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In Pictures: AC Crusaders 6-5 Philadelphia Fury

PSP photographer Paul Rudderow was on hand for Saturday night’s thrilling American Soccer League opener between Philadelphia Fury at AC Crusaders. It was a wide-open affair that was finally settled when AC’s Adam Sternberger 95th minute free kick goal sealed  the 6-5 win for the home team. Here’s a look at what Paul saw.

F001aAyouba Fane bringing up the ball from midfield

F002aMichel Okai takes a shot towards goal

F003aRichard Stone clears past Ansger Otto

F004aNick Kolarac (13) battles Juri Siskin (2) for possession

F005aMichael Monticchio square passes to the outside

F006aOtto crosses towards goal

F007aSiskin clears

F008aOkai, Siskin and Michael Parillo collide

F009aFans throw Frisbees at halftime 50/50

F010aThe game got a little chippy at times

F011aAmadau Sheriff tries to save a goal

F012aCrusaders congratulate Rodney Aguirre on his goal

F013aHat trick scorer Otto goes back on the attach

F014aGoal scorer Michael Okai settles under pressure from Aguirre

F015aJosh Danza (3) goes head-to-head with Dodji Freitas (9)

F016aIsair Castro goes up for the ball

F017aDanza tracks down a loose ball

F018aNico Tramontana (11) fights past Seydou Ba (10)

F019aKwame Appiah works up the sideline

F020aFormer Union player Thorne Holder picks the right side but couldn’t stop Adam Sternberger penalty kick

F021aMichael Dietz working in the midfield

F023aOkai looking for a shot

F024aKyle Martyn with so fancy footwork at midfield

F025aFreitas places a goal in the upper corner to take the lead in the 86th minute

F026aFreitas and the Crusaders try and kill the clock

F027aTetsuya Okuda takes the ball off the head of Dietz

F028aDanza ties the game in the 91st minute of stoppage time

F029aSternberger scores the game winner in the 95th minute of stoppage time to end the game

F030aCrusaders celebrate a hard fault win

For more photos, check out Paul’s Flickr page and feel free to leave comments.


  1. Looks like the Fury’s game I attended in the 70’s.

  2. I am SO happy to see those uniforms again. They are simply great. And, Neal, I was at a bunch of those games. What an introduction to professional soccer at a great age to tie to a sport, and a team.

  3. Would like to see Thorne Holder find his way back to a higher league. Played pick up with him a few times. Good guy.
    btw where do The Fury play home games?

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