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All Three Points podcast: The Monsterpod

Our apologies to all for the lapse in episodes. Chris Gibbons, one half of our stellar podcasting duo took a two week scouting trip to Italy just when we would have recorded our last pod. So, we return with The Monsterpod, covering five games (really six, including the USOC) and five—count ’em—five points! Don’t worry, we still fit everything in in about an hour.

The games
  • Union 3–1 NYRB: The best Union performance against the Red Bull . . . ever. Unfortunately, this game also saw the U lose Cristian Maidana to a hamstring injury.
  • Chicago 1–1 Union: The Union scrap a point late with the help of a poor referee, though that same ref stopped them from putting the game to bed much earlier.
  • Sporting KC 1–1 Union: Barring KC’s goal, due to an uncharacteristic Ray Gaddis error, and the few minutes after it, the Union were the better team, even though they allowed KC to have the ball pretty much the whole time.
  • Union 2–1 Montreal: The Union play quite poorly, but do it against possibly the worst team in the league, and win anyway.
  • Houston 2–0 Union: At the end of a tough week that included a 120-minute USOC win, the Union run out of gas in the second half, after looking more dangerous than the home team in the first. While the los is understandable, it pushes the Union out of the playoff positions.
The points
  1. Goalies for everyone! You get a goalie! And you get a goalie! And you get a goalie!
  2. The Jimmy Curtin Experience: Is Jim Curtin underrated, overrated, or properly rated for what he’s done in turning the Union’s season around?
  3. The U.S. Open Cup: The Union have made it to their first final in club history. While the USOC competition is somewhat neglected by much of the nation, it’s a big deal for the Union, and a possible springboard to further success.
  4. More FO stuff to moan about: The Union have started building a practice facility, but did they have to ruin the parking lot to do it? Oh, and we have more Bimbo to deal with on the shirts? Crisis!
  5. The home stretch: The Union have eleven games remaining, including the Open Cup final. What’s our prediction for how things will turn out?

So much to talk about! You can listen by clicking the player below, or download the file directly. Catch up with us on Twitter at @all3points, or leave a comment here. So glad to be back!
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