World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: Round of 16

We are on to the knock out rounds!

The US is there, and so are we.

Of our 15 highly (sort of) qualified experts, 11 boast a record of 50% or higher. Not bad at all.

At the top of our leaderboard, the Media Oracles’ Kevin Kinkead has edged into a 1 point lead over Jonathan Tannenwald, with the PSP Prognosticator’s Mike Servedio within 2 points of the submit.

At the other end of table, Kerith Gabriel has shown a good deal of sportsmanship by dropping all the way down into a share of the relegation spot with Greg Orlandini (we’re not actually going to relegate anyone. We cover MLS after all). Fortunately though, with a strong finish both are in sight of the 50 percent mark themselves.

Union Clairvoyants
Round 4_A.inddPSP Prognosticators
Round 4_A.inddMedia Oracles
Round 4_A.inddPrediction Notes
  • Of all our experts, only the two in the lead, Kevin and Jonathan, are forecasting a Belgium victory over the US. Is this a bad omen for the Americans, or have these two simply bought into their own hype and flown a little too close to the sun?
  • Two South Americans teams, Colombia and Argentina, and two European teams, France and Germany, were unanimously picks.
  • Both the Netherlands and Brazil are also heavy favorites, according to our panel.
  • With an 11-4 edge, Costa Rica is favored to knock off the Greeks in a match that very few would have seen coming before the tournament began.


  1. OneManWolfpack says:

    Oh no… Sheanon picked the US!! Haha! But right now in the 72nd min… he looks a genius taking Mexico over The Netherlands.

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