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KYW Philly Soccer Show: Danny Cruz

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Danny Cruz’s hard-nosed play has both delighted and frustrated the Philadelphia Union faithful, but the winger says he will always give his all for the team.

In the latest edition of the KYW Philly Soccer Show, Cruz stops by to chat with KYW’s Greg Orlandini and PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch talk about the team’s recent strong play since interim coach Jim Curtin took over for the fired John Hackworth.

Cruz also discusses the positive feeling among his team as they inch closer to a playoff spot.

After that, Kevin Kinkead of CBS3, PSP, and Soccerly drops by to discuss the latest Carlos Valdes transfer saga.

Valdes, the former Union captain, had been out on loan from the Union to teams in South America to improve his chances to play for Colombia in the World Cup.

Now, with that tournament over, reports are swirling that the defender was set to return to PPL Park.

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  1. another great show. also, great interview with danny cruz. i’m not usually a fan of his but this interview definitely made me appreciate him more. he was so honest and not at all defensive of his game. i also liked the self criticism and the awareness of what he does and does not do

    • I don’t know how Philly has not embraced Danny Cruz more. We can all agree (Danny included) that he’s not the most talented guy on the roster, but he hustles more than most MLS Rosters, combined. He is exactly what we ask for in a player on any of our teams.
      He mentioned how his play is Night and Day from when he first entered the league (I won’t ask Kinnear…I can’t stand that smug jacka$$), but he’s right. And he gets better every game.
      I don’t think anyone expects him to be play on the wing for Barcelona any time soon, but for this team, in this city, he has become a perfect embodiment of what our fans perpetually claim they want.
      Keep it up, Danny.

      • i think a lot of people (not necessarily people who post here) have embraced him for all the reasons you mentioned. i really do appreciate those things about him but i was always frustrated with him because i (wrongly) assumed that he felt like he was just going to keep doing his thing and not worry about becoming a sharper or more technical player. the interview makes it clear that he is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and understands when and why he can be ineffective. i’m trying to think of a good way to put how my opinion of him has changed. i used to think the reason he was so hard nosed was because he just had a lot of heart and was a hard worker. now i feel like it comes more from a total dedication and with that kind of dedication comes an awareness that you have more to leave on the field if you are committed to becoming more skilled and effective

  2. He grew up as a football player (running back, I believe), and didn’t commit to soccer until the end of high school. So he’s only been really focused on the sport for about 7 years.
    The football explains the hard-nosed attitude (he was a bowling ball before, and he plays like one now), and the time helps illustrate the growth of his game.
    He’ll be a hell of a player when he hits 30. Not USMNT, but a very solid MLS pro.

  3. Great interview, Cruz certainly seems like a top notch person.

  4. I was not always in favor of Danny Cruz as a starter, particular when he was starting over Le Toux. That being said the guy is lovable and he hustles with a work ethic 2nd to none and he compliments Maidana, Casey and Le Toux. What Danny has shown is a commitment to get better and in some games it’s helped the Union get valuable points. He has shown some improved skill on the ball(credit to Noguiera and Maidana)in seeing plays develop and over all awareness on the field. It’s not all just running and pin balling with tunnel vision. It’s change of pace, passing in tight spaces and improved lateral movement with and without the ball. I don’t think that would happen with Hackworth. With Curtin there seems be a reason and players are in the right positions to be effective. Not yet sure about Curtin for the long haul but he’s doing something that giving the team a chance every game… COACHING! As to the Valdes situation. I am of a mind that if the MLS team was NY(pick one),LA, Seattle, Orlando FC or Toronto FC Valdes would be back with very little “CONFLAMA”(conflict and drama). It goes to what I hope will change with regards to how the Philadelphia Union operate moving forward. MLS soccer and the Union run this team like and 2nd rate outpost just there for fodder for the leagues preferred teams. The Union need to team up with stronger financial ownership for this market. It’s just my opinion which doesn’t amount to much.

  5. For all of the above DC should grow into form as a late sub/spot starter. His inexperience should have kept him from a regular place as wing in XI. Since Valdes was loaned, San Lorenzo is the sole party who stands to gain from not paying him. How we have only 60% of his rights is a mystery to me but if we are partly responsible for his situation, we should be good for it & win back his goodwill for the remainder of his deal (2015?) & maybe tack on a year. Assume he wants to play down there by 2018 for another shot at WC. Wouldn’t IBX be a great sponsor to follow Bimbo? Natural tie in – fitness & staying healthy. A la UHC & the Rev.

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