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All Three Points podcast: And we’re back

With the end of the World Cup and the return of Union games, the All Three Points gang is back! Settle down, we know you’re excited. There’s been a lot to talk about with the firing of John Hackworth and hiring of Jim Curtin, so here’s the deal.

The games:

  • New England: Two for Le Toux with a Cruz missile, too. Great all around performance.
  • Dallas: Still a better performance, but a fluky loss, all the same.
  • Colorado: Well, it was exciting, and before Lahoud’s ejection, the team looked good. After that? Not so much.

The points:

  1. Grading Jim Curtin: The new coach has given us a small sample size, but the team looks different. How’s Curtin doing?
  2. The return of optimism? After a tough couple of months, the Union has shown signs of turning things around. Can we be optimistic again?
  3. That World Cup, though: Best tournament ever, or just in living memory? The Germans provided the rest of the world with a winning template on team play. Wonderful tournament; wonderful champions.

Click below to listen in your browser, or click here to download the pod directly. Remember that you can leave us your thoughts in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter, @all3points.

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