Player of the Week

Player of the Week: Maurice Edu

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

The Union has had a busy ten days, and no player has been busier than Maurice Edu. From the All Star Game through to Friday’s match against Houston, Edu played four games in nine days, accumulating 350-plus minutes of gametime and traveling upwards of 6000 miles (In airplanes, not on the field, though he’s such an athlete, who would put it past him?). And, while the series ended on a down note with the Union’s loss in Texas, Edu’s play seemed hardly affected — he was running hard til the end.

It is a remarkable achievement, being able to perform at a high level for so long. And more than simply performing on the field, Edu has been a wonderful ambassador for the Union off it, as well. While his selection to the All Star team can be debated on sporting merits, what is not up for debate is who won All Star week: it was Edu, hands down. His social media domination looks effortless, yet brings a stream of positive attention to the franchise. That’s not a small thing, especially in what has so far been a disappointing year in terms of wins and losses.

Of course, his play has been good, as well. It’s taken some time, but Edu seems to be finally settling in, whether in central defense or defensive midfield, putting in consistently good performances, even occasionally dominating parts of games, and being a vocal leader for the team. While no one, including him, would argue that he is yet playing at his peak, the excellent player the Union signed this offseason has shown he’s arrived.

That’s why Maurice Edu, Philly’s All Star and iron man, is PSP’s Player of the Week.

Honorable mention: Zac MacMath. The No.-2-To-Be continues to put in quality performances. It’s hard to reconcile the fact that the man who just sent the Union to its first-ever cup final by saving two penalty kicks is somehow not worthy of the starting spot, but the quality of MacMath’s continued play and professionalism cannot be overstated.



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