The Parking and transportation issues will make or break attendance in the future, especially if the club doesn’t improve performance wise. Its a real downer.

  5. Great piece with some important questions being asked for both the purchaser (fan) and the provider (club). I’ve already re-dooped without thinking twice. Why? Mostly because I just love game days, knowing I’m going. That’s been one of the biggest things for me—if I don’t get season tickets, I know I’ll let the weekly grind and other commitments keep me from going more than a few times per season. Now, only being out of town will do that.
    As we all get older, it’s harder to find time to get together with our friends on a regular basis, and having a group committed (financially if not spiritually) to being at almost every game ensures we have a few beers together and catch up every couple of weeks, at least. It also remains a constant conversational thread, something to BS about from March til October. It’d be our team with or without the tickets, but at least a little less so.
    I’d have to agree that other than the admission to the game, there is almost nothing you get as a STH after you open your initial welcome package. Some perks (and any kind of value to the loyalty points system) would be nice, and something they should work on. However, I’ve had great experiences with my ticket rep.
    You’re paying a lot more than I am. If anyone’s on the fence about being a STH and balked at the number quoted above, the River End is more budget-friendly, and not really kid-prohibitive imo, depending on the age of the kid.
    The season is coming to an end soon, so just wanted to again say this site continues to meet its own amazingly high standards week in and week out. From the regular weekly posts to the podcast to the fan submissions like this, and of course the dialog below the posts, we are incredibly fortunate to have this resource.

    • Thanks for the kind words and great insight. Most of my friends are football types. I could see how a better tailgate experience for me could easily improve the situation.

  6. I like the partial packages. Easy. Less expensive. Plenty of opportunity to get to PPL.

  7. I equate being a season ticket holder to a marriage. In today’s economy, emotions aside, is the commitment worth it? What exactly is your partner bringing to the relationship? Is this partner sincere and honest? Does the partner show stability,and have a good track record of living up to promises made? Is the partner doing the very best to make the relationship work or just saying what you want to hear to get you to commit? Does the partner come to the relationship with a lot of baggage? Does the partner show good decision making ability or do past decisions make you doubt making any kind of commitment to the potential partner? I admire those of you who are willing to make another commitment to Sakeiwicz and this ownership group. For me I would need to see the Union bring in some real talent and skill to this top market. I am not talking about wc signings that don’t make sense but wc signings that puts us on par with NYC, Seattle, kc,La, Orlando. I also want to see real depth, not bodies to pinball around for 90 plus minutes accomplishing nothing.

  8. So I paused also this year with a friend I go with, actually reduced from 6 tix to 3… With kids going off to college and both of us small biz owners, schedule/money can sometimes be tough..

    But knowing I have the tix gives me extra incentive to go, and I do love going, its almost a forced “break”, if I wasn’t going tonight, i’d be working…

    The hour or so before the game drinking some beers is priceless for both of us.

    Also… one benefit for STH that I don’t think I see anyone taking advantage of, and as long as your don’t mind handing your purchasing info over the the “man”, is Union Dollars, 10% off all food/drink/merch purchased at PPL… its nice getting my $13 beer for $11.70.

    • Was not aware of that 10% discount. Every time that I’ve tried to use Union Dollars, they can’t process them.

      • old soccer coach says:

        Wow! I am sorry. I’ve had much better luck, only once was there any problem and that time they wrote down my information for processing when the system recovered.

    • could others weigh in on their experience with “union dollars?” I have been reluctant to even give them a try, given how poorly the club has handled other aspects of my match-day experience…

      • When they first came out they had some issues with the cash registers. The good news was that meant they gave them to you for free 🙂
        Other than that, I haven’t had any issues with them. When you make a purchase, the receipt tells you how much you have remaining on your account which is useful. You can add money to your account right before heading over to the stadium which is nice.
        When I went to the Greece-Nigeria friendly, they accepted them there including the 10% discount which was nice since I didn’t have time to grab food ahead of time that night.
        I am curious as to whether they’ll be accepted at the Women’s World Cup games since that is after the season is over.

      • Honestly I have never had an issue using Union Dollars, save the first game when the scanner was down, but after two failed scans they just gave us the food. I’ve used about $120 or so between food and the Union shop, and it’s worth it if it works, if only for the 10% discount.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        Wow, I wish I had only used $120 🙂 (Of course, I spent almost that on finally getting a Bethlehem Steel jersey last game.)

      • I’ve never gotten past the “link your account” stage on the website. Never seems to work for me. I also prefer $11 six packs in the parking lot to $11 plastic cups inside.

      • Yeah, me too. I’ve tried twice – though granted, not recently – and both times there was some sort of error with getting it set up. Maybe I’ll try again for next year.

      • Definitely do it. The discount adjustment shows up right on the register, so it’s easy to confirm. 10% off is a nice incentive to use it. And it reloads from your credit card to the STH card at whatever frequency and threshhold you set. You also earn additional loyalty points on purchases made from STH cards if you’re into that program.

      • Andy Muenz says:

        It also can be more than 10%. For example, it’s 50 cents off a bottle of $4.25 water which is a bit more than 10%.

  9. I re-dooped as well, Section 126. But I share the season with another guy, so missed games have not been an issue.

    Of course alot of the issues you raise; cost, parking hassles, where does my money go, are true about being a season ticket holder for any team, not just the Union. I agree that the parking is especially frustrating (I was 15 minutes late for the Cup final). And an 8:00 start time on a weeknight means my kids definitely are not going.

    We get great service from our Union rep, Greg. And we have enjoyed some of the perks, did you not go on the meet the team event or the behind the scenes tour and take your shot at the cross-bar? The best perk is the presales for STH, for the Cup final, Women’s world cup and the all-star game especially.

    Ultimately I think a feeling of loyalty to the team, and of being part of something new and exciting (usually) are the main reasons I stay an STH, as opposed to buying tix for a few games.

    Now if we could just get another quality scorer……

  10. I’m fortunate in that I live about 15 minutes away and work in the old power plant building by Lot C. So the commute is pretty easy regardless of the night of the week.
    That being said, I haven’t used the stadium club after the game but I have had to go to my office a few times. I’ve found that the lots clear out completely about 30-45 minutes after the games so that might be a good reason to go to the stadium club. I know when I’ve been to games at the Linc, including both the Union games and some of the international games, it takes a lot longer to get out than it does to get out of Lot A at PPL.
    I look at the games as a committment to spend time with my wife for 3-4 hour doing something we both enjoy (although you might not think it to listen to me yell at the ref sometimes 🙂 We’re going away next weekend and missing the Columbus game which will be the 6th game we’ve missed in 5 years (7 if you count the Real Madrid game at the Linc which we were also away for but probably wouldn’t have gone to).
    As far as value, there is an additional amount off at the store with enough loyalty points. It was nice to have early access to the Women’s World Cup qualifier tickets (although not as early as it would have been had I renewed my US Supporter membership).

  11. As a STH I go up to the club after almost every game. Usually I get a beer and sit on the outside deck watching the little kids play of the field post-game and my son likes to spot the players walking up for the post-game team meal (also in the club). After a half-hour or so we usually leave and the parking lots are just about cleared out. Alot less hassle (if you have the extra time).

  12. The decision to renew for me this year was much easier than last year. I only have two seats in 107 and have a rotating group of people that come with me so it’s a great way to spend a few hours tailgating/going to match with either my wife or friends.

    The parking continues to be a problem as I park in Lot B and have been pushed further out due to the practice field construction. I expect this to continue to be a work in progress, but to be fair, what sporting event in a major city do you not have this same type of problem to deal with?

    I used to use the Club once in awhile, but the food options were too expensive for my liking and I now only use it to ride out weather delays.

  13. For all the people complaining about parking, I’m curious how many other sporting events/ concerts you attend. Getting out of PPL is no better or worse than anywhere else

    • The one place it compares unfavorably to is Madison Square Garden. If you park about 5 city blocks away from the Garden, you won’t even notice that there was a game unless you drive by afterwards. (It’s been 15 years or so since I’ve been there, but there were $8-$10 lots within walking distance.) Of course public transportation is a lot more crowded there.

    • I have Sixers season tickets too, and there is no discounted parking pass for them, you can just get a pre-paid parking pass but it’s still $16 per game. There are easy ways in and out, and the attendance is low so only a few games it becomes a pain. But for about $12 or less 2 of us can take Septa in from Delaware County and come right out at the stadium. The biggest issue for the Union is the lack of public transportation. They should fix up that Highland ave. station and get a shuttle or monorail or something to the game from there.

    • +1. Wells Fargo lot may be a little better…Citizens Bank Park is a nightmare. PPL is pretty average as far as getting in and out. Not fun, but no different than most stadiums.

  14. DarthLos117 says:

    Yes there is never a doubt…til the day I die.

  15. I also debated about renewing but ultimately did. My biggest issue was the price increase for my seats (Section 105)….I’ve been in those seats since day one and I would have thought that they might have “grandfathered” those of us who had been there and just put the new price on new ticketholders….that would have shown some loyalty to long-time season ticket holders (only charging me half the increase this year, despite how the Union spins it, does not in any way show “loyalty”!).

    I have had positive experiences with the ticket reps and they’ve come thru with help and small favors on numerous occasions. I also find the loyalty points very valuable…you just have to take the time to manage them. I’ve gotten discounts at the store, a stadium tour and the end of year pick up games at PPL Park (for which 100 people qualify but only 30-40 take advantage of it each year). I also have had very few problems with the Union dollars on my card.

    With all that being said, if I don’t see serious efforts to make us a much better team next year, I do think that next season could be my last as a season ticket holder.

  16. I sit in 119, on the endline below the club, and my two seats combined are about half of what you pay. If you question the amount of money, why not look elsewhere in the stadium? I don’t get a sense of the back and forth action which you get from the sideline, but I can see very clearly what is happening in and around the goal, on corner kicks and free kicks and can see what is going on at the benches. It’s not longer a big deal to me now, but I also have a nice view of boats sailing past the stadium. I’ve always got the pass, so even paying for it this year I’ll spend about $23 per seat and $10 for parking per game. I live 15 minutes away so I go over about 3 hours early to tailgate, and I go to the club after the game. So for $33 I spend about 6 hours grilling, hanging with friends and watching soccer. For me, it is worth every penny, and we’ve given up other luxuries to make sure we can afford our tickets every year. I refuse to let the front office ruin my favorite activity and something I look forward to ever week.

  17. James Lockerbie says:

    The only thing keeping me from being a season ticket holder is the financial limitation. You can’t get wine from stone at least I can’t. I would like to take advantage of a partial plan.

    Because I can’t do the season, but I usually end up going to about 3 to 4 games a season. I understand everyone being a little more hesitant this year with the concerns listed above. In fact I would hope this article and the comments should be forwarded to the Union front office talk about a focus group.

    Here are your fans concerns, What are you going to do about it!

  18. Good post Scott. I’ve had great experiences with the loyalty rewards program, for both me and my son. Definitely check those out. There seem to be fewer opportunities to use them than in year’s past, but some very cool experiences get offered up from time to time. That, plus union dollars are a decent STH perk. Discount at concessions and team store when you use your STH card adds up. While I don’t enjoy getting out of the lot at night, I don’t think it’s taken more than 30 minutes this season, and frequently is quicker than that. It could be the route I take (out the back of C, to Highland Ave), but it’s certainly no worse than most sports stadium lots, and light years better than the lot at Citizens Bank Park. It may worse from other sections of the parking lot. It’s no badge of honor, but it seems to be on par with other stadium lots. The unpaved lots is a different story of course. That should never be acceptable.

    It largely comes down to finances versus experience for me. I love the game day experience. I love the family outing it provides, or a chance to catch up with friends. While each year I consider the financial outlay, I’ve continued to “Redoop”.

  19. Founding season ticket holder in 138. Started off with 4 seats with sons in HS but youngest one will go to College mid 2015 and really have a hard time pulling the trigger. I get so much more joy watching my kids play College soccer, and my beloved Chelsea at Tir Na Nog than have to deal with this FO and watch this team play. Gave them hell today after they called me again about renewing. Told them I just can not deal with an organization that gets a 3rd overpaid goalie and a $50K striker (who is a joke), instead of a decent striker who helps us get into the play-offs.
    At this pace a ticket in PPL will never be the hottest ticket in town and plenty will always be available at Bigsoccer,the market place and/or stubhub; so why lock down my current 3 seats, especially now that kids are in College?
    Will sleep about it one more time but the more I think about it the less likely I am to renew.

    • Chelsea? Damn Guido. Not you too.

      • Yeah, Chelsea!!! And I’ll tell you what: whenever ManU, Celtic, or an Italian or Spanish team comes to Philly they do not anything for their fans. Chelsea come to town and they invite us to their hotel to meet all the players and get anything we want signed. Then when their U21 came to play the Union last year they invited some of us to the game (while only the parents of the Union players were there …). I feel I get a lot more back from Chelsea than from the Union (and I do not even have a season ticket with Chelsea!).

  20. After tonight, I am not sure that I can subject myself to this anymore.

  21. Some good comments in addition to the article.
    Well-timed too. Still haven’t redooped.

    – I enjoy game day. I go to every game. Every game.
    – I drive and take septa. Neither is the better option.
    – Loyalty points were dreadful experience this year: Horrible site update, fewer away games to enter and they even forgot one, fewer auctions, the store discount was limited to a handful of games and was less than last years.
    – Fan services was useless in the rain and dust storms.
    – Free parking became “why try?” parking due to construction.
    – Partial plans get the same “perks”.

    I am sad that my STH pride is eroded by little things like this. But really what am I paying for?
    – I do use the union dollars. (I’ll make you laugh if you didn’t go tonight or use them: the system was down. With 2 matches left I have more money than I’ll be able to spend.)
    Discounts. Yay?
    – We got crystal palace.

    The most in-demand ticket this season should’ve been the open cup final. Despite a hard-sell and discounts, only 15,000 came.
    Outside of the match, all redooping gets me is commitment to spend quality time with friends and family.

  22. I bought my tix again. I think back to all the Philly teams I support. I have cheered on some truly horrible teams. For me it’s the game day experience and the people in the rivers end. Can’t wait for next season. Another NY team to hate.

  23. Great article Scott! I renewed my tickets a couple of weeks ago (two seats in 104 for $1267, Scott’s price in the article is higher because it includes parking). Not renewing was not even an option as I enjoy game experience and getting together with friends way too much.
    and no, I have no regrets about renewing despite last night…

  24. Been a STH since game one. I decided not to renew my 4 seats in 127. I normally bring my kids to the games (except on school nights). After concessions, etc., I calculated that my $3,200 ticket cost was actually more like $5,000.
    Unlike some of you, I have benefited from the loyalty point program. Two of my kids have been player escorts. Got a signed jersey from a friendly. Have had good experiences with the fan services folks.
    Up until last night, I was still torn. After last night, it was clear that despite the upgrades in talent to the team, this team is handicapped from the top. This is only going to be more pronounced next season as big money teams in NY and Orlando, with actual Front Office talent, get added to the mix.

  25. Renewed 1 seat…
    Scott, they are making fun of you that you are a doctor…:

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  35. Scott,

    Great article…. As a season ticket holder in section 109 it was an easy decision to renew for the 2015 season (since the price increase is not in effect), but the 2016 season is a different story. The ticket prices have gotten out of control in certain sections and fans are being bled dry. When I asked fan services about the increase in price I received answers such as “This is in line with other clubs around the league” or “The season ticket holders in the club seats are complaining about the price disparity between their sections and sections 109 and 105. By increasing 109 and 105 the price gap will be lower”. I find these answers to be both outrageous and unacceptable. Having a family and making an 18 game commitment to an organization that is not committed to winning or their fans has left me with no choice but to not renew for the 2016. I wish things were different but they are not. I have a pipedream that the Union will come to its senses and lower the ticket price for the 2016 season to make an effort to keep their longtime season ticket holders but they are just pipedreams. In 2016, I will still go to some of the games, but I will wait for those great mid-season 3 or 4 game deals that will include a shirt, scarf, or some other incentive. These packages are often less expensive (per game), and have added value over a season ticket holder package.

    As fans we need to speak up and confront the front office about these issues.

    I write this response with a heavy heart and deep regret.

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