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All Three Points podcast: They fired Hack

After an unacceptable start to the 2014 season, the Union finally lowered the boom on head coach John Hackworth. They also played to a loss, win, and draw before the World Cup break. The A3P boys discuss all of that and more, including what to do when your girlfriend realizes how good looking Cristiano Ronaldo is. The answer is never tell her. Enjoy, and Happy World Cup 2014! (Note that the pod was recorded after only the opening match, and so missed the opportunity to discuss the amazingness of the tournaments opening days.)

Here’s the rundown of games, and an approximate grade for the Union’s performance in each:

  • LA Galaxy: Risible.
  • Chivas USA: Acceptable.
  • Vancouver Whitecaps: Intriguing.

And our points:

  1. Halfway report: The team has more talent than their record would indicate; must do better.
  2. The end of the John Hackworth era: A necessary step in the healing process.
  3. WORLD CUP FEVER: This is the best time of [every fourth] year.

Click below to listen in your browser, or click here to download the pod directly. Remember that you can leave us your thoughts in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter, @all3points.

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