Union match reports

Recap: Los Angeles Galaxy 4–1 Philadelphia Union

Photo: Earl Gardner

In a match-up of World Cup snubs, Maurice Edu and Landon Donovan faced off in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

While the LA man responded to his World Cup omission with two goals to break the MLS regular season scoring record and lead his team to a dominant 4–1 win, Edu and the rest of the Union looked listless and out of ideas.

First half

John Hackworth made a host of changes from the Philadelphia Union side that beat Kansas City and lost to New England. Brian Carroll returned to midfield, pushing Amobi Okugo back into defense. Austin Berry was out with an injury and Aaron Wheeler was benched, so the back line consisted of Ray Gaddis on the right and Fabinho on the left, with Sheanon Williams at center back. Vincent Nogueira rounded out the midfield with Edu, and Danny Cruz ran up top with Leo Fernandes and Antoine Hoppenot, who got his first start of the season.

The game had hardly begun before Los Angeles took the lead two minutes after the opening whistle. An early foul on the Union left gave Donovan a dangerous free kick. His service was excellent, and LA defender Leonardo nodded the ball across MacMath and in. Okugo was tracking him but failed to challenge Leonardo, perhaps expecting MacMath to come for the ball.

“Inexcusable start, to give up a goal on a restart in the second minute,” Union coach John Hackworth said after the loss.

After that, LA was comfortably on top, more than happy to sit and wait for opportunities to counter. With Philadelphia’s offense sputtering, creating more turnovers than scoring chances, LA had several. In the 12th minute, Robbie Keane found himself with a shooting chance on his left foot. With MacMath well positioned but a shade off his line, Keane attempted an audacious chip to the back post, which bounced back off the crossbar. Gyasi Zardes was there to cross but got no power on it, and MacMath collected.

The Union huffed and puffed as the half wore on, and they grew in possession but could generate no worthy chances. The best opportunities were crosses and corners, none of which came off.

“We were never truly that dangerous in the first half,” said Hackworth.

Second half

Los Angeles waited a little longer into the second half before scoring again. This time, Donovan would get the goal and the MLS all-time regular-season scoring record of 135 goals. Carrying the ball from midfield, Donovan played Keane into the left side of the Union box. Keane played a simple ball back across the box to where Donovan had continued his run, and Donovan had a tap-in in the 49th minute. It would be the first of three unanswered goals from the Galaxy.

“You think coming out at half time that you’ll have a chance to correct some of the things in the first half,” said Hackworth. “We gave the Galaxy too many easy opportunities. And they put the game away.”

LA took the initiative from that point on, simply dismantling the Union time and again. In the ensuing minutes, only a series of excellent MacMath saves and LA miscues kept the Galaxy from extending their lead further.

But in the 64th minute, the Union would take a turn for the worse, if that was possible. Under pressure from Keane, Williams mishandled a clearance. Keane took the ball on and finished through MacMath’s legs.

Minutes later, Conor Casey, on for Hoppenot, played a long back pass from midfield, which went awry and played in Keane for another breakaway. With just MacMath to beat, Keane’s chip went wide.

In the 81st, Donovan scored No. 136 when a poor turnover from Carroll gifted LA the ball in the Union box. Keane picked it up and found room, then laid the ball off for Donovan. Donovan cut back onto his left foot and finished past MacMath.

The Union were given a ray of hope in the 88th minute. Zach Pfeffer, on for Fernandes, received a cut back from Nogueira in the Galaxy box and was immediately knocked to the ground by the recovering Raul Mendiola. Edu made no mistake on the penalty kick, but it was the definition of “consolation goal” and the Galaxy won the game, 4–1.

“We let ourselves down,” said Edu.

The loss leaves a Union team already grasping at straws in truly dire straits. They’ll have a chance to navigate out of those straits when they complete their West Coast trip against Chivas USA next Saturday, May 31, at 10:30 pm (CSN, MLS Live, MLS Direct Kick).

Philadelphia Union
Zac MacMath, Fabinho, Sheanon Williams, Amobi Okugo, Ray Gaddis, Brian Carroll, Vincent Nogueira, Leo Fernandes, Danny Cruz, Antoine Hoppenot
Unused Substitutions: Brian Holt, Michael Lahoud, Fred, Ethan White

Los Angeles Galaxy
Jaime Penedo, Dan Gargan, Tommy Meyer, Leonardo, A.J. DeLaGarza, Gyasi Zardes, Juninho (Raul Mendiola, 73′), Kenney Walker (Stefan Ishizaki, 64′), Baggio Husidic, Landon Donovan (Samuel Rosa, 83′), Robbie Keane
Unused substitutions: Brian Rowe, Kofi Opare, Robbie Rogers, Rob Friend

Scoring Summary
2′ — LA: Leonardo (Landon Donovan)
46′ — LA: Landon Donovan (Robbie Keane)
64′ — LA: Robbie Keane
81′ — LA: Landon Donovan (Robbie Keane)
88′ — PHI: Maurice Edu (PK)

Disciplinary Summary
31′ — LA: Juninho (Foul)

Referee: Jorge Gonzalez; Linesman: Jeff Hosking, Jason White; Fourth Official: Kevin Stott

LA Galaxy Philadelphia Union
20 Attempts on Goal 12
9 Shots on Target 3
7 Shots off Target 6
4 Blocked Shots 3
5 Corner Kicks 9
11 Crosses 23
0 Offsides 3
13 Fouls 8
1 First Yellow Cards 0
0 Second Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
49 Duels Won 44
52.7% Duels Won % 47.3%
386 Total Pass 409
78% Passing Accuracy % 79%
48.1% Possession 51.9%


  1. hard to watch

  2. Ugly game for the U.
    Fun watching a team that can actually play in the Galaxy. Something to aspire to.

  3. We Suck So Much.
    So very much.

  4. Season over. What I need to see starting NOW is a youth movement in and attempt to actually build something. This is the lineup I want to see:

    Williams – Marquez – Berry – Gaddos
    Nog – Edu – Okugo
    Pfeffer – Ribero – Maidana

    Players like Cruz, Hopponent, Carrol and Fernandes should never be seen in a Union jersey again.

    • Think this youth movement will do better than our last 3 youth movements?

    • Williams was a nightmare. I think he’s more of he problem than the solution.

    • Wow what game did you watch exactly? Williams sucked balls, Gaddis does the same shit going in hard as hell every play, Hopp didn’t do too bad for what opportunity was given to him, with a silent and non existing midfield that could not generate one successful play. He actually had a shot at least towards goal before he came out and did a lot more then others on the team in this game. I would give him another start. Cruz needs to still be starting. Fabinho needs to stay in, he was the only defender that was playing with a calm head and hustled to get back and defend and stood his ground when pressured. Fernandez could def. sit and Carroll needs to get the F out. Hack hasn’t changed shit, the defense is still not marking up at all so apparently Hack isn’t changing anything. No more chances he obviously doesn’t see the game well at all, when subbing Casey in for Hopp! are you out of your Fing mind! Casey is done he has nothing left, he should retire now. Oh and no wonder Edu didn’t make the world cup squad, he looks like Carroll out there passing the ball and standing in one spot the whole game, sit both of them for all i care at this point. Hackworth is an Fing idiot at this point if he cant at least get this defense to mark up in the box man to man. Its seriously not that difficult to do, I’ve done it. Once again this team has absolutely no awareness of how to move on and off the ball and Hack does not understand this concept at all either. Fire Hack now! Pardon my French and I apologize for the rant.

      • The Black Hand says:

        This is a point where a rant like this is necessary. Maybe a tad heavy on the “F-ing idiot” calling of Hackworth, but it’s understandable and most are feeling the same thing. He has ruined the Philadelphia Union!
        Our troubles are far more insidious than just John Hackworth, which explains how he still has the job.
        The biggest kick in the balls is; we have enough talent, and have had in the past, to be a competitive club. Noguiera, Edu (effort has been questionable, but he is a superior MLS talent), Okugo, Gaddis, Maidana (extreme maybe), Fred, Wenger, Berry (his defensce partners have not been kind to him), Williams (if he could return to something that resembles a good back), Pfeffer…not to mention Ribiero and the rest of our loaned out youth. A manager should be able to put something together with players like that and role players like: LeToux, Fabiano, Cruz, etc…
        Hackworth needs to be let go. It can’t get any worse. No reason to put off the decision, any longer.

      • crusty old coach says:

        Two long posts above, but well thought out and well worth the read.

        First off, I know a lot of people don’t like Cruz, but he busts his nuts for this team, and can make a difference. What about that goal last week? He’d break his own leg for a goal. Now… back to the pack…

        This team has talent! …but not a coach who knows how to exploit it. I made a comment to Hack at a “chalk talk” several years ago about his positioning of LeToux given the mids he had in the lineup. He gave a nervous chuckle (with a lame explanation), and then, 6 minutes into the game, he switches LeToux to where I thought he should be. I’m no friggin’ genius, but even this crusty old coach saw a flaw in the game plan. What gives?

        Last night, I was completely bored by the lifeless play of this team. Right near 32′ they actually put something together that resembled a well choreographed attack in the box, then at 33’…DOH!

        I think if soccer were like American football, Hack would be the “possession coach.”

        Didn’t (couldn’t!) watch the 2nd half (NCIS reruns won the evening for me), but every time I switched back to the game, LA had another goal.

        It’s just not working, and I don’t believe it’s the players (except not having a pure striker).

        I don’t know how much longer I can take this.

      • Yea I wasn’t real calm when I posted my ranting comment so I apologize for the harsh words which were too harsh. I don’t think Hack is an idiot bc he obviously has had success with his off season changes and with youth and developing the coaching status that he has achieved but he definitely is killing this team right now. I am just as pissed at the players as well.

  5. its one thing to lose but its another thing entirely to play like this. like watching a bunch of garbagemen

  6. we suck so much. hack has to be gone.

  7. This may have been the nadir for the entire franchise’s history. The fundamental errors from Hops, Carroll, Fabinho, Williams, Gaddis, Fernandes; the diving from Cruz.

    It was embarrassing on so many levels and it is clear the talent is not there. At this point, just try to retain a few quality players and blow this thing up. That was just pathetic. No purpose, no strategy and horrible technical basics. I really don’t know what Hacks, Sacks and the rest of management could do. It would be a waste to spend money for a forward. This is the Phillies of MLS.

    • I would say Sixers of MLS

    • I’ve commented a few times along the way this year that we have to consider that this team actually IS NOT talented. people keep typing away about how they are not playing up to their talent. Yes. Yes they are. they are playing as good as their ability- and the ability ‘sucks so much.’

      • John Ling says:

        I think there are players – and even whole positions – where that’s true. Forward. Center back. Yep, we don’t have what we thought we had. Casey, it seems, is done; McInerney is gone and his replacement looks like a nice player, but isn’t “the guy.” And so on at forward. Austin Berry seems to be less than we thought (though I do wonder if he would improve if given a stable back line around him). Williams, for whatever reason, is way off what he’s been in the past, too, whether at CB or FB.
        But on the flip side, Noguiera is clearly *more* than most of us expected. Maidana clearly has skills, the problem has been unlocking them consistently. Edu clearly has skills, the problem has been getting him to appear motivated. Le Toux has regressed (his stats are inflated by PKs), but he clearly has the skill level to be a contributing forward when used the right way.
        MacMath improved from last year – and he wasn’t terrible last year. Danny Cruz improved. (Say what you want about him; it’s clear he worked in the offseason on some of his weaknesses.) Ray Gaddis improved from last year – and he was damn good last year. I dare say Fabinho improved – he seems a *bit* more interested in his defensive responsibilities. Pfeiffer sure as hell looks like he should be playing more.
        So I understand your POV, Joel. I just don’t agree with it. This team has the talent to compete in MLS. They should be a no-doubt-about-it playoff team with this roster, even with its flaws. Not top of the table, certainly. But comfortably in the playoffs.
        And that makes it a coaching / managing problem. (Says a Hackworth supporter.)

      • The Black Hand says:

        We have enough talent to show better in the league table, that’s for sure. We just don’t anyone to put the puzzle together.

        Okugo, Noguiera, Wenger, Berry, Maidana, Gaddis, Williams*, Edu and MacMath are all talented players. That’s 9/11. Add in our subs, and we have a team that should be much more competitive.
        If a manager came in and focused on getting the best out of his players; we would not suck so much. As long as this coach is here; We Suck So Much!!

  8. Save a dominant 3-0 win Saturday, an interim manager should be leading the team on June 7th. This season has become laughable.

  9. How is Hackworth still the manager? In every other private sector job an employee with his record would be fired. We’re talking about professional soccer here!

    • I’ve had enough jobs to understand that who gets fired and why is arbitrary and weird. So hacks staying is par for the course.

      • That maybe true. Internal politics play a bigger role then actual performance. Hackworth might be a good yes man.

  10. Union Fans says:

    Can we tolerate two more games before dumping Hack? Are we better off with three weeks for the new guy, or exercising the cancer now?

    The lineup tonight was four backs, only one of whom (Gaddis) was in the right position, three guys who want to play CDM, not including Okugo who should have been there, and three athletes with minimal skill.

    Inexcusable not to start one of the bigs and Pfeffer. And it’s not like this was hindsight, EVERY troll on this site knew that.

    Cut out the cancer now!!!!

  11. The Black Hand says:

    Hackworth/Carroll=club killers. This is the worst club that we have had…awful!

    • Totally agree, its just crazy that way more than half the team has the worst touch on the ball that Ive ever seen in my life, it is seriously embarrassing to me and the decision making and the movement on the field is sickening….

      • The Black Hand says:

        If you can not trap a football, you are not a professional footballer. I’m not talking about trying to bring down a awkwardly played ball. I’m talking about a simple settle. How do we have SO many players that cannot perform this fundamental act???
        We MIGHT have three guys with touch…maybe.
        What do they do at training? I would really love to know.

      • On The Right Track says:

        It was like schoolboys versus seasoned professionals. We couldn’t string together 3 passes. We suck so much!

  12. The team is a mess- very hard to watch. Was there a bit of an argument between Edu and Hackworth on a throw-in right in front of the Union bench in 2nd half? At that point I wasn’t paying much attention, but thought I might have seen Edu want to throw it in early, but Hackworth wanted the long Williams throw-in. I couldn’t understand why they bothered with those long throw-ins in the first half, when the starting front 3 was Fernandes, Hoppenot, and Cruz. Which one of them is going to make something happen in the air?

    I’d say dump the long throw-ins altogether, but pathetically, it might be their most reliable offense generator.

    • I think Edu wants to be anywhere but here. he may be out at the next transfer window.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Isn’t he on loan? Can we terminate the loan? If so, let’s do that.

      • We had the player the FO wanted Edu to be on the roster. He plays CB. It is truly shocking how poor a job Hack & Sak did this off season.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Carroll suffocates anyone paired with him. Amobi would have struggled as well. His defensive coverage is a farce. He gets in the way of the game, far mor pe than opponents passing lanes.
        Edu/Amobi defensive mid could be interesting, because I could see a real chemistry develop between those two. BUT Noguiera likes that spot of pitch, as well.
        Hackworth’s offseason acquisitions are proving to be terrible. Edu and Noguiera are talented, but Hackworth doesn’t use that talent. Maidana is flat out average.
        This starting XI was atrocious and would have been beaten by every other team in the MLS. Cruz, Fernades and Hoppenot as your threat up top????
        It is going to be. Rough homecoming for John Hackworth…as it damn well should be!!

      • I would favor Amobi/Noguiera there. Edu has looked disinterred all year. But I agree that anybody than Carroll is better.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Amobi and Nog have shown the most promise, but we haven’t looked at Amobi/Edu yet. The X-factor would be; can Noguiera be comfortable in a more advanced midfield position?

      • It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s true, but where is he going to go? Wasn’t exactly in demand before getting here. I’m afraid Noguiera is going to want to follow him right out the door. Wouldn’t blame either really I guess.

      • He was good enough to get picked up by a Premier League side and good enough to get a look for the national team.
        He has options.

      • Eli Pearlman-Storch says:

        Get a look? He has 46 caps and has played in a World Cup. That’s more than a look.

      • Get a look for the world cup squad. The only look that truly matters.

    • The Black Hand says:

      This game should seal Hackworth’s fate. It won’t, because there is not a competent member of the club’s front office. But, in no way, should John Hackworth step foot on a pitch again as a Union manager.
      Hackworth seems to have very little, if any, understanding of the basic principles of the game.
      I’d go back to Nowak in a heartbeat!!

    • The “amazing throw ins” have done nothing throughout this whole season. Idc if these players were all 8 feet tall, more then half of them have no idea how to get open in the box and even head the ball correctly the team is a joke.

      • The long throw-ins are like everything else in the Union game plan. If it was effective a few times, just keep doing it, even if the other teams have since scouted it and figured it out. The different lineups make it seem like Hackworth is ‘trying sh*t’, but he’s really not. He’s just having different people try the same sh*t.

      • There is nothing wrong with the throw ins. They are exactly like a corner kick.
        When was the last time we scored on a corner kick?

  13. but at least we won the possession battle…[crickets]…

  14. The Black Hand says:

    We Suck So Much

  15. Soooooo why is Le Toux not seeing playing time? Arguably the only decent striker on the team and super fast. Jeez, I went to the game and it was EMBARRASSING to be a philly fan there. We can even tank like in the nba….can you say wasted first round draft pick?

    • Letoux was injured, so I hear. And I guess the team has sucked past the do they suck so much as to make Letoux look good threshold

      • The Black Hand says:

        It takes quite the free fall to drop WELL below that threshold…and we have done just that. How low can we go?

      • Well honestly we hit Danny Cruz is one of the best players out there a couple weeks ago.
        That is pretty low

      • The Black Hand says:

        True, but Cruz low has been slightly higher than LeToux low.

    • Well yes Le Toux was injured but he has been playing horrible like the rest of them so he wouldn’t have made any difference.

  16. caught in a landslide.
    no escape from reality…

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Open your eyes… Look up to the skies and see… NOTHING!! EVEN THE HEAVENS CAN’T SAVE THIS SEASON…

  17. Noguiera has that WTF look on his face. Edu looks absolutely disgusted. They’ll probably want to play any place but Philly thanks to Sakeiwicz and Hackworth. The Smurfs made their triumphant(for them)return hoping to pin ball around enough to accidentally score. New it was just a matter of time. Hackworth has nothing what so ever to bring as a manager. The 2 Stooges, Hackworth and Sakeiwicz are destroying this franchise. Thank God I watched Real Madrid vs Athletico Madrid. Nothing the Union trot out on the pitch resembles anything remotely close to professional soccer.

  18. Definitely need to run the “don’t-back pass-the-opposing-striker-into-a-clean-breakaway” drill this week. I noticed they could use some improvement there.

    • Philly Cheese says:

      Problem is they will work on only that drill and not the “show some movement off the ball rather than standing still and hoping someone passes it to me” drill.

  19. spent the weekend at YSC watching the U11 FC Delco Cup:
    Lehigh Valley United.
    First Touch FC.
    Chicago Blast.
    Rose Tree Media.
    Chicago Fire.
    Some team from Brooklyn
    Some team from Virginia
    One team from Maryland
    These are 8 teams off the top of my head that played better than The Union this weekend. Beautiful movement of the ball and beautiful movement of the players. More tactical certainty. Better decisions. Certainly more technique. This team is awful and there is NO digging out from under it.

  20. …WSSM…

  21. What strengths Coach possesses, it’s not: 1) motivating Berry (Te the world a converted F is better) (2) playing Wenger (we traded for him, right?); (3) using Okugo; (4) Fernandes?
    Sak should be worried about a fan revolt in 2 weeks – regardless of Chivas.

  22. Philly Cheese says:

    LA got Donovan back from Jergen……Union got Edu returned. One player was committed to show the USMNT coach made a mistake……,one player wasn’t. Donovan warmed up by slamming the ball into metal ring around stadium about 20 times. Edu warmed up by standing around a lot. Mistakes by Williams and Casey were most noticeable, but very little chemistry was shown by other players.

    • Tracy Kuntzler says:

      Landon (finally) got pissed off and it obviously brought out the absolute best in him. Sadly, a bit too late for him…and us!

      Maurice Edu needs to get angry like Landon, or drink some red bulls, or have somebody call him names. Maybe all of the above. Composure is one thing, but that dude could use a shot of rage!

  23. Does anyone remember that almost giddy feeling we experienced when we learned that the Union had acquired Berry from the Fire? The final piece to the brilliant off-season.
    Or the high, following the second game of the season when it looked like we might not lose a game all year?
    Wow. What the Hack has happened?
    How have we gone from a team that we all thought was a solid playoff contender, to the worst team in the league? Is there a worse team in the league? It’s certainly the worst performing team in the five year history of the club. Even the mess that Novak left behind was better than this.
    This team is a disgrace. No chemistry. It looks like 11 individual players, each trying to figure out what to do with the ball when they receive it.
    What has happened to Williams?
    Where’s the effort from Edu?
    Why is Fernandez playing?
    The only way to make it through watching an entire Union game is to focus on Nog and ignore the rest.
    Hack must go.

    • On The Right Track says:

      Great post. I agree 100%. This team on paper looked so promising. We looked like “lambs to the slaughter” last night. Not even close to good enough. I cannot explain it. Nobody in the FO knows what to do. The coach has tried everything. The players are looking around. NOT GOOD!

    • I was one of the giddy people after 2 matches [sigh]

    • John Ling says:

      Thanks for the pick-me-up post…

  24. After embarrassing our city like that, I think the Union players need to go up into the stands next home game and give every single fan their patented “hug of support!”

  25. I guess the only thing I’m happy about in this game is that I’m from the ‘Landon deserved to represent his country for the fourth time’ camp…We really need a new coach.

  26. Tracy Kuntzler says:

    When we used our #1 lottery draft pick on a stud goalkeeper was the intention to never let him play one minute? Just wondering. I know he’s been called up for international duty with Jamaica but I just don’t understand NEVER using him. This team needs a shot in the arm. Hell, I’d even try Nog up top with Edu, Chaco and Amobi Okugo providing service. Put our most gifted offensive players closer to the goal. Not exactly brain surgery.

    • Macmath is not the problem here. But they can’t have both of these guys better make a decision quick on what to do with them.

      • Tracy Kuntzler says:

        I know McMath is not the problem and I am NOT advocating any kind of platoon system but the guy should get a spot start. We had 3 games in 8 days. WTF?

      • Eli Pearlman-Storch says:

        Goalkeepers don’t tire like field players, and MacMath has been excellent. As for moving Edu and Nogueira further forward, that would only make the problem worse. They are already 1 position too far forward. Edu is most comfortable in Carroll’s position and Nogueira wants to play in Edu’s. Move them back a level, install Maidana or Pfeffer as the provider in front of them, and then you might have something. Still need a striker though…

      • John Ling says:

        Open Cup games are coming. That’s when Blake will play.

  27. If Hackworth not on sideline then the distressing Hackworth “hug of support” won’t be possible. Sack, wake up. If you don’t fire Hack on plane back from LA, or at latest during WC break, then people will start calling for your head. This team is horrible, and could easily be winless for the remainder of season. The fans in Philadelphia are infinitely patient with this team – look at PPL park it’s almost always nearly full. But this team is a disaster and many of us are going to question spending money on season tickets, merchandise, etc if you can’t field a competitive team.

    • If Sugarman doesn’t have the money for parking lots he doesn’t have the money to buy out Sak.
      Our team is a cautionary tale of what happens when you have a half-a-baller running your team.

  28. It’s like filling a bucket with no bottom, trying to find an upside here.

  29. Murphthesurf says:

    Hmmmm. ..
    don’t buy another ticket till new coach ?

    hit ‘Em in the wallet. ..

  30. I think our first team is good enough to play in the MLS….as SUBS for more talented teams (which is every other team in MLS).
    Hack has assembled a band of motley fools that clearly don’t gel and simply can’t compete in MLS. His coaching responsibilities should be relinquished immediately without any further debate. He has failed this city and club miserably. Our problems go so far beyond just getting a top notch striker at this point all though now that is laughably his saving grace.

  31. It was hard to listen to, as well. The radio announcers were absoulutely BUTCHERING names (Ogooku, Hopinot, MACmeth…). They eventually got MacMath right…still… we suck so much… 🙁

  32. Andy Muenz says:

    Prior to last week, had the Union ever been down by 4 goals during a game? (maybe against Colorado in 2010?) Now it’s happened twice in consecutive games. Of the 16 goals the Union have scored this season, 6 have been when they were at least 2 goals down (in other words meaningless goals). 0 have been when they’ve had the lead. The last two games have been great examples of how to put the other team away. Too bad I can’t recall that happening for the Union since the 4-0 win against KC in 2012.
    While just about everyone associated with this team is someone I would use as a role model for my kids (if I had any kids) based on their behaviour off the pitch, it’s also a group of people that is becoming harder and harder to support in their primary endeavour on the pitch.

  33. I really hate the Landon vs. Edu comments. I don’t think it’s fair. Edu has never been a goal scorer and he practically put the ball on the feet of Fernandez and Wenger at certain points. They’re not the same positions, and at this point it’s hard to blame any particular player. They all look awful. 2 games, down by a goal at half, and they get smoked when they come out. That’s not the players folks, that’s the coach. He’s so far out of his league it’s not funny anymore.

  34. OneManWolfpack says:

    I never posted this before but it is absolutely necessary: WSSM.
    There is nothing short of a total house cleaning that can fix the problems with this team.
    I am looking forward to the PSP articles this week. I seriously have more faith in the writers and commenters on this great website to produce actual ideas to fix this team… compared to the FO.
    It is truly remarkable how fast this team went from playoffs to literally dead last. Wow.

  35. Sugarman, do something if you have balls.

  36. Regardless of the result versus Chivas, Hack has to be out as soon as that plane touches down in Philly. It is painfully obvious with each passing game that this team has not been properly constructed (and also instructed – but that’s another rant). We have 4 defensive midfielders (Okugo, Edu, Nogs, and Carroll). Pick two to play in a 4-2-3-1 (my preference would be Okugo and Nogs) and trade the other two. Yes, that means trade Edu, if possible. With have NO centerbacks on this team who can play a damn. Re-build the spine of this team. Get some wingers who can take someone on one-v-one. Find a striker who can actually threaten the opposition. I like Wenger as a player but NO ONE needs to game plan to stop him. I actually think our expansion team roster was better constructed then this group. At least that team had a left back (Harvey), it had two centerbacks (Califf and MOF), it had a winger (Salinas – and later added Mapp). Focus everything on winning the US Open Cup and start re-constructing this team now for next year by making some major, MAJOR changes.

    • Soccerson says:

      Well said. This season is over. Clean house starting with the coaching staff, and start the rebuilding process now. Perhaps to aim at a chance of playoffs in 2016…

  37. Watched the reply this afternoon and there was only one professional team playing soccer in LA. The players and front office should be ashamed.

  38. My best argument in defense of the Union has been that most of losses have been by only 1 goal (evidence that we couldn’t be TOO TERRIBLE, right? We could still turn this around, RIGHT??).

    I don’t even have that argument anymore. I’m an eternal optimist, and even I’m at a loss right now.

  39. philpill says:

    We signed talent that we didn’t use (White), hardly used (Berry), misused (Edu), or stopped using (Chaco, Wenger). This says to me that Sak didn’t have the confidence in his trades to tell Hack to play them. Hack coached the only ways he knew how: not to lose (2012-13) or the under-20 ranks (play who trains best that week like changing socks).
    Berry might have come here to prove the Fire wrong but once he sat behind Wheeler, lost that edge.
    So now what? A coach who plays the talent, a coach to develop the talent or a coach who says we do it his way & hit reset?
    I think Sak moves as soon as the next plan is in place. If it’s the WC break, I expect the hounds in the stands will be turned loose.

  40. Ahan too many angry people here…lolz

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