Postgame quotes: Dallas 2-1 Union

Jim Curtin

Thoughts on the game

I thought after the first minute or two of a decent start we had a rough passage of 15 or 20 minutes where they came at us. We knew that was going to be the case: Home crowd, Fourth of July, they had a lot behind them. To their credit, they came at us, had some chances and we dodged a few bullets, got through a little bit and then once we give up the goal, kind of regrouped a little, showed some fight, got the goal back. In the end, I thought we pushed pretty hard in the second half the right way. Flukey goal. It kind of looks like offsides, it kind of led to Fabi’s panic, and then Fabi clears it off Sheanon so, unlucky in that regard. But the guys pushed the game in the second half, so, happy with that.

How did the second Dallas goal affect things, coming so close to the start of the second half?

The half starts, and we put in some new ideas on how we want to drop in and pick up points a little better, and take away some of the things they were doing in the first half in the wide spots. They almost played like a 4-2-4 so, made some adjustments at halftime, and we’re settled in for the first four minutes and then that flukey play happens and then, next thing you know, the plan’s out the window and we’re adjusting on the fly. So, it was tough. Credit to my guys, they fought very hard, battled through a tough day, and a tough atmosphere, tough crowd.

What positives do you take away from the game?

I still think we’re creating a lot of chances on the road. I still think we can improve the final ball. We got in wide spots a lot this game and our final pass on the cross was off and let us down a little. We created enough to get a result on the road — I thought we deserved at least a draw out of the game — but this is the way our league is, anybody can beat anybody. It was a good, hard-fought game. I thought FC Dallas was a good group, they’re a strong group, they’re well coached, they have some guys that are a handful.

Sheanon Williams

Thoughts on the game

It’s unfortunate. I thought we had a good game, especially defensively; we gave up two chances and they score two goals. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes that’s just the way it goes. We just got to quick turnaround and get ready for the next game.

On the own-goal

They tried to play a one-two at the top of the box. I thought the guy was offsides but the referee didn’t flag it and caused Fabi to obviously rush a little bit and he played the ball off my shin and, unfortunately, it took a bad bounce and went into the goal.

The team has a game at home on Tuesday and then on Saturday. What do you take from the loss?

Just knowing we can stay compact and play good defense. We’ve just got to take the positives and move forward, nothing we can do about it now, especially with the quick turnaround on Tuesday:  forget about it, get recovered, and get ready for the next game.

Aaron Wheeler

Thoughts on coming into the game

Come in at the end, fighting for a goal, just trying to get back on even terms. Just kind of put all your eggs in one basket, you want to get forward; still not too much so that you give up the deciding goal to make the game unreachable. So, come in and just pressure as much as you can, fight and battle, and hope you get the bounce or a call your way.

Thoughts on trying to get an equalizer

Just continue to do what Conor did: battle all day. Just fight, and try to find good teammates and get in the box and be dangerous to get an opportunity to try and take it. Just tried to feed off what he did for 8o-plus minutes. So, come in and just make sure the standard doesn’t drop.


  1. Jimmy Trojan says:

    Brian Carroll: ” They can’t blame my sorry ass for this one. “

  2. After watching the replay several times, I agree Dallas was offside but that in no way excuses Fabinho’s pathetic attempt at clearing. Just awful.

  3. Ribs Combo says:

    A central defender is on the way. Whether it’s Carlos Valdes (fingers crossed) or some other addition at centerback. I think that’s now a given with Curtain’s comments. So Edu can then move back to midfield WITH Okugo…works for me. I’d like to see Nogs out wide opposite Maidana (instead of Cruz.) seems obvious to me. We need goals. Nogs is creative offensively. Nogs is quality. We may as well move him forward since we have Edu, Okugo, Lahoud, AND Carroll to man the middle of the field. Maidana, Nogeira, Casey, and LeToux up front all pressuring for goals? Am I nuts?
    Alternatively, how about pairing a (legit) central defender with Edu on the back line. Williams is hardly an optimum fit at CB and the thought of Edu paired with Carlos Valdes is kinda fun to imagine…

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